Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I read a blogg today;
The World According to Mike in which he suggests to begin a boycott of some sort to protest the oil policies of the Bush administration. He poses a way of getting the message out to as many people as possible through the internet or Bloggs to be more precise. It definitely is something worth looking into as a way of being proactive while using the one tool that is available now to all the world.
There is plenty of activity that is happening at a global scale, perhaps not with very altruistic objectives, but it is uniting bloggers across the world, ie;

3108 This!
A DAY ON EARTH. So why couldn't we do something like Mike is suggesting?...
If someone in Israel, or France or any othe part of the world can unite the world blogging community, why can't that be done here in the states?..
I believe that it is possible. We just have to find the cause that will unite us and the rise in gas prices coupled with the Bush administration's energy policies is a good cause.


Bellota said...

bushito necesita algo mas que eso...aunq siempre es bueno hablar y no quedarse con cara de menso

oye :P xq no pones tambien tu blog en espaniol?

jojo (me da flojer leer en ingles y luego xq me quejo de q mi ingles chafea jajajaj)

CiscoKid said...

Estoy en el proceso de poner otro alterno con simple traduccion. Gracias
por la sugerencia

Cassy said...

I agree. Too bad I've got a 45 min commute. I hate the Bush policies on...well...pretty much everything. I'd love to protest them.