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bon bon

bon bon
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My daughter as a bon bon in The Nutcracker. She was very happy and excited to have participated in this production here in Vegas. She is already looking to next year's performance.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


So what will 2006 bring us in the field of American politics?

One thing for sure is, the Bush White House will continue to "surprise" us with more and more revelations about the on-goings behind the much secretive administration.

Consider the latest "leak" about the NSA spying on American citizens...All this without a court order.
Frankly, I don't care about the spying or surveillance. I for one have nothing to hide, as I am sure most of the citizens of this country feel. If I am pulled over because I fit a certain description in their APB's, so be it. I have not committed a crime.
The only problem as I see it, is that eventually, someone will get carried away. A "right" minded law enforcement agent with his own agenda. At that point, who does he respond to?...Where are the guidelines for him or her to follow when they begin to trample on innocent people?
Right now the administration has a carte blanche in regards to law enforcement and by default, any and all other law enforcement agencies. This is something that you would find in any third world country. All you have to do is go back to any Latin American country in the 70's where most governments were of an authoritarian nature, thus they sequestered, jailed and executed any who would oppose them, without the smallest appearance of a justice system. (Of course, the tables have turned and many of these ex-leaders are now under "investigation" or in jail for the alleged atrocities committed agains their own people)
Another interesting aspect of these governments was the fact that most were supported by American administrations; whether Republicans or Democrats There were no doubts that millions of dollars were going to these countries to support these governments.
This is the risk that the US runs if it allows the "Patriot Act" and or other acts which undermine the freedom that citizens have enjoyed and still enjoy here in the States. It is a dangerous slope that our government could easily go down into.
It is taking the easy way out. By allowing Law enforcement the right to do as they please in regards to "law enforcement", they are being told that regardless of the way that they obtain information on any person, they will not be subject to prosecution.
Isn't that why the FBI was instituted to begin with?...
To investigate and prosecute any "domestic" crimes?...So what if the crime has not been committed (As they have explained-after the September 11 attack).
You suspect someone of planning an attack?...Spy on them listen to their phone conversations, follow them and prosecute them. However, only after all proper procedures have been followed (Obtain a warrant, or court order).
I want to be as safe as everyone else. I want to be protected against any attacks from anyone, including our own government.
Any law that pretends to protect us as Americans or other, needs to be tailored after our constitution. The FBI's procedures need to be revised to allow certain freedoms in regards to law enforcement, without breaking any laws.
The current actions by the current administration are an example of a government ready to turn the leadership to shady characters who feel above and outside the law. This is already a big revelation in 2005. What else can we expect in 2006?...
We have yet to see.

Friday, December 23, 2005


Today, I will take a picture for you.
A picture that shows the spirit of Christmas.

In the meantime.
Merry Christmas to all of you.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

SHE READ THE BLOGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, she did. and if you are reading it right now, (Melissa). You made me realize that I have nothing to hide.
I was afraid that you might read it but then again..
It is posted online for the world to see. The world includes you.

Aside from making me look like a fool because of some of my writings, what can I say. I am a guy and every now and then I behave like one.
Nonetheless, if she needs to hear it or read it.
here it is.

I Love her.

I love you.
You are a wonderfull mom.
You are a great girlfriend.
You have been through so much with me that I cannot find the words to thank you other than to say , "I Love you".
I hope you know it.
We have had our issues, but they are meaningless and small.
Everyone has them. (Just read all the bloggs around)
I still have a lot of issues. You still your own.
Such is life and we just have to balance them out and make the best of it.

Yes, just last week you were asking me about reading my blogg.
and you've done it.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


2006 coming up really soon.
When I was a kid I used to wonder about the year 2000. Whether it was religiuosly induced or just "cultural myth", my friends and I used to talk about the end of the world. I also used to count the years left till 2000. Of course this was back in the 70's....At some point I just forgot about the whole thing and 2000 came and went.
Now we are well into th 00's. Closing on 2010.

What were you like when you were a kid?...
what things did you worry about?....
Merry Christmas to you all.

El anio 2006 se acerca muy rapidamente. Recuerdo que cuando yo era un chamaco, siempre tenia preocupacion por el fin del mundo. Mis amigos y yo pensabamos que seria en el 2000. No recuerdo si era por religion o solo un mito en general. Y hoy ya estamos por finalizar el '05 y aceracndonos al 2010.

Como eras de puquenio?..
Que cosas te preocupaban?....

Feliz Navidad a todos

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today...

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

John Lennon.

Where were you 25 years ago on this day?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Yes, finally it is here.

Now, who is going to get what.........
I wonder. Why?
I get the question "What do you want for Christmas?"..
My answer is the usual; "I don't know" or "Nothing"..

What do you want?..

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Of all things I am thankfull for, is to have my daughter (Though right now she is in San Francisco-with family)
I am thankfull for being healthy
I am thankfull for all the love that sourrounds me.
A am also thankfull for friends I have made through this medium. "You know who you are"

Thank you Lord.

En este dia de Accion de Gracias, Doy Gracias por tenere una hija tan linda.
Doy gracias por mi salud, por todo el amor alrededor de mi.
Doy gracias por las amistades que he establecido a travez de este medio de comunicacion.-Ustedes saben quien son.

Gracias tambien a Dios.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Day Off!


Yes, I got, or better yet, I gave myself a day off. I hired an assistant who, hopefully will start this week. Now I can begin to schedule myself for day off.
I have been away for a while, nonetheless, I have been keeping up with they bloggs I read.
I got the kids from school. now typing up to sya hello while I enjoy a good Chardonnay. That is whata I call "life"
-No work, chilling, and a nice glass of wine-
How do you relax?

Finalmente tengo un dia de descanzo. Ya contarte un asistente y quiza empieze el en esta semana para yo descansar mas regularmente. Estoy en la computadora, tomando una copa de vino y relajandome. Tambien leyendo los bloggs que acostumbro (Hola Tere).
Eso es lo que se llama vida.

Y tu, Como te relajas?

Sunday, October 30, 2005


I am not sure that I can classify the last few years of my life as lost years.
I have accomplished several things in my professional career. At the same time, I have also made some supid decisions that have cost me plenty. However it is just money. I am healthy, have a loving daughter, have a loving woman in my life. What else could I want?...
I think I want those years back.

So I can tell her how much I loved her, so I can hold her as close to my heart as possible. Just to tell her so many thing that were left unsaid.
Our life changed a lot after our daughter was born. It seems like a given that some of the romanticism is gone or just "put aside" momentarily to give and pay attention to the new member of the family. I can understand that and I was willing to go along, however long it took, just to get back into our romantic, loving sexual life. But then she got diagnosed. So she became the priority for everyone. As well as mine, but while she was sick, we never wanted to entertain the idea that she would die. So we never spoke of the what if. By the time I faced reality it was too late. Could she hear me?
I don't know.
Could she understand my words and tears through her drug induced sleep?
I think that is what buggs me so much after all these years. That we did not face the reality of our future with her sickness. I think she was more aware of it that I was. Maybe it was me who didn't want to face the reality of what was happening to her, to us.
There was a day while she was at the hospital, after the bone marrow transplant. She told me how much she wanted to be with me and that my time spent with our daughter while she was ill (at the hospital), was taking away from that. I felt really bad for her and I think that is when I understood what was coming and still we did not talk about it.
I want those years back.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Hello all.

Have not had a day off for about three weeks...What do you do?...Keep trucking I say. Work is busy constantly, currently looking to add staff and an assistant so I can get a day off or a couple. I still find the restaurant business exciting, of course, like anything else it has its moments where you just want to walk off, but it also has its rewards.
Daughter is good-Just waiting for Halloween. She is going to be "Catwoman". Just yesterday, she went to a kid's Halloween party that lasted "SIX HOURS" She came back cackling like a witch in a witch's outfit-hat, broom and all. I do miss some of the "close" connections you establish with those frequent readers of blogs. Every now and then I pop in to read what everyone is up to. Right now I am at work, posting before I begin to do some serious work.
Till next time.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


George Bush supposedly does not read or pay attention to poll numbers.
Maybe he should. He is at a low 39% approval rating, while at the same time, only 2% of African Americans think he is doing a good job as president. On top of that, the looming resolution of the case which will find that in more ways than one, Rove and or the VP's office was involved in releasing the name of the covert CIA agent to the media. This undoubtedly, will lead to perhaps lower numbers in the polls for Bush. His only resolution is to fire whoever was involved in the leak, sooner than later. It wil be to his advantage.
I wonder if he's ever heard of Watergate.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


The Spring Semester at UCLA was coming to an end. This was around May of 1995 and my birthday had just gone by with the required celebration. I was also studying for finals, so it was both a time full of stress and anticipation. We had always made it a point to really have fun on our birthdays and these were no exception. Hers was coming up and I had yet to buy her a present. I have always been a procrastinator and still am. I see myself more of the spontaneous type, but I was having difficulty figuring out what to get her nonetheless, I figured this would have to be a good present. We had been living together for about 3 years. I knew her parents and family well by now. We had also been to Mexico City where she met my Dad. Why just my dad and not my mom?, that is a story for another chapter.
It was time to pop the question. That, I decided would be a "good" birthday present. So after leaving school, I decided to drive by a flower shop and bought a bunch of roses. I also stopped by campanile Restaurant on La Brea and made reservations that evening. We had always wanted to go there, but had never made it a point of visiting. Probably it had to do because we lived on the other side of the city (Pasadena) and we did not have to drive far to go have fun or to eat out.

So now I have the flowers, a reservation, but no ring.
I went back to our apartment and went to a couple of jewelry stores that I had been "casing out". I knew I was going to marry her. She knew we were going to marry. It was a matter of just proposing and doing it. The time had come.
I was lucky enough to find a ring that was unique and as close to what I had in mind for her. I bought it, boxed it and took it home.
She could read excitement in my voice and face when she got home. I told her about our dinner reservation and we got ready.
Dinner went without a hitch, when we got to the restaurant, the roses had been nicely placed on the table. The staff were extremely professional since they knew what I was up to.
Finally desserts arrived. We had started diner with a couple of cocktails, had wine with diner and finished with champagne for her birthday celebration. We started dinner at about 7:00 P.M. It was about 10:00PM when I finally got on my knees and asked her to marry me.
She loved the ring, it fit her perfectly, she said yes and we were married the following year on June 29th.

Monday, October 03, 2005


Ya estoy incluido en la bitacora Mexicana de Blogs Mexico
Muchos de los blogs que he leido y continuo leyendo los he encontrado en Blogs Mexico. Mi sitio es digamos Bilingue. Hay puntos que he escrito en Ingles y Espaniol. Otros son solo en Ingles (Para que practiquen su ingles aquellos "interesados", La mayoria de lo que escribo son experiencias personales, como tambien politicas. Hay veces que cuando no hay nada por escribir de todas maneras pondre algo quiza insignificante pero ahi esta. Para los que lo quieran leer.
Gracias por tu visita y dime quien eres.

For those wishing to improve on their Spanish, visit Blogs Mexico You will find of course, tons of blogs to browse through-Many interesting ones. Some that I read, I found there. Enjoy!

A slideshow of my favorites on Flickr

Una lista de mis fotos favoritas en Flickr. Ve a:
A slideshow of Cisco's favorites on Flickr Check out my "Favorite" pictures on Flickr!

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October is here along with the upcoming holidays, these days just seem to go a lot faster. Although it's still a bit warm here, I feel that the cold weather is just going to arrive all of a sudden. It will be a good thing; get the fire-places going, get out the blankets, sweaters and just bundle up. My daughter is already planning on being Catwoman for Halloween. I reminded her that when she was just about 5 months old, we put her into a "kitten" outfit.
Halloween is big here in America, very different from anywhere else in the world. I have also experienced -All saints Day- (Dia de los muertos in Mexico) in very traditional ways.

How do you celebrate?

Friday, September 30, 2005


My daughter was born in 1998. She is a complete blending of two cultures, two worlds, two people, one love. Never did it cross my mind what it would be like to experience and observe the birth of a human being. Those of you who have experienced it, will know what I'm talking about. I have enjoyed each day of her life with the most admiration that you can have for anyone. I am not sure what I would do if she was not around. I used to question the same thing before Barb died. But at that time, Olivia was a few months old. So there was a reason for living.
Olivia will be a mirror image of her mom and I will be there everyday, to watch her grow, to guide her steps and to support her. She is so alive and aware of her own life. She amazes me and everyone around her. That may be true for all kids around. That may be a feeling all parents experience alike, at least I wish they all do. She does remember her mom, if ever so briefly...Thank goodness for video tapes, she can watch all sorts of episodes of her Mom while she was alive.
Am I dwelling on this too much?
Am I making myself crazy?
Or is it therapy.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


North of L.A. and north of Santa Barbara, there is a small town called Solvang. It is an enclave of “Danish” style houses and buildings. Solvang is known for their pastries and desserts (Apple Skivers anyone?). Basically it is a tourist town with great charm. It is off the main road which goes between Santa Barbara and Santa Maria. A recent movie, Sideways, popularized the area, (Santa Inez Valley).
Long before this movie came along, Barb and I decided to drive up there for an overnight trip. The drive from L.A. into Solvang is a good three and a half hour. From LA you take the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway), which meanders from Santa Monica north through Malibu and then closer to the Pacific Ocean as it leaves “civilization” and enters into smaller towns like Oxnard and further up the road and closer to Santa Barbara, there are some well know resorts with unique end exclusive Spas. Santa Barbara has plenty of Charms as well but our trip continued North on the PCH. After leaving Santa Barbara, the road continues on a straight path with the ocean to your left. There are plenty of State Parks at which you can stop to dip your feet in the water or for a picnic.
Back to the ride up there though, suddenly the road begins a climb between two high rising mountains, everything from Santa Barbara and up is covered in green. Even during the hotter months of the year, the area maintains its greenery due to its proximity to the ocean and night fogs.
Once you climb up the mountain, the road begins to enter into the Santa Inez Valley and further on up the road, there is a turn off that veers to your right. This is the road to Solvang. Plenty of signs will lead the way.
We checked into a hotel for the night, of course it was still daylight when we got there, so we went to walk about town. I was so in love with her and the thought of being in her presence and company made everything wonderful. We walked throughout the town hand in hand, stopped at a couple of places for a beer. She also loved to drive and knew how to ski, amongst many other things which eventually only strengthened our feelings for each other. Other things she was into; she liked sports, she liked to drink beer, what more could a guy ask for? By then I had learned that she liked to collect rabbits. So during one of our stops into one of the local gift shops, I bought a Yadro piece, which depicted two small rabbits in a purple box. That was my first valentine’s gift for her. Of course she was thrilled and happy, as much as I was just to be with her. We continued to walk about until the night and fog covered the town. It made it even more interesting with all its shining lights. It was definitely a night for romance. We spent the night in town with the required and glorious love making sessions. Our bodies were new to each other every time. There were no qualms about discovering, feeling and touching every inch of our bodies, with a total openness of our souls. We were totally infatuated and in love at the same time. This was our time, this was our chance to belong, for the next day was still unwritten.
The next day we drove through several wineries and stopped at a couple of places for breakfast and lunch before getting back on the main road. On the way down, we also stopped at one of the previously mentioned rest or scenic overlook areas to watch the sunset. Can it get any more romantic that this? a couple holding each other looking out over the ocean at the bright red sun, disappearing over the horizon, both unaware and unconcerned about what destiny had in store for them.

Monday, September 26, 2005


It all happened around the Christmas season of 1990. I was working in a restaurant in LA (Checkers Hotel)when I met her. I saw her coming from the second floor down the marble staircase into the lobby. Soft beige colored walls and a floor of marble, slightly darker than the walls, surrounded her. She was tall, slightly long waving hair as she walked towards me, of course she wasn't coming to me. She was headed for the service door, which was behind me. I assumed that she was headed for the kitchen. I saw her and saw a familiar face that I could not place. Weeks after (once we started to get to know each other), I learned from her that her sister was a front office manager at a nearby hotel (Downtown L.A.).
Thus, the familiar face. I had worked in the same hotel a couple of years before and had known her sister briefly as is the case in large hotels.
Of course I admired her beauty, and as we continued running into each other, our eyes would cross and we would smile.
We began to go out to get a drink after work, or we would meet at other people's houses during a picnics or party.
We were young, mid twenties, no responsibilities. Somehow I have always been lucky in love. Here is this Amazon of a woman, blond hair, greenish eyes falling for someone shorter in stature than her. Of a different background; both socially and culturally. Not that I am putting myself down, but the contrast was there for all to see.
Initially I though it would be a fling. Never dreamt that we would marry 6 years later or that she would die from leukemia 11 years later.
At a Christmas party at my place before we started dating, she was there with friends. My roommate Mary, actually said that Barb and I made a nice couple and that I should marry her. To this I responded with a "yeah right"...
However, as we began to go out, not only for drinks, but now to dinner, lunch or any other event, we began to have stronger feelings. We went out of town a couple of times, she would cook at her place, which she shared with two other roommates. I was not much of a cook at that time, so it was always her who cooked. We also drove out to Palos verdes with a bottle of wine and a sandwich from a local place nearby. Slowly we fell for each other.

Eventually in 1992, we moved in together. I lived in South Pasadena then and she lived in Redondo Beach. We found a great apartment in Pasadena which was witness to many nights of bliss. Like newlyweds, we spent day and night together and enjoyed each other every minute and hour of the day. (Aside from those hours reserved for work and school)-Forget eating...
More to come...........

Saturday, September 24, 2005


likes to experiment with cooking-Le gusta experimentar en la cocina
is clean and organized-Es limpia y organizada
likes action and mistery movies-Le gusta peliculas de accion y misterio
loves to travel-Le encanta viajar
loves to read-Le encanta leer
knows about food and wine-Conoce sobre vinos y comidas
is not a snob-No es presumida
likes other cultures and open to all kinds of experiences-le gustan otras culturas y exponerse a ellas
loves children, even those who aren't hers-le encantan los ninios aun cuando no sean de ellas
is independent and not clingy-es independiente y no tan "pegajosa"
is inquisitive but not jealous-es curiosa pero no celosa
has friends-tiene amigo(a)s
is ambitious-es ambisiosa
is understanding and patient-Es paciente y comprensiva
is not shy in bed-No es timida en la cama
does not let a bad experinece doom her for life-No deja que malas experiencias le aruinen la vida o la amarguen
doesn't bitch about every little thing-No jode por culaquier cosa pequenia

What is your ideal partner?-Give me 15 points,
Cual es tu pareja ideal?-Dame 15 puntos

Friday, September 23, 2005


Work will do this to you:
1. Be away from your family.
2. Not talk to friends.
3. not write on your blogg.

The first one is the bad one.
When work or "other" extra curricular activities make you miss time with your family you're on the wrong road, so it is time to re-think the situation at hand. read here
Now if you are away for the "good" of the family, then it is not a problem, because it is all a benefit for all.
The second one is not too bad, particularly if your so called "friends" don't ever call you either, no big deal there.
The third one..Oh my God! what a sin..............
Just kidding.

Work work work, I've been busy all week long. The new, any new job entails being "busy"
You have to go through "orientations", you have to get trained, you have to go to meetings and be "introduced" to people who you'll probably never see again, or who will not recognize you if you pass each other in a hallway...Yes, I have done the same thing too, including forgeting the name of some of my own staff.
What's going on here?..
Not much in Vegas, Summer and hot weather winding down, for sure looking forward to the fall season, then christmas. Time to start your shopping procrastinators (me being the worst of all)
Friday is here, and my week is just starting.
Have a good weekend

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Everyone mark your calendars. Dust off your cameras, buy some film and get ready to participate in "A DAY IN THE WORLD".

For details visit the site mentioned right here --------- >
Just take a picture and upload it to the site. If you have a flickr account you can do the same through your flickr account.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Camedia c 3000 Zoom

Camedia c 3000 Zoom
Originally uploaded by Ciscokid1.
Most of the pictures on my blogg will or have been taken with my old camera.
I'm in the sharing mood and this is all I can share right now..
Anything else you'd like me to share?...
Chloe, notice the hands?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

19- 09-1985

Talking about national tragedies, it is going to be 20 years since the earthquake in Mexico City that killed thousands of people. I was not there when it happened, though my family was. I was in California (Los Angeles) during the Withier and Nortridge quakes.
I wonder what kind of memories the bloggers have about the Mexico City Earthquake. Since most mexican bloggers tend to be young early to mid twenties. Most had to be between 3 to 10 years old then. Or is this one of those events that they only know through family or other's experiences (As is my case).
What have your experiences been with "national" Tragedies?

Hablando de tragedias nacionales, en dos dias va a ser el 20 aniversario de el terremoto en la ciudad de Mexico. Yo emigre a los EEUU en Enero de ese anio. Aunque mis padres y hermanas estaban en la capital y cuernavaca, que gracias a dios no les paso nada.
Que memorias tienen los Bloggers de Mexico?. Yo creo que la mayoria de bloggers tendrian entre 3 y diez anios de edad cuando ocurrio eso. Lo vivieron personalmente o a travez de familiares y amigos que si lo vivieron (Como es mi caso).
Yo estuve en California cuando tuvimos los teremotos de Whitier y Nortridge-No se compara a lo de Mexico, pero muy parecido.
Cuales fueron tus experiencias?

PS. Posting from home today. New job begins today

Friday, September 16, 2005


Heard it on the news this morning.
91 year old man wins "Megabucks" Jackpot for about 21,000,000.00.This is the second time he wins a "big" jackpot.
The lucky slot was at The Cannery. (North Las Vegas)


My girlfriend is going on a road trip; From Vegas to Seattle. Nothing but the road ahead. I wish I could go since I love driving, as I previously mentioned before. But, someone has to stay and hold the fort down.
I also start my new job this weekend-Restaurant Manager for one of the outfits in town.
Anyways, her trip reminds me of a cross country trip I took with my best friend Mary, back before we had children and spouses (of our own).
This trip took us from Los Angeles, into Arizona-Grand Canyon first stop-, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana. More specificity, New Orleans. Fun town, lots to see and do. Of course back then Mary and I had no worries, so we just lived it up all over the place with the required visit to (O'brian's) for lots of hurricanes, walks through the French Quarter, trips into the swamps, etc.
From Louisiana we followed North to our next destination, Virginia (WIlliamsburg) where we actually camped out before heading to New York City. Back then we worked for Westin Hotels and one of the perks was that you could stay at any hotel belonging to the chain, anywhere in the world-for a fairly small fee. This allowed us the opportunity to stay at the famous Plaza Hotel, back then managed by Westin. Great experience, my first visit to NY City with the required walk all over the city, including the Twin Towers. I wish I would have gone up. Not sure why we decided against it, but we still had fun, riding the subway (once) eating in Little Italy and Chinatown.
From there we kept on our trip up into New England. Boston turned out to be one of my favorite stops. confusing to drive around but we made it. From Boston we headed north. Her dad and brother lived in Vermont, somewhere near Stowe, so we spent a few days there. Eventually we had to come back, so of course we had to follow the most direct route back to the West Coast with a stop in San Francisco then back to Los Angeles. On the way, we ran into heavy rains, thunderstorms, lightning storms, almost ran out of gas, got pulled over a couple of times...Great experience.
We learned a lot about each other as well as about ourselves on that trip. That is probably why we never got together and why we are still the best of friends.
Total trip was about 9,000 miles on her Nisan 280ZX
I'll post some pictures about the trip tomorrow after I scan them.
Happy Friday-Get in your car and go for a ride now!

Thursday, September 15, 2005


So, now that the business is running "on its own", I can really get back to work (Steady pay check)...
Other than that. Beautiful weather here in Vegas. hovering around 90's (That's about 32 Celsius..)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


What is a Chilango?
A Chilango is someone who lives in Mexico City, it does not matter whether he or she came from another state. It does matter the length of time spent in the city. A chilango is also a state of mind.
As much as a new yorker is a New Yorker and a Southerner from the South, a chilango in Mexico is a special breed.
Chilangos are not well liked by the people from other states in Mexico. They are looked down upon. People's perception of Chilangos in other states is that, "because they live in the capital city, they think they are better than everybody else". The city of Cuernavaca, a mere hour and a half from the capital city and where my mom lives, is a shining example of anti-chilango mentality. Could it be that hundreds of people crowd the city during the weekends? Could it be the traffic that chokes the small town on their way to Acapulco, aslo a few hours away by car.
There is a certain "twang" to the accent of people in Mexico city. You can notice it by listening to your average Mexican citizen, the upper class Mexican and the street vendor in Tepito or anywhere goods are sold on the streets.
The accent will give away a chilango. The word usgae wil give away a rich chilango.
Having grown up in Mexico City, I still consider myself a chilango. Though the "sing-song" tonality of voice is gone, I can still fake it when I am there.
There are blogs in spanish were the writers write as if they were actually talking with that chilango accent.
Words like, "'ta madree!" (Mother Fucker)
"Que la chinagada" (What the fuck!)
" 'chate una chela wey" (Have a beer "dude"-my best translation for wey-)
The lists are endless, so on your next trip to Mexico, for those brave enough to enter Mexico City, listen carefuly and practice your Spanish words with a sing song tonality (drag your last vowel).

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Septiembre 15

Imaginence un dia como hoy...Los conspiradores ya quedaron de acuerdo sobre lo que va a suceder al dia siguiente. Imaginence la excitacion, el temor, la ansiedad sobre lo que va a ocurrir.
Imaginence el paso que se va a tomar al hacer de un territorio Espaniol, o colonia Espaniola, para transformarse en un pais independiente. Con su propio gobierno, independiente de toda corona o monarquia.

Y luego despues de tanto tiempo que ha pasado?.
Claro que Mexico se independizo de Espania, pero para que?.
Para que el pueblo siga siendo jodido por los mismos que se llaman Mexicanos, que si pudieran darian su nacionalidad por ser de otro pais de primera linea mientras siguen chingando a su pais y ciudadanos..

Muchos paises han pasado por lo mismo, pero el resultado final o cuando menos lo que se ve hoy en dia es muy diferente el uno del otro.
Y es tan aparente en paises de Latinoamerica, los mismos resultados y problemas.
Por un lado es bonito tener patria y nacionalidad. Se siente chingon el decir, "Viva Mexico", pero al mimo tiempo, da coraje el observar todas las chingaderas con que someten a la poblacion.
Ni modo, de todas maneras, "no le hace", "Hay se va"..

No This isn't 5 de Mayo (MAY-5) It is however September 15th, the true date when Mexico celebrates its independence from Spain. Then again, all that is history now. Yes, like many other countries that fought for their independence from European Colonizers.
Mexico went through the same, as well as its own civil war, with factions fighting for control of the country and its resources.
Does it matter how truly and independent country is when its population is still exploited and abused by its "independent" government?. I don't believe that a worker in Mexico cares whether his or her employer is Mexican, American or Korean. As long as he or she has a job, that is all that matters.
Nationality matters when it comes to sports. "Si se puede" is a common chant during soccer matches, where the Mexican team faces foreign teams, whether at home or abroad. All class barriers come down when the Mexican team wins. Office workers, wearing suit and tie mingle with the factory worker and the street vendor. Everyone goes to the rallies at the Famous Angel de la Independenciaeach time the team wins.

But, getting back to the fact of "independence, does it really matter that Mexico became independent?..
Yes, it is a process that the country had to go through inevitably. All countries went through it around the same time on this continent. It had to happen. So during this week, at least in Mexico, it gives everyone a time to feel proud about their history and background. It makes you feel good about belonging to something "big". It is symbolic.
As I stated before though, the poor don't care that they are Mexican, Guatemalan or American. So if you are Mexican or feel like one at times, and for what it's worth,

Monday, September 12, 2005


Memo: To Everyone
From: Bushie

Re: Brownie.

As of today, September 12, 2005, "Brownie" has desicioned to pursue other ventures out of our administration. We wish him the best in all his future endevours. (As long as they don't have to do with horses or emergencies..."chuckle"). He has worked hard and did an excellent job as leader of FEMA and through our latest national tragedy, thus we see his move into the private sector (Halliburton?) as and advancement. I am quite sure that he will be "succesfull" at anything he jumps into.
"I" and my friends will keep him in our best regards.


GW Bushie.
"My mom was just joking when she said that...stuff"...ha.. ha...


Just a nice mellow weekend here at home. This weekend I went bike riding and took some pictures of the neighborhood.

This is a shot of Las Vegas-Southwest. Looking towards the road thatleads out to L.A. 2 Years ago, there was no sign of population looking in the same direction.

This is a shot looking at new develoment along the foothills-conveniently called The Ridges (Million dollar homes)
Another shot of the same area, although this is mainly a shot of the gas station and a rock.

As you can tell, a mellow weekend.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


On September 11- 2001, I had just left my job that morning at 6:00AM (I had worked the graveyard shift) I was walking on the top level of the parking lot towards my car, the place I worked at was right by the airport, so there were airplanes going by as I was walking. The morning sun was just coming over the mountains, while on the western side, you could just see the receding darkness. I saw this airplane barely iluminated by the sun and I though how nice it would be that in two days I would be in one of those on my way to Mexico City with my daughter.
The rest is history. I decide not to go to Mexico and instead drove into California with my daughter. We spent a few days with friends and family. After watching news channels around the clock for days on end, the drive was indeed a respite from all that was happening around the country.

4 Years later, not much has changed.
Although this time people are talking louder, writing bloggs and being more vocal about all that is wrong with this country and its leadership.
Aside from politics, the loss of human life is tragic-regardless of the country where it happens and why. The sad aspect about all these tragedies is the pointless death of innocent people.


Friday, September 09, 2005


Brownie got pulled back to DC today, claiming that "the "press" is making him a scapegoat, not the president."
I think it's public opinion that he did not do his job and that is why he's being "Scapegoated". He's just the first one though and the Bush administration is looking at poll numbers dipping downward still. By removing Brown, they think, their #'s will increase, However, they still fail to see the forest for the trees. They think that by continuing to do;press announcements, passing quick aids through congress and sending his mom to Houston and Cheney to LA, it will somehow put them in a better light.
Frankly I think Bush's luck has finally run out.
"Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job!"
George Bush -09-02-05
Brown-Gets "relieved of his command of rescue efforts" out of Baton Rouge and sent back to D.C. Michael Chertoff-Today September 9, 2005

I wonder who is next...
Taking bets here in Vegas..



Adonde Estas Felicidad

Adonde estas y cuando te fuiste?
Llegaste como la marea, inundando mi ser calladamente.
Y como la marea the fuiste.
Pero cuando?
Fue quiza cuando lloraba?
O cuando miraba a travez de las nubes?
O fue cuando ella murio.
Lo que se es que te conoci, mas he de conocerte solo una ves?
Adonde estas felicidad?
Fuiste solo un suenio? o un deseo?
No, fuiste real
ella fue real
Hoy no mas.
Adonde estan?

Thursday, September 08, 2005


I love to drive.
I could drive for days. Of course with the required stops to eat, rest and to admire nature, views, roads and anything else on the way. There is no way of avoiding freeways to get there but they are just a means to getting to those "small one lane roads". On maps they appear as state, or rural roads. Those are the best. Roads where you do not see cars or people for miles and miles.
Roads are sometimes not even on maps. You have to go to a local gas station, those that still have the Pegasus logo (Old Mobil?) and always serviced by a weathered old man. Red handkerchief in hand, straw hat and burnt out cigarette between a tootles smile. Yes, they are the best guides. They will always point you in the right direction. At least you hope.
It is always best to fill up, a sin nowadays with expensive gas. It is best to be safe than sorry. A road might be flooded, closed, end, or worse, you might get turned away by military looking personnel, with guns pointing the way. (As is the case in some areas here in Nevada)
Having company in these trips is good, particularly if it is someone whose company you enjoy.

(My daughter while on a trip we took right after 09-11)
CCR, or an old cassette you found in the garage are requirements for a drive. A stop by the local store to buy snacks and beverages is also a must. Beef jerky (I do not care for it), Doritos, Water, Soda, Fruit, and chewing gum.
Years ago, my wife and I took this road out of Santa Elena, CA-We had just left the Ferrari Carano winery and instead of returning to San Francisco, where we were staying, we decided to cross over West, towards PCH. At first it was a good paved one lane road, leading you to more wineries. Bellow you could see an endless carpet of vineyards-Premium land.
Eventually the road became more desolate as the trees were getting taller and taller. These pine trees resembled sequioas at some points. Suddenly the road seemed to end. It was a dirt road, covered by tall trees and vegetation, almost cave like. According to the map I had, there was a road "here" and it lead to the old Fort Ross, along the California coast.
An old flat bed pick up was coming in our direction, bouncing along this road, so my fears that we were lost faded. We continued along this road, where the roots of the trees had pulverize any sign of pavement or concrete.
Then, we came up on a clearing-The road had disappeared!. We were on a clearing (no trees), but the groud was completely covered in what seemed like ivy.
When we were about to return the same way we came, hoping that we remembered how we got there, another truck was coming out of the woods. It was apparent to them that we were "lost". All the said, was keep going "that way".
We followed their advice. Soon we were again on a dirt road, almost exactly the same road we had just left. Covered by vegetation and more trees.
By that time it was getting darker and darker. An effect accentuated by the tree and greenery as well as by the actual time. We had left the winery about 3:00PM and we had been on this road for close to three hours now.
Out of the coming darkness, we came up onto a rise on the road, as we neared the top, we could see an opening further ahead. Like the end of a tunnel-Or the famous, "light at the end of the tunnel", we drove out of this road into the PCH. Right in front of us stood a gas station/convenience store. A sign pointed right and said "Fort Ross". Another sign pointe left, indicating-"san Francisco."
We laughed at our prior "predicament, because we were close to turning around. However we knew that at some point or another we would come up on to another exciting road.

(Looking down from Hearst Castle)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


As if Katrina wasn't enough, the following news out to get the blogg world, particularly those with a right leaning edge, really worked up. First it was Fox and his comment about blacks and mexican workers, then it was the memin-stamp. Now, the Mexican president (Who will be leaving office next year) has sent help to the Southeast U.S in the form of military convoys with equipment and supplies to assist the people affected by the Katrina.
Very nice move. It was about time that some help came came this way as opposed to flowing all out of the US.
Hopefully our rightleaning friends will not see this as "proof" that the invasion from the south has escalated to a military now.
Have fun!

Mexico Sends First Aid Convoy Ever to U.S - Yahoo! News


$2000.00 DEBIT CARDS
So, the federal government is going to issue $2000.00 debit cards to adults affected by the Hurricane, of course only those that were affected by the hurricane, etc. A noble idea, but I think it is going to create another mess.
$2000.00 to buy, gas, food, "and other essentials."Katrina Victims to Get $2K Debit Cards - Yahoo! News
How long is this amount going to last?
Once it runs out what?...Is the federal government (FEMA) going to say, that's it, we've helped you.
Or are they going to add more $$$ into the accounts?...
$2000.00 per "adult" isn't going to get them far, particularly when they are going to need plenty of essentials, like clothing, personal hygiene products, etc.
Here in Vegas the city is bringing in about 500 families- The city is going to help them find housing, jobs and many other necessities. I think that is the way to go. ALL 50 states should be figuring out how they are going to help in taking people in until the people can either; return to Louisiana and Mississippi or decide to stay where they are.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


High up on the mountains between Los Angeles and bakersfield, along the I-5 and where Christo set up his yellow umbrellas, there is a road that heads east into Mount Pinos, a recreational area. Mount Pinos is not the point of this story, the story is the road itself. A one lane road that meanders through the hills and mountains, between pine trees, green lush valleys and gorges with high rocky cliffs. You can get lost in the scenery and would not believe that you are a mere 3 hours from one of the major metropolis of the world, Los Angeles.

It is a one line road which if you folow from the Intersate 5 to its end, you will end up on PCH. Or Pacific Coast Highway. San Jose to the North and Santa Barbara to the South. The town that you arrive at is Santa Maria. (Made famous by the owner of Neverland Ranch).
I first took the road back in 1990 or '91, back when my then "future wife" and I were dating. One of our favoprite things to do was to get in our car and just drive. No destination. Of course living in the L.A. area, there are plenty of destinations. That was how we found this road. We had talked about going to Santa Barbara for the day. Rather than take the easy and fast road (PCH) we decided to look at a map and find a different route.
That is how we found this lonely road, which according to the map, would "take us" North of Santa Barbara.

I remember it was winter-cause we drove through some snowed areas in the mountains, at times we wanted to turn around, but our adventurous spirits told us to just go on. Besides, we were driving a Blazer, so we "trusted" it.
It turned out to be a wonderful drive.

From the I-5 you go up into the mount Pinos area, there is a village as soon as you get off the road. as you drive further into the mountain, you observe log cabins and some very expensive mountain homes. the read continues up and very soon the houses and cabins dissapear. The road takes a sharp turn to the right and into the hillsides. There are shome sharp turns and here and there, you see hidden driveways that lead to some cabins deep in the woods. Sometimes you can make them out, but most of the time all you see are the hidden roads.
This road continues for a good 30 miles. There are points at which no sign of civilization, other than the road, is observed. No cars go by and all you hear is the wind and birds. After all that drive you get to the "top" of the mountain (See First picture above) From there you can see the valle bellow. Further north, is Bakersfield-you can't see it in the picture.
Continuing on this road, which now traverses gentle rolling hill reminiscent of Northern California, you can now see ranches here and there. You will also see a sign that indicates that it is a California Condor Reserve area. The road becomes flat and straight. (To be continued)

Monday, September 05, 2005


For those skeptics who claim Bush has no compassion for those suffering, he has clearly shown that he cares for his fellow man. On Sunday morning in front of the cameras at a press conference he held to announce Rehnquist's death, he looked quite shaken and sad. Nobody can accuse him of not being compassionate. We can only hope that Trent Lott re-builds his house as soon as possible, so that Bush can go have a BBQ on the porch of Lotts new house. That would sure make him feel better.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist died tonight.Justice Rehnquist Dies at HomeYahoo! News

As if Katrina wasn't enough to throw this country into turmoil. Roberts has not even been confirmed yet, so it should be an interesting end of 2005 and going into 2006. What a year 2006 is going to be.
Stay tuned, it is going to be a wild ride!


Yes, you read right. College football is here. Now you know what I'll be doing on Saturdays. Watch the early games and if possible drive down to L.A. and catch a cfew games....Here in Vegas I can probably go to some of the UNLV Rebels' games. SO if you're a college football fan, leave me your thoughts, or at least your school song.

Friday, September 02, 2005


Earlier today Bushe told a woman to "hang in there" after she told her about her desperate situation-kids with no clothes, etc. He also said, "he understood"

Matt Lauer(Sorry if I am typing his last name wrong)
during an interview with the director of FEMA. brought up a good point on an interview this morning in regards to the situation in New Orleans.
Is anyone (In government-as well as in American society) noticing that all or most of the people trapped in the Covention Center, are black.
I can't remember exactly what the answer was.
But the question was put out there in national news for everyone to hear and "see".
Something that I mentioned before in this blogg, was the fact that anytime a tragedy of this magnitude occurs, (Pretty much anywhere in the world) It is usually the poor that are the most affected by disasters. Yes, the rich also have these problems-Remember the fires and mudslides that have affected the people in California. I bet you most of those people, besides seeing fast response from local or state authorities, had somewhere to go or to "fall back on."
These people in the Southeast, because it is just not New Orleans, have been ignored for decades. They are only seen as necessary to work in the service industries of large big -touristic towns- How they go about their lives, what risks they run by living in certain areas, or how many to a house or room is not important. What matters is that they are nearby so that when they are needed to fill in at low paying jobs, or jobs that are temporary, the hotels, restaurants and other service related types, keep functioning.
A segment of society that I have hardly heard of during these difficult times, is the latinos-or Hispanics that work in these towns-I have seen them; the bus boys, the dishwashers, the construction workers. Has anyone seen them, anywhere?. Has the Mexican Government inquired at all about its citizens? Or are they too worried with their next year's elections to even think abou anything else outside their borders.
I keep wondering if something good is going to come out of this tragedy. Are the local governments as well as federal going to pay attention to what is going on in this country and look at the threats that nature has in store for all?.
Are the emergency, terrorist, nuclear doom exercises really going to work when the time comes to face them?.
Is our government going to be there when we need it?..
Or is it going to be on vacation.

A quote from Gingrich...
"If we can't respond faster than this to an event we saw coming across the Gulf for days, then why do we think we're prepared to respond to a nuclear or biological attack?" asked former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a Republican.
Quotes taken from AP

Thursday, September 01, 2005


One more month gone by. and what a month it's been. Crazy everywhere. It makes me think that we may be indeed approaching those "biblical" last days...
Or at least it makes me realize how fragile we are-As Sting so eloquently said. I resolve to be kinder to everyone around me. Maybe that will get me on God's good side (I hope)..Cause certainly I do not attend church regularly as I'm "supposed" to. Nonetheless, I must do my best to be a good person. Scout's Promise.

Otro mes mas y que mes. Todo tan mal por todos lados. Me hace pensar que estamos cada vez mas cerca al fin del mundo-biblica o religiosamente hablando. Como dijo Sting-Que Fragiles somos. Yo prometo ser mas buena gente con todos. A lo mejor asi dios me reserva un lugar alla arriba o de perdis-le caigo bien. Yo la verdad no voy a la iglesia regularmente como "debe ser".
De todas maneras, Voy a hacer lo posible por ser mejor-Palabra de Scout.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


What an awful situation in the Southeast US- Unfortunately the poor and destitute are the first to suffer as well as where the most casualties occur. I feel bad for everyone down there.
Nature, however does not pick and choose and against such forces being; hurricaes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, mudslides, heatwaves etc. we have little protection.

Que situacion tan dificil para la gente de el Sureste de los Eastados Unidos. Desgraciadamnete los pobres y jodidos siempre son los mas afectados como tambien donde mas casualidades hay. Lo siento mucho por toda la gente de alla.
La naturaleza no discrimina en estos casos. Ya sean huracanes, maremotos, terremotos, incendios, deslaves o culaquier otro acto asi, la gente no tiene mucha proteccion o aviso.


Originally uploaded by Ciscokid1.
A Day on earth Test--Test--Test

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I read a blogg today;
The World According to Mike in which he suggests to begin a boycott of some sort to protest the oil policies of the Bush administration. He poses a way of getting the message out to as many people as possible through the internet or Bloggs to be more precise. It definitely is something worth looking into as a way of being proactive while using the one tool that is available now to all the world.
There is plenty of activity that is happening at a global scale, perhaps not with very altruistic objectives, but it is uniting bloggers across the world, ie;

3108 This!
A DAY ON EARTH. So why couldn't we do something like Mike is suggesting?...
If someone in Israel, or France or any othe part of the world can unite the world blogging community, why can't that be done here in the states?..
I believe that it is possible. We just have to find the cause that will unite us and the rise in gas prices coupled with the Bush administration's energy policies is a good cause.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Blog Day?

So, besides the picture taking "assignment of 09-29-05 (See previous post) now I find that on August 31, it is Bloggers day... Click on the link below...
3108 This!

The way I see it, any and every day is a bloggers day. You sit down and read your "friends" bloggs---and if they come back to see your blogg, they will find out about other interesting bloggs that you read, etc.
We do not need a single day to do that....My opinion.
On the right side of my page you can find at least three links to other people's bloggs that are not necessarily from this country;
Chloe is from Greece
Bulb is from Amsterdam
Others are from Mexico;Chica Regia,Bellota etc. Of course some are in other languages different than your own so, speaking or knowing a bit of another language is good.
So, if you feel the need to participate, go ahead..Otherwise, Happy Reading any time of the day, week, month, year.

P.S. Are bloggers in other countries more proactive about the way to use blogging than we are here in the US?


The previous post may not be as clear, but in a nutshell, here it is.
The dude from France is organizing a "photo" day for flickr members. You must belong to the group-as well as to flickr to post one picture on September 29th-05. The photo must be taken on that same day (29th) from wherever you are. He will then post the pictures to the previously mentioned blogg for the whole world to see. Of course it is free to join flickr.
Any questions?....

Saturday, August 27, 2005


Michel Benard (France) is creating a blogg for all flickr enthusiasts (I am one) to post a picture on September 29th, 2005. Wherever you are in the world on this date (29th), snap a picture and upload it to the flickr group. The picture has to be taken that day- all pictures can be seen on that day and after, by anyone at this blogg
A day on Earth

Michel Benard (Francia)ha creado una pagina blogg para todos aquellos fotografos de flickr. La idea es de tomar una foto y mandarla a la pagina flickr del grupo. La foto tiene que ser "representativa" de su localidad tomada en ese mismo dia (una solo foto)..Puede poner su foto despues de esa fecha, pero tinene que sertomada en Spetiembre 29. Todas las fotos podran ser vistas despues en:
Un dia en el Planeta

For those with a flickr account go here: Para aquellos con una cuenta de flickr vaya a:
a day on Earth by flickeries : September, 29 th

No More

As requested by Chloe

     No More

It won’t be anymore
no more
we will not live together anymore
I will not raise your son
I will not mend your clothes
I will not have you at night
I will not kiss you when I leave
you will never know who I was
why did other love me.
I will not know
not how not ever
not even if it was true
what you said I was
or who you were
or what I was to you
or how it would have been
to live together
we want
we wait
now It is just me
forever and you
will not be mine
just you. You won’t be
on a future day
I will not know where you live
With whom
Not even if you remember.
You will never hold me
Like that night
I’ll never touch you.
I won’t see you die.

Idea Vilarinio-Uruguay

Friday, August 26, 2005


You want to be entertained for hours and hours?....
Read the following blogg.


Scroll down to the bottom of the page and work your way up-chronologically.

Shrimp Cocktail

Most of my career-prior to opening the store, revolved around food and beverage. This was done at hotels or restaurants where I have worked over the years. Anyways, since the topic came up, (Chloe). I decided to post this picture of some work I did a couple of years back.
"Shrimp cocktail"--Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Someone had a picture on their blogg and asked how to "get rid of the person" next to them, so here it is.


These are my confessions.
Obviously a boring day so here it is, passed on by Chloe-or invited I should say...
To make it more interesting, you should elaborate on at leaast three of the questions..

[ ] I am bisexual or homosexual.
[x] I've run away from home. (I was 8 years old-My parents thought I had been kidnapped and killed-
[ ] I listen to political music.
[ ] I collect comic books.
[X] I shut others out when I'm sad.
[ ] I open up to others easily.
[X] I am keeping a secret from the world.(a few)
[X] I watch the news.-Particularly when I can't fall asleep-
[ ] I own over 5 rap CDs.
[ ] I own an I-Pod.
[ ] I own something from Hot Topic.
[ ] I love Disney movies.
[X] I am a sucker for hair/eyes. (I love the smell of wet hair-freshly showered)
[ ] I don't kill bugs.
[ ] I curse regularly.
[X] I paid for that cell phone ringtone.
[ ] I have "x"s in my screen name.
[ ] I've slipped out a "lol" in a real conversation.
[ ] I love Spam.
[ ] I bake well.
[ ] I would wear pajamas to school.
[ ] I own something from Abercrombie
[X] I have a job.
[ ] I love Martha Stewart.
[ ] I am in love with someone.
[ ] I am guilty of tYpInG lIkE tHiS.(and writing like this too)
[ ] I am self conscious.
[ ] I like to laugh.
[ ] I smoke a pack a day.
[ ] I loved Go Ask Alice.
[ ] I have cough drops when I'm not sick.
[ ] I can't swallow pills.
[ ] I have many scars.
[X] I've been out of this country.
[ ] I believe in ghosts.
[ ] I can't sleep if there is a spider in the room
[X] I am really ticklish.
[X] I see/have seen a therapist.
[ ] I love chocolate.
[ ] I bite my nails.
[X] I am comfortable with being me.
[ ] I play computer games/video games when i'm bored.
[ ] I have gotten lost in my city.
[X] I have seen a shooting star.
[ ] I have gone out in public in my pajamas.
[X] I have kissed a stranger.
[X] I have hugged a stranger.
[X] I have been in a fight with the same sex. (I got a big black eye as a result)
[ ] Been arrested.
[ ] Laughed and had milk/soda come out of my nose.
[X] Pushed all the buttons on an elevator.
[X] Made out in an elevator.
[ ] Sworn at my parents.
[ ] Kicked a guy where it hurts.
[ ] Been skydiving.
[ ] Been bungee jumping.
[ ] Broken a bone.
[X] Played spin the bottle.
[X] Gotten stitches.
[ ] Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour.
[X] Bitten someone.-Sexually
[X] Been to Niagara Falls.
[ ] Gotten the chicken pox.
[X] Crashed into a friend's car.
[ ] Been to Japan.
[X] Ridden in a taxi.
[X] Shoplifted.(I was just a kid ....)
[X] Been fired.
[X] Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back.
[X] Stole something from my job.
[ ] Gone on a blind date.
[X] Lied to a friend.
[ ] Had a crush on a teacher/coach.
[ ] Celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
[ ] Been to Europe.
[X] Slept with a co-worker.
[X] Been married.
[ ] Gotten divorced.
[X] Saw someone dying.
[X] Driven over 400 miles in one day.
[ ] Been to Canada.
[X] Been on a plane.
[x] Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
[ ] Thrown up in a bar.
[X] Eaten Sushi.
[ ] Been snowboarding.
[ ] Been skiing. (Snow)
[X] Been ice skating.
[ ] Met someone in person from the internet.
[ ] Been to a motorcross show.
[X] Gone to college.
[ ] Done hard drugs
[X] Taken painkillers.
[X] Cheated on someone else
[X] Was so bored I took this survey.
[ ] Have a tattoo

If you'd like any clarifications......Just ask..

Monday, August 22, 2005


Reading the paper, I found nothing of relevance.....

Living here in Vegas, I know this guy on the motorcycle is on his way to work. I see many people who get their uniforms on before heading to work. Now, if this picture was snapped anywhere else in the country you might think he's riding his bike to a wedding or couldn't find his Hell's Angels leather jacket...

Friday, August 19, 2005


A few things I've noticed about Bloggs:

There are blogg snobs-
Those who, because of the number of comments received and or links (their own) they have on other sites, think that they are gods of the web or something, come on, grow up. There are better things in life than whether you are considered a blogg god or a blogg nerd. They remind me of those old chat rooms where there used to be a group of "friends" and if you did not belong or were a total stranger, they booted you off.
There are exceptions to the rule of course, plenty of good, solid bloggs with lots of readers-as opposed to "followers."

Lots of Bloggs in Portuguese-Brazilian or Portugal...
Just an interesting observation.

Bloggs are annoying when they include music on their sites-particularly if you are listening to your own music while you are surfing.
Also, those that block you from continuing to the next page-Like the banner of "End Poverty Now"--How noble

All the porn and advertising-I suppose they still count towards those incredible "statistics" about the popularity of bloggs.

Me?...Just here to write stuff with whoever wants to read on. I like interesting bloggs too. For now just those on the right side....
Some are funny, insightfull, informative, creative-
All good

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Here is why I love being a father:

For those who cannot read the writing, it says;
"Dear Dad
I am so sory for acting like a littel brat.
I only want to spend time with you.
So I am waiting for you'r anser.
Wall I'm growing up so fast.
to help you with your Dreams Wall they go Past."

She is a 7 year old, going into second grade this September. For those who are expecting kids, or if you have toddlers, this is what you have to look forward to.

Then again, sometimes you get these kind.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


OK- Done with the book.
Interesting ending, now all the pieces are in place for the grand finale-
I predict-
The last battle between good and evil will be fought at Hogwarts Castle.
The place considered by both;Voldemort and Harry to be their "only home"
I could give you more ideas about what the next book from Rowling's will be like. But, I'd like to read your "own takes on the last book"

Monday, August 15, 2005


I am finally into page 216 of Haryy Potter. I've had the book for a few weeks now but I had not picked it up to read it.
So far nothing major, though it did start with a quick pace into the story, then getting closer to chapter ten, things got a little more exciting, but very predictable. As some critics of the books and the story have pointed out, Harry seems to get out of troubles or "situation" with lots of help from unknowns or friends.
So what, any author will write their characters with qualities or flaws that anyone of us could have, so why should these critics have certains "expectations" from Harry or the writer, when it isn't their story? I think they are just a bit jealous about the attention and $$$ the storyline has generated.
I should be done in a couple of days. Then on to another book I was recomended to read.
"The World is Flat"-Freedman...
Anyone read it yet?

Friday, August 12, 2005


Just today someone "famous" walked into my store and it reminded me of my "close encounters" with some people who at some point were famous, are famous or just think they are "somebody".
Here is the list. Of course the list is topped buy those who were the most memorable since I remember the whole thing. (By the way, I used to work in this small boutique restaurant hotel- back in the late eighties and mid nineties. So the chances of running into anybody slightly famous was high.
One day or night, There was a "get together" of liberals to raise awareness (cash) for Mikhail Gorbachov's "foundation" back then. This was around 1995. They had a private reception including; Barbara Streissand,(Whom I delivered tea to-English Breakfast)-Oliver Stone and a few others whom I cannot remember.
I also waited on Raul Julia-very nice individual, thought me that in latin countries capers are known as "alcaparras"
Charles Keating-Of the famous Savings and Loans scandals that involved a few senators as well. Right after their court days, a whole entourage of lawyers, friends and other would come in for dinner and usually spend about 4 to 600.00 dollars on diner-This was good for us, because at least we had a guaranteed tip of $100.00. Keating never actually paid. He would order his lawyers to pay and give us some extra cash-sorry for all those old folk who got screwed.
One time I went to pick up my wife where she worked at "Shutters on the Beach"--Santa Monica. Michael keaton-Pre Batman, was sitting at the bar a couple of chairs next to me, he was also waiting for a "friend" and somehow we ended up in a discussion about tequilas.
"Elaine" from Seinfeld-I Also waited on her, her husband and a friend-Husband picked up the tab-"Small tip" Cheap bastard.
At UCLA I used to run into John Lithgow during his morning jogs through campus.
I delivered food into Opera singer's Placido Domingo, also at Checkers. "Morning Breath" --I know-we all have it..
More recently at my last job, for a popular hang out in Vegas for the stars;
Jack Nicholson, Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson, Hugh Heffner, Mr. Batman himself Val Kilmer, and a few others whom I cannot remember their names...

Do you have any stories or sightings?....

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Latest news from B.S.
George Bush, in a late interview at his ranch in Crawford, TX, announced that to pull out of Iraq would send the wrong signal to "the enemy".
A-Doesn't he mean the right signal?....
ie; if a girl sends me the wrong signal, I will not do anything. I will just sit there until "the right signal" comes......

Anyways, continuing with the story,
It would also send the "wrong" signal to:
Oil Corporations
Army Contractors (Haliburton)
and a host of other "special interest groups" that benefit from everything that is going on on that side of the world.
Just had to share this late news.


I was just reading our local paper today and most of the news, aside from local news, were about a day old. Why?..Anything that happens out of state and internationally is reported "as it happens" on the internet. So the stories I read today on the internet will be the news on the newspapers tomorrow.
Yes, one day they newspapers will be obsolete or they will have a thin "flexible screen" that will function as a computer screen. This will be disposable for it will only allow you to see the day's stories as well as past stories. That way, you will "need" to buy next day's edition.
You heard it from me first.
I hold the patent.
By the way, adds will still pop up on your newspaper screen. Otherwise how else will it be affordable?...
Nothing changes........

Monday, August 08, 2005


Aren't there better questions that an interviewer can ask a prospective worker?.
The standard questions by now have been memorized by (I am assuming) 90% of the American working population.

A> "Tell me about a time when you had an issue with a guest and how did you solve it?"
B> "What do you think is the most important part of a job?"?
C> "Why do you want to work here?"

The answers are very obvious and I really do not want to give them out here. If you don't know them, good luck!

They need to ask more appropriate questions like;

A> Do you have a blogg?
B> What is the blogg about?--careful here if your posts are about the jobs you've had or are applying for--
B> How often do you post?
C> How many clicks do you get in a day?..

This will give employers an insight into what their future "employee" is all about. It would lead to hiring the right people for the right job and minimize turnover ratio.

Of course the famous HR Staff can come up with a proper "training program" for those who do not "own" computers or are bloggiterates (A Bushiism), or computer savvy for that matter.
This would ensure that no-one has to answer the dreaded question of "Why should I hire you?" ever again.
Follow this link for a funny look at "interviews"

Media: Sonnyboo's "Interview"

Friday, August 05, 2005


After reading a post from a fellow blogger-Chica Regia-(Spanish) in regards to her writing aboutbeing ready to quit her job, it reminded me of my old job as well as the "initial" idea for this blogg.
My blogg was supposed to deal with everything about working for hotels-restaurants. Since that's what I had been doing for the last 15 years.
her post reminded me of the day I made my decision to quit. Of course it did not come in a revelation in just one day. It was an accumulation of my experiences with my staff, my bosses and upper management, including the owner.
I realized that everything I did or did not do would not change the expectations and double standards of the management. So it was an endless circle of hipocrisy and ass kissing. I may have done my share of both but I knew I was not about to continue doing it for a long time.
I think we all know when it is time to change something in our lives. Our left side of the brains tells us, but our right side is not sure, hesitation, doubt, insecurity, but if we follow our guts or instinct, most of the time we'll be all right.
gladwell dot com - blink

Thursday, August 04, 2005


I think its been depression what has been afflicting me the last couple of days...Not sure why.
Usually it comes around the anniversary of my wife's death (I write of her as if she was still here)-I don't have a wife.
The last couple of days, I am just out of it. I read and nothing sticks. I write and nothing makes sense. I listen to music without really listening. It is just background noise, then my brother calls me this morning to tell me that a childhood friend-more his than mine, though I still knew and know him, is on his deathbed...
I need some good news...
Maybe I just need a vacation.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


It is only Wednesday and this week is just dragging.
Humid here in Vegas, Thurnderstorms, White puffy clouds, they make beautifull sunsets though.
Can't wait for football season to begin....and of course
College Football


Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Have you checked out PostSecret?
If not, check it out. Warning-Lots of serious and maybe disturbing comments.
Aside from all the obvious postings that are just really sad, and hopefully people are getting rid of their baggage by posting there, there are some that are quite interesting to read, particularly those who say in essence that they are not happy in or with their marriage.
Having also worked in the hospitality industry where I had a lot of people under my supervision, both men and women (married), I also noticed and learned from some that about half were either cheating on their spouses and or just plain miserable with their marriages.
This begs the question...
What keeps them in that position?
I can understand that the majority of those unhappy, are staying together "for the kids"
But there seem to be a lot who are just in relationships where they know it isn't going anywhere, and yet.
Why stick around?
Any idea?

Monday, August 01, 2005


So, my girlfriend wants to see my blogg.
Since the blogg is really not about her but more about my views about the world around me, I should let her see it.
However, since sometimes I may blogg about an issue concerning couples or my own views about relationships, that would preety much give away some of my feelings in regards to her.-No She should not see it.
Do I start a new "clean" sanitized version of the blogg for family and friends to read?....
That would be a lot of time typing..
What do you think?

Friday, July 29, 2005


I Gotta hand it to the British-And I mean their Domestic intelligence or Scotland Yard-
Aside from the wrong shooting of the Brazilian, which is quite a shame and unfortunately someone at the wrong place at the wrong time.(Condolences to the family and relatives), law enforcement in England have really shown that they got it together.
They moved fast, asked the right people, cordoned off those areas most likely to be used by the terrorists to escape and circled them in.
Yes, it is a small country in comparison to the U.S. However, I am still amazed at the prompt capture of these individuals, as of now only one remains at large. The Somalian community in England, where these individuals lived, supposedly were of big help by denouncing and reporting all signs of -suspicion- around their neighborhood. This is the kind of activism I was referring to in my previous post. Where common citizens take it upon themselves and watch their surroundings and communities and report everything that is not familiar or out of the ordinary. Of course for this to work, the police forces have to be in synch and not corrupt.
However, this should not be a deterrent for doing the right thing.
Again, all done with very good police work.
Many countries can learn from that, including our own.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I wonder if we are facing the end of times.

I saw a wrenching interview this morning on Mexican TV (Primero Noticias) between Carlos Loret de Mola and Talina Fernandez.
He is an anchor for a TV Organization (Televisa)
She used to be a news anchor as well back in the late 70's and 80's. (For the same organization)
The issue was; The city's mayor,Soon to be Presidential candidate,insistence that reports and adds attacking the kidnappings and crime wave in Mexico are being staged "once again" by his enemies.
So, somehow she ended up in the news this morning to tell her side of the story and how it isn't anything staged by anyone, but an actual plea for help due to the crime wave happening, not just in Mexico City, but all throughout the country.
It was personal because due to a foiled -kidnapping attempt or robbery, her daughter suffered a heart attcak due to the threat-Right there, on the street..
It was wrenching because you see a woman-forget her status as an insider for the news organization-who is in pain due to the death of her daughter. Her plea was to the people of the country-Not the government.
She figures regardless of who gets elected in the next presidential elections, not much is going to change unless people act.
This was a plea to stand up and demand security from their government.
To also take matters into their hands and report criminals, criminal activity and anything that just goes against peaceful coexistence.
She did have a point.
Unless people take personal responsibility and do something about crime, not just in Mexico, it is just going to get worse.
I feel for people in those circumstances.
A day cannot go by without hearing about drug cartels, assasinations, kidnappings, robberies, etc. Just recently the US government issued a warning-again- against traveling to the border states of Mexico.
State Department Warnings for Mexico
Despite the warnings, people will still travel out of necessity or other-I have business dealings with people in Mexico and will continue to travel there. I just have to be very observant of my sourroundings. It should not be that way.
AT some point, it has to stop, but what is it going to take.

I know and I am aware that it isn't all negative and bad in Mexico. Its people are good-The good people outnumber the bad ones.
I will also get the replies that news organizations only focus on the negative.But that is true of any country. However, everyone has to look in the mirror(including myself)and ask, "What are you going to do about it?"

Are you ready to contribute your "little grain of sand" as Mrs. Fernandez asked this morning?


Monday, July 25, 2005


Yes, beginning of the week-Again
My daughter is going to camp this week. Left this morning and will be back Thursday. Very independent girl. She knows a lot of the kids going, Is is called princess Camp-Mostly; 6, 7 and 8 year olds. She has been away before, usually traveling with her grandma to see her aunts and such. I believe it is good for kids to be able to be away from parents, at least one night if not more. It helps them to become independent, social and trustful. Of course there are always dangers lurking around, so you must be as careful as possible to know where they are going, whom with etc.
Finally a nice weekend in town-Cooled off, lots of thunder and lightning. Very humid, but better than walking around 115 degrees. Not much happening here in the States. Most of the news are coming out of the other side of the world.
Kudos to Lance for another win in France- He truly is a "Superman" You have to be in order to survive from Cancer and win 7 Tour de France in a row.
I saw one of those prototype cars today-No logos or grill that can identify its make. I will soon post a picture of it-I didn't have my dig camera, so I used my phone...

Any ideas what kind or make----let me know...
Just for fun
See ya!

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Once Again.
This time done by "luckily" some morons.
However, the serious ones are still out there.

My previous post was about the attack on a news agency in the city of Oaxaca in Mexico. A group of news people barricaded themselves in their building, because a "union" declared themselves on strike outside of the building, even though none of them worked at the paper.
SO, a couple of days ago, those same "union workers" wearing ski masks, and protected by the local cops (They barricaded the surrounding streets to halt traffic) entered violently into the building and destroyed computers, files, etc. At the same time they assaulted all the staff at the paper.
Because the paper-using freedom of speech, offended or "attacked" the local political head honcho-calls himself Governor- member of the old PRI party.
Yes, it was an attack on freedom of speech. However, my rant was also against the main local paper-El Imparcial- who did not address the issue whatsoever in their paper. You would have thought it would have been on the first page-Even the foreign press picked up the issue.
It exemplifies that not much has changed in Mexico when the press-Not all-still hides and protects the shenanigans of their local political friends. It is a shame, because in a country where news people are being executed by warlords or whoever, any attack against the freedom of speech should be reported by all newspapers-no matter their affiliation.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


como Oaxaquenio y como Mexicano, sigo al tanto de todo lo que ocurre en nuestra patria. Aunque estemos lejos, tenemos que mantener nuestras conecciones vivas adonde quedo nuestro hombligo.

Desafortunadamente, como en todos lugares, las noticias son las noticias y hay quienes las reportan y otros no-Aunque esten exactamente en sus caras. Uno de los noticiarios que leo en linea de Oaxaca es "El Imparcial"-Y me llamo hace unos dias mi hermano para checar que pasaba con los "periodistas secuestrados"...Busque en el Imparicial y nada. Despues encontre (A Travez de un search) un articulo por la AP. Y mas llegabal nas noticias, por otros lados; Processo, La Opinion, etc. Circula �Noticias de Oaxaca� a pesar de violento desalojo
Mi pregunta es esta, porque el noticiario mas grande de el estado no reporta nada en respecto a esta situacion?...
No tengo yo todos los datos mas que lo que puedo leer aqui y alla. Lo unico que puedo deducir es que El Imparcial, este al lado y o apollando al Governador de Oaxacay o tambien al (PRI).
La libertad de expresion debe mantenerse viva y si publicaciones no puede reportar algo que "los vaya a poner en situacion "pegajosa," entonces dejan de ser "independientes" y son mas que nada voceros oficiales del gobierno al que protejen.