Monday, February 23, 2009


We are having great weather in Vegas with rain, snow in the mountains and still a bit of cold in the air. Yet, we've been very busy at work (thank goodness) that I have not had much time to get out biking or running. Aside from my last foray into Blue Diamond where I scraped my knees and a return trip last week into a new trail, I have not been outdoors much.
This is really the best time to get out there and probably once it warms out a bit, before temperatures reach 100+.
We did have another tequila tasting in our restaurant last week prior to Valentine's weekend and we've been busy since that I practically left Melissa out of Valentine's celebration, not that I celebrated anything or anywhere else.

I'm sorry I missed it. I know you like to celebrate Valentine's and other holidays that sometimes I do not even remember, sorry for that again.
My schedule has been all over the place as well that there have not been time for planning an outing or so, but I have an idea where I'd like to take you to celebrate our love.
It won't be biking or running,though I would like you to go next time, maybe running.
Love you on February 14Th and every day.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

22 Miles and Counting

Today it was a 22 mile ride
View Larger Map through Lake Mead area. A good series of ups and downs-mostly down at first all the way into the Lake Mead Camping site from Lake Las Vegas area. Great road with no autos and not as many cyclists.
The pictures tell the story.

This is our departing point. Looking West towards Lake Las Vegas

Going down after a few downhills

Curvy road with no one around

The long road ahead

Looking north towards the main road (bridge)

Our destination in the distance - Lake Mead Camping Site

Pepe - on the way back

Yes. this is the 11 mile mark - now its back with nothing but uphill!

Pepe at the 11 mile mark

Oasis 1

Oasis 2

Some shots from the Lake Mead area

Back to Lake Las Vegas

Not before I saw this great shot!