Friday, September 30, 2005


My daughter was born in 1998. She is a complete blending of two cultures, two worlds, two people, one love. Never did it cross my mind what it would be like to experience and observe the birth of a human being. Those of you who have experienced it, will know what I'm talking about. I have enjoyed each day of her life with the most admiration that you can have for anyone. I am not sure what I would do if she was not around. I used to question the same thing before Barb died. But at that time, Olivia was a few months old. So there was a reason for living.
Olivia will be a mirror image of her mom and I will be there everyday, to watch her grow, to guide her steps and to support her. She is so alive and aware of her own life. She amazes me and everyone around her. That may be true for all kids around. That may be a feeling all parents experience alike, at least I wish they all do. She does remember her mom, if ever so briefly...Thank goodness for video tapes, she can watch all sorts of episodes of her Mom while she was alive.
Am I dwelling on this too much?
Am I making myself crazy?
Or is it therapy.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


North of L.A. and north of Santa Barbara, there is a small town called Solvang. It is an enclave of “Danish” style houses and buildings. Solvang is known for their pastries and desserts (Apple Skivers anyone?). Basically it is a tourist town with great charm. It is off the main road which goes between Santa Barbara and Santa Maria. A recent movie, Sideways, popularized the area, (Santa Inez Valley).
Long before this movie came along, Barb and I decided to drive up there for an overnight trip. The drive from L.A. into Solvang is a good three and a half hour. From LA you take the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway), which meanders from Santa Monica north through Malibu and then closer to the Pacific Ocean as it leaves “civilization” and enters into smaller towns like Oxnard and further up the road and closer to Santa Barbara, there are some well know resorts with unique end exclusive Spas. Santa Barbara has plenty of Charms as well but our trip continued North on the PCH. After leaving Santa Barbara, the road continues on a straight path with the ocean to your left. There are plenty of State Parks at which you can stop to dip your feet in the water or for a picnic.
Back to the ride up there though, suddenly the road begins a climb between two high rising mountains, everything from Santa Barbara and up is covered in green. Even during the hotter months of the year, the area maintains its greenery due to its proximity to the ocean and night fogs.
Once you climb up the mountain, the road begins to enter into the Santa Inez Valley and further on up the road, there is a turn off that veers to your right. This is the road to Solvang. Plenty of signs will lead the way.
We checked into a hotel for the night, of course it was still daylight when we got there, so we went to walk about town. I was so in love with her and the thought of being in her presence and company made everything wonderful. We walked throughout the town hand in hand, stopped at a couple of places for a beer. She also loved to drive and knew how to ski, amongst many other things which eventually only strengthened our feelings for each other. Other things she was into; she liked sports, she liked to drink beer, what more could a guy ask for? By then I had learned that she liked to collect rabbits. So during one of our stops into one of the local gift shops, I bought a Yadro piece, which depicted two small rabbits in a purple box. That was my first valentine’s gift for her. Of course she was thrilled and happy, as much as I was just to be with her. We continued to walk about until the night and fog covered the town. It made it even more interesting with all its shining lights. It was definitely a night for romance. We spent the night in town with the required and glorious love making sessions. Our bodies were new to each other every time. There were no qualms about discovering, feeling and touching every inch of our bodies, with a total openness of our souls. We were totally infatuated and in love at the same time. This was our time, this was our chance to belong, for the next day was still unwritten.
The next day we drove through several wineries and stopped at a couple of places for breakfast and lunch before getting back on the main road. On the way down, we also stopped at one of the previously mentioned rest or scenic overlook areas to watch the sunset. Can it get any more romantic that this? a couple holding each other looking out over the ocean at the bright red sun, disappearing over the horizon, both unaware and unconcerned about what destiny had in store for them.

Monday, September 26, 2005


It all happened around the Christmas season of 1990. I was working in a restaurant in LA (Checkers Hotel)when I met her. I saw her coming from the second floor down the marble staircase into the lobby. Soft beige colored walls and a floor of marble, slightly darker than the walls, surrounded her. She was tall, slightly long waving hair as she walked towards me, of course she wasn't coming to me. She was headed for the service door, which was behind me. I assumed that she was headed for the kitchen. I saw her and saw a familiar face that I could not place. Weeks after (once we started to get to know each other), I learned from her that her sister was a front office manager at a nearby hotel (Downtown L.A.).
Thus, the familiar face. I had worked in the same hotel a couple of years before and had known her sister briefly as is the case in large hotels.
Of course I admired her beauty, and as we continued running into each other, our eyes would cross and we would smile.
We began to go out to get a drink after work, or we would meet at other people's houses during a picnics or party.
We were young, mid twenties, no responsibilities. Somehow I have always been lucky in love. Here is this Amazon of a woman, blond hair, greenish eyes falling for someone shorter in stature than her. Of a different background; both socially and culturally. Not that I am putting myself down, but the contrast was there for all to see.
Initially I though it would be a fling. Never dreamt that we would marry 6 years later or that she would die from leukemia 11 years later.
At a Christmas party at my place before we started dating, she was there with friends. My roommate Mary, actually said that Barb and I made a nice couple and that I should marry her. To this I responded with a "yeah right"...
However, as we began to go out, not only for drinks, but now to dinner, lunch or any other event, we began to have stronger feelings. We went out of town a couple of times, she would cook at her place, which she shared with two other roommates. I was not much of a cook at that time, so it was always her who cooked. We also drove out to Palos verdes with a bottle of wine and a sandwich from a local place nearby. Slowly we fell for each other.

Eventually in 1992, we moved in together. I lived in South Pasadena then and she lived in Redondo Beach. We found a great apartment in Pasadena which was witness to many nights of bliss. Like newlyweds, we spent day and night together and enjoyed each other every minute and hour of the day. (Aside from those hours reserved for work and school)-Forget eating...
More to come...........

Saturday, September 24, 2005


likes to experiment with cooking-Le gusta experimentar en la cocina
is clean and organized-Es limpia y organizada
likes action and mistery movies-Le gusta peliculas de accion y misterio
loves to travel-Le encanta viajar
loves to read-Le encanta leer
knows about food and wine-Conoce sobre vinos y comidas
is not a snob-No es presumida
likes other cultures and open to all kinds of experiences-le gustan otras culturas y exponerse a ellas
loves children, even those who aren't hers-le encantan los ninios aun cuando no sean de ellas
is independent and not clingy-es independiente y no tan "pegajosa"
is inquisitive but not jealous-es curiosa pero no celosa
has friends-tiene amigo(a)s
is ambitious-es ambisiosa
is understanding and patient-Es paciente y comprensiva
is not shy in bed-No es timida en la cama
does not let a bad experinece doom her for life-No deja que malas experiencias le aruinen la vida o la amarguen
doesn't bitch about every little thing-No jode por culaquier cosa pequenia

What is your ideal partner?-Give me 15 points,
Cual es tu pareja ideal?-Dame 15 puntos

Friday, September 23, 2005


Work will do this to you:
1. Be away from your family.
2. Not talk to friends.
3. not write on your blogg.

The first one is the bad one.
When work or "other" extra curricular activities make you miss time with your family you're on the wrong road, so it is time to re-think the situation at hand. read here
Now if you are away for the "good" of the family, then it is not a problem, because it is all a benefit for all.
The second one is not too bad, particularly if your so called "friends" don't ever call you either, no big deal there.
The third one..Oh my God! what a sin..............
Just kidding.

Work work work, I've been busy all week long. The new, any new job entails being "busy"
You have to go through "orientations", you have to get trained, you have to go to meetings and be "introduced" to people who you'll probably never see again, or who will not recognize you if you pass each other in a hallway...Yes, I have done the same thing too, including forgeting the name of some of my own staff.
What's going on here?..
Not much in Vegas, Summer and hot weather winding down, for sure looking forward to the fall season, then christmas. Time to start your shopping procrastinators (me being the worst of all)
Friday is here, and my week is just starting.
Have a good weekend

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Everyone mark your calendars. Dust off your cameras, buy some film and get ready to participate in "A DAY IN THE WORLD".

For details visit the site mentioned right here --------- >
Just take a picture and upload it to the site. If you have a flickr account you can do the same through your flickr account.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Camedia c 3000 Zoom

Camedia c 3000 Zoom
Originally uploaded by Ciscokid1.
Most of the pictures on my blogg will or have been taken with my old camera.
I'm in the sharing mood and this is all I can share right now..
Anything else you'd like me to share?...
Chloe, notice the hands?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

19- 09-1985

Talking about national tragedies, it is going to be 20 years since the earthquake in Mexico City that killed thousands of people. I was not there when it happened, though my family was. I was in California (Los Angeles) during the Withier and Nortridge quakes.
I wonder what kind of memories the bloggers have about the Mexico City Earthquake. Since most mexican bloggers tend to be young early to mid twenties. Most had to be between 3 to 10 years old then. Or is this one of those events that they only know through family or other's experiences (As is my case).
What have your experiences been with "national" Tragedies?

Hablando de tragedias nacionales, en dos dias va a ser el 20 aniversario de el terremoto en la ciudad de Mexico. Yo emigre a los EEUU en Enero de ese anio. Aunque mis padres y hermanas estaban en la capital y cuernavaca, que gracias a dios no les paso nada.
Que memorias tienen los Bloggers de Mexico?. Yo creo que la mayoria de bloggers tendrian entre 3 y diez anios de edad cuando ocurrio eso. Lo vivieron personalmente o a travez de familiares y amigos que si lo vivieron (Como es mi caso).
Yo estuve en California cuando tuvimos los teremotos de Whitier y Nortridge-No se compara a lo de Mexico, pero muy parecido.
Cuales fueron tus experiencias?

PS. Posting from home today. New job begins today

Friday, September 16, 2005


Heard it on the news this morning.
91 year old man wins "Megabucks" Jackpot for about 21,000,000.00.This is the second time he wins a "big" jackpot.
The lucky slot was at The Cannery. (North Las Vegas)


My girlfriend is going on a road trip; From Vegas to Seattle. Nothing but the road ahead. I wish I could go since I love driving, as I previously mentioned before. But, someone has to stay and hold the fort down.
I also start my new job this weekend-Restaurant Manager for one of the outfits in town.
Anyways, her trip reminds me of a cross country trip I took with my best friend Mary, back before we had children and spouses (of our own).
This trip took us from Los Angeles, into Arizona-Grand Canyon first stop-, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana. More specificity, New Orleans. Fun town, lots to see and do. Of course back then Mary and I had no worries, so we just lived it up all over the place with the required visit to (O'brian's) for lots of hurricanes, walks through the French Quarter, trips into the swamps, etc.
From Louisiana we followed North to our next destination, Virginia (WIlliamsburg) where we actually camped out before heading to New York City. Back then we worked for Westin Hotels and one of the perks was that you could stay at any hotel belonging to the chain, anywhere in the world-for a fairly small fee. This allowed us the opportunity to stay at the famous Plaza Hotel, back then managed by Westin. Great experience, my first visit to NY City with the required walk all over the city, including the Twin Towers. I wish I would have gone up. Not sure why we decided against it, but we still had fun, riding the subway (once) eating in Little Italy and Chinatown.
From there we kept on our trip up into New England. Boston turned out to be one of my favorite stops. confusing to drive around but we made it. From Boston we headed north. Her dad and brother lived in Vermont, somewhere near Stowe, so we spent a few days there. Eventually we had to come back, so of course we had to follow the most direct route back to the West Coast with a stop in San Francisco then back to Los Angeles. On the way, we ran into heavy rains, thunderstorms, lightning storms, almost ran out of gas, got pulled over a couple of times...Great experience.
We learned a lot about each other as well as about ourselves on that trip. That is probably why we never got together and why we are still the best of friends.
Total trip was about 9,000 miles on her Nisan 280ZX
I'll post some pictures about the trip tomorrow after I scan them.
Happy Friday-Get in your car and go for a ride now!

Thursday, September 15, 2005


So, now that the business is running "on its own", I can really get back to work (Steady pay check)...
Other than that. Beautiful weather here in Vegas. hovering around 90's (That's about 32 Celsius..)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


What is a Chilango?
A Chilango is someone who lives in Mexico City, it does not matter whether he or she came from another state. It does matter the length of time spent in the city. A chilango is also a state of mind.
As much as a new yorker is a New Yorker and a Southerner from the South, a chilango in Mexico is a special breed.
Chilangos are not well liked by the people from other states in Mexico. They are looked down upon. People's perception of Chilangos in other states is that, "because they live in the capital city, they think they are better than everybody else". The city of Cuernavaca, a mere hour and a half from the capital city and where my mom lives, is a shining example of anti-chilango mentality. Could it be that hundreds of people crowd the city during the weekends? Could it be the traffic that chokes the small town on their way to Acapulco, aslo a few hours away by car.
There is a certain "twang" to the accent of people in Mexico city. You can notice it by listening to your average Mexican citizen, the upper class Mexican and the street vendor in Tepito or anywhere goods are sold on the streets.
The accent will give away a chilango. The word usgae wil give away a rich chilango.
Having grown up in Mexico City, I still consider myself a chilango. Though the "sing-song" tonality of voice is gone, I can still fake it when I am there.
There are blogs in spanish were the writers write as if they were actually talking with that chilango accent.
Words like, "'ta madree!" (Mother Fucker)
"Que la chinagada" (What the fuck!)
" 'chate una chela wey" (Have a beer "dude"-my best translation for wey-)
The lists are endless, so on your next trip to Mexico, for those brave enough to enter Mexico City, listen carefuly and practice your Spanish words with a sing song tonality (drag your last vowel).

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Septiembre 15

Imaginence un dia como hoy...Los conspiradores ya quedaron de acuerdo sobre lo que va a suceder al dia siguiente. Imaginence la excitacion, el temor, la ansiedad sobre lo que va a ocurrir.
Imaginence el paso que se va a tomar al hacer de un territorio Espaniol, o colonia Espaniola, para transformarse en un pais independiente. Con su propio gobierno, independiente de toda corona o monarquia.

Y luego despues de tanto tiempo que ha pasado?.
Claro que Mexico se independizo de Espania, pero para que?.
Para que el pueblo siga siendo jodido por los mismos que se llaman Mexicanos, que si pudieran darian su nacionalidad por ser de otro pais de primera linea mientras siguen chingando a su pais y ciudadanos..

Muchos paises han pasado por lo mismo, pero el resultado final o cuando menos lo que se ve hoy en dia es muy diferente el uno del otro.
Y es tan aparente en paises de Latinoamerica, los mismos resultados y problemas.
Por un lado es bonito tener patria y nacionalidad. Se siente chingon el decir, "Viva Mexico", pero al mimo tiempo, da coraje el observar todas las chingaderas con que someten a la poblacion.
Ni modo, de todas maneras, "no le hace", "Hay se va"..

No This isn't 5 de Mayo (MAY-5) It is however September 15th, the true date when Mexico celebrates its independence from Spain. Then again, all that is history now. Yes, like many other countries that fought for their independence from European Colonizers.
Mexico went through the same, as well as its own civil war, with factions fighting for control of the country and its resources.
Does it matter how truly and independent country is when its population is still exploited and abused by its "independent" government?. I don't believe that a worker in Mexico cares whether his or her employer is Mexican, American or Korean. As long as he or she has a job, that is all that matters.
Nationality matters when it comes to sports. "Si se puede" is a common chant during soccer matches, where the Mexican team faces foreign teams, whether at home or abroad. All class barriers come down when the Mexican team wins. Office workers, wearing suit and tie mingle with the factory worker and the street vendor. Everyone goes to the rallies at the Famous Angel de la Independenciaeach time the team wins.

But, getting back to the fact of "independence, does it really matter that Mexico became independent?..
Yes, it is a process that the country had to go through inevitably. All countries went through it around the same time on this continent. It had to happen. So during this week, at least in Mexico, it gives everyone a time to feel proud about their history and background. It makes you feel good about belonging to something "big". It is symbolic.
As I stated before though, the poor don't care that they are Mexican, Guatemalan or American. So if you are Mexican or feel like one at times, and for what it's worth,

Monday, September 12, 2005


Memo: To Everyone
From: Bushie

Re: Brownie.

As of today, September 12, 2005, "Brownie" has desicioned to pursue other ventures out of our administration. We wish him the best in all his future endevours. (As long as they don't have to do with horses or emergencies..."chuckle"). He has worked hard and did an excellent job as leader of FEMA and through our latest national tragedy, thus we see his move into the private sector (Halliburton?) as and advancement. I am quite sure that he will be "succesfull" at anything he jumps into.
"I" and my friends will keep him in our best regards.


GW Bushie.
"My mom was just joking when she said that...stuff"...ha.. ha...


Just a nice mellow weekend here at home. This weekend I went bike riding and took some pictures of the neighborhood.

This is a shot of Las Vegas-Southwest. Looking towards the road thatleads out to L.A. 2 Years ago, there was no sign of population looking in the same direction.

This is a shot looking at new develoment along the foothills-conveniently called The Ridges (Million dollar homes)
Another shot of the same area, although this is mainly a shot of the gas station and a rock.

As you can tell, a mellow weekend.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


On September 11- 2001, I had just left my job that morning at 6:00AM (I had worked the graveyard shift) I was walking on the top level of the parking lot towards my car, the place I worked at was right by the airport, so there were airplanes going by as I was walking. The morning sun was just coming over the mountains, while on the western side, you could just see the receding darkness. I saw this airplane barely iluminated by the sun and I though how nice it would be that in two days I would be in one of those on my way to Mexico City with my daughter.
The rest is history. I decide not to go to Mexico and instead drove into California with my daughter. We spent a few days with friends and family. After watching news channels around the clock for days on end, the drive was indeed a respite from all that was happening around the country.

4 Years later, not much has changed.
Although this time people are talking louder, writing bloggs and being more vocal about all that is wrong with this country and its leadership.
Aside from politics, the loss of human life is tragic-regardless of the country where it happens and why. The sad aspect about all these tragedies is the pointless death of innocent people.


Friday, September 09, 2005


Brownie got pulled back to DC today, claiming that "the "press" is making him a scapegoat, not the president."
I think it's public opinion that he did not do his job and that is why he's being "Scapegoated". He's just the first one though and the Bush administration is looking at poll numbers dipping downward still. By removing Brown, they think, their #'s will increase, However, they still fail to see the forest for the trees. They think that by continuing to do;press announcements, passing quick aids through congress and sending his mom to Houston and Cheney to LA, it will somehow put them in a better light.
Frankly I think Bush's luck has finally run out.
"Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job!"
George Bush -09-02-05
Brown-Gets "relieved of his command of rescue efforts" out of Baton Rouge and sent back to D.C. Michael Chertoff-Today September 9, 2005

I wonder who is next...
Taking bets here in Vegas..



Adonde Estas Felicidad

Adonde estas y cuando te fuiste?
Llegaste como la marea, inundando mi ser calladamente.
Y como la marea the fuiste.
Pero cuando?
Fue quiza cuando lloraba?
O cuando miraba a travez de las nubes?
O fue cuando ella murio.
Lo que se es que te conoci, mas he de conocerte solo una ves?
Adonde estas felicidad?
Fuiste solo un suenio? o un deseo?
No, fuiste real
ella fue real
Hoy no mas.
Adonde estan?

Thursday, September 08, 2005


I love to drive.
I could drive for days. Of course with the required stops to eat, rest and to admire nature, views, roads and anything else on the way. There is no way of avoiding freeways to get there but they are just a means to getting to those "small one lane roads". On maps they appear as state, or rural roads. Those are the best. Roads where you do not see cars or people for miles and miles.
Roads are sometimes not even on maps. You have to go to a local gas station, those that still have the Pegasus logo (Old Mobil?) and always serviced by a weathered old man. Red handkerchief in hand, straw hat and burnt out cigarette between a tootles smile. Yes, they are the best guides. They will always point you in the right direction. At least you hope.
It is always best to fill up, a sin nowadays with expensive gas. It is best to be safe than sorry. A road might be flooded, closed, end, or worse, you might get turned away by military looking personnel, with guns pointing the way. (As is the case in some areas here in Nevada)
Having company in these trips is good, particularly if it is someone whose company you enjoy.

(My daughter while on a trip we took right after 09-11)
CCR, or an old cassette you found in the garage are requirements for a drive. A stop by the local store to buy snacks and beverages is also a must. Beef jerky (I do not care for it), Doritos, Water, Soda, Fruit, and chewing gum.
Years ago, my wife and I took this road out of Santa Elena, CA-We had just left the Ferrari Carano winery and instead of returning to San Francisco, where we were staying, we decided to cross over West, towards PCH. At first it was a good paved one lane road, leading you to more wineries. Bellow you could see an endless carpet of vineyards-Premium land.
Eventually the road became more desolate as the trees were getting taller and taller. These pine trees resembled sequioas at some points. Suddenly the road seemed to end. It was a dirt road, covered by tall trees and vegetation, almost cave like. According to the map I had, there was a road "here" and it lead to the old Fort Ross, along the California coast.
An old flat bed pick up was coming in our direction, bouncing along this road, so my fears that we were lost faded. We continued along this road, where the roots of the trees had pulverize any sign of pavement or concrete.
Then, we came up on a clearing-The road had disappeared!. We were on a clearing (no trees), but the groud was completely covered in what seemed like ivy.
When we were about to return the same way we came, hoping that we remembered how we got there, another truck was coming out of the woods. It was apparent to them that we were "lost". All the said, was keep going "that way".
We followed their advice. Soon we were again on a dirt road, almost exactly the same road we had just left. Covered by vegetation and more trees.
By that time it was getting darker and darker. An effect accentuated by the tree and greenery as well as by the actual time. We had left the winery about 3:00PM and we had been on this road for close to three hours now.
Out of the coming darkness, we came up onto a rise on the road, as we neared the top, we could see an opening further ahead. Like the end of a tunnel-Or the famous, "light at the end of the tunnel", we drove out of this road into the PCH. Right in front of us stood a gas station/convenience store. A sign pointed right and said "Fort Ross". Another sign pointe left, indicating-"san Francisco."
We laughed at our prior "predicament, because we were close to turning around. However we knew that at some point or another we would come up on to another exciting road.

(Looking down from Hearst Castle)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


As if Katrina wasn't enough, the following news out to get the blogg world, particularly those with a right leaning edge, really worked up. First it was Fox and his comment about blacks and mexican workers, then it was the memin-stamp. Now, the Mexican president (Who will be leaving office next year) has sent help to the Southeast U.S in the form of military convoys with equipment and supplies to assist the people affected by the Katrina.
Very nice move. It was about time that some help came came this way as opposed to flowing all out of the US.
Hopefully our rightleaning friends will not see this as "proof" that the invasion from the south has escalated to a military now.
Have fun!

Mexico Sends First Aid Convoy Ever to U.S - Yahoo! News


$2000.00 DEBIT CARDS
So, the federal government is going to issue $2000.00 debit cards to adults affected by the Hurricane, of course only those that were affected by the hurricane, etc. A noble idea, but I think it is going to create another mess.
$2000.00 to buy, gas, food, "and other essentials."Katrina Victims to Get $2K Debit Cards - Yahoo! News
How long is this amount going to last?
Once it runs out what?...Is the federal government (FEMA) going to say, that's it, we've helped you.
Or are they going to add more $$$ into the accounts?...
$2000.00 per "adult" isn't going to get them far, particularly when they are going to need plenty of essentials, like clothing, personal hygiene products, etc.
Here in Vegas the city is bringing in about 500 families- The city is going to help them find housing, jobs and many other necessities. I think that is the way to go. ALL 50 states should be figuring out how they are going to help in taking people in until the people can either; return to Louisiana and Mississippi or decide to stay where they are.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


High up on the mountains between Los Angeles and bakersfield, along the I-5 and where Christo set up his yellow umbrellas, there is a road that heads east into Mount Pinos, a recreational area. Mount Pinos is not the point of this story, the story is the road itself. A one lane road that meanders through the hills and mountains, between pine trees, green lush valleys and gorges with high rocky cliffs. You can get lost in the scenery and would not believe that you are a mere 3 hours from one of the major metropolis of the world, Los Angeles.

It is a one line road which if you folow from the Intersate 5 to its end, you will end up on PCH. Or Pacific Coast Highway. San Jose to the North and Santa Barbara to the South. The town that you arrive at is Santa Maria. (Made famous by the owner of Neverland Ranch).
I first took the road back in 1990 or '91, back when my then "future wife" and I were dating. One of our favoprite things to do was to get in our car and just drive. No destination. Of course living in the L.A. area, there are plenty of destinations. That was how we found this road. We had talked about going to Santa Barbara for the day. Rather than take the easy and fast road (PCH) we decided to look at a map and find a different route.
That is how we found this lonely road, which according to the map, would "take us" North of Santa Barbara.

I remember it was winter-cause we drove through some snowed areas in the mountains, at times we wanted to turn around, but our adventurous spirits told us to just go on. Besides, we were driving a Blazer, so we "trusted" it.
It turned out to be a wonderful drive.

From the I-5 you go up into the mount Pinos area, there is a village as soon as you get off the road. as you drive further into the mountain, you observe log cabins and some very expensive mountain homes. the read continues up and very soon the houses and cabins dissapear. The road takes a sharp turn to the right and into the hillsides. There are shome sharp turns and here and there, you see hidden driveways that lead to some cabins deep in the woods. Sometimes you can make them out, but most of the time all you see are the hidden roads.
This road continues for a good 30 miles. There are points at which no sign of civilization, other than the road, is observed. No cars go by and all you hear is the wind and birds. After all that drive you get to the "top" of the mountain (See First picture above) From there you can see the valle bellow. Further north, is Bakersfield-you can't see it in the picture.
Continuing on this road, which now traverses gentle rolling hill reminiscent of Northern California, you can now see ranches here and there. You will also see a sign that indicates that it is a California Condor Reserve area. The road becomes flat and straight. (To be continued)

Monday, September 05, 2005


For those skeptics who claim Bush has no compassion for those suffering, he has clearly shown that he cares for his fellow man. On Sunday morning in front of the cameras at a press conference he held to announce Rehnquist's death, he looked quite shaken and sad. Nobody can accuse him of not being compassionate. We can only hope that Trent Lott re-builds his house as soon as possible, so that Bush can go have a BBQ on the porch of Lotts new house. That would sure make him feel better.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist died tonight.Justice Rehnquist Dies at HomeYahoo! News

As if Katrina wasn't enough to throw this country into turmoil. Roberts has not even been confirmed yet, so it should be an interesting end of 2005 and going into 2006. What a year 2006 is going to be.
Stay tuned, it is going to be a wild ride!


Yes, you read right. College football is here. Now you know what I'll be doing on Saturdays. Watch the early games and if possible drive down to L.A. and catch a cfew games....Here in Vegas I can probably go to some of the UNLV Rebels' games. SO if you're a college football fan, leave me your thoughts, or at least your school song.

Friday, September 02, 2005


Earlier today Bushe told a woman to "hang in there" after she told her about her desperate situation-kids with no clothes, etc. He also said, "he understood"

Matt Lauer(Sorry if I am typing his last name wrong)
during an interview with the director of FEMA. brought up a good point on an interview this morning in regards to the situation in New Orleans.
Is anyone (In government-as well as in American society) noticing that all or most of the people trapped in the Covention Center, are black.
I can't remember exactly what the answer was.
But the question was put out there in national news for everyone to hear and "see".
Something that I mentioned before in this blogg, was the fact that anytime a tragedy of this magnitude occurs, (Pretty much anywhere in the world) It is usually the poor that are the most affected by disasters. Yes, the rich also have these problems-Remember the fires and mudslides that have affected the people in California. I bet you most of those people, besides seeing fast response from local or state authorities, had somewhere to go or to "fall back on."
These people in the Southeast, because it is just not New Orleans, have been ignored for decades. They are only seen as necessary to work in the service industries of large big -touristic towns- How they go about their lives, what risks they run by living in certain areas, or how many to a house or room is not important. What matters is that they are nearby so that when they are needed to fill in at low paying jobs, or jobs that are temporary, the hotels, restaurants and other service related types, keep functioning.
A segment of society that I have hardly heard of during these difficult times, is the latinos-or Hispanics that work in these towns-I have seen them; the bus boys, the dishwashers, the construction workers. Has anyone seen them, anywhere?. Has the Mexican Government inquired at all about its citizens? Or are they too worried with their next year's elections to even think abou anything else outside their borders.
I keep wondering if something good is going to come out of this tragedy. Are the local governments as well as federal going to pay attention to what is going on in this country and look at the threats that nature has in store for all?.
Are the emergency, terrorist, nuclear doom exercises really going to work when the time comes to face them?.
Is our government going to be there when we need it?..
Or is it going to be on vacation.

A quote from Gingrich...
"If we can't respond faster than this to an event we saw coming across the Gulf for days, then why do we think we're prepared to respond to a nuclear or biological attack?" asked former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a Republican.
Quotes taken from AP

Thursday, September 01, 2005


One more month gone by. and what a month it's been. Crazy everywhere. It makes me think that we may be indeed approaching those "biblical" last days...
Or at least it makes me realize how fragile we are-As Sting so eloquently said. I resolve to be kinder to everyone around me. Maybe that will get me on God's good side (I hope)..Cause certainly I do not attend church regularly as I'm "supposed" to. Nonetheless, I must do my best to be a good person. Scout's Promise.

Otro mes mas y que mes. Todo tan mal por todos lados. Me hace pensar que estamos cada vez mas cerca al fin del mundo-biblica o religiosamente hablando. Como dijo Sting-Que Fragiles somos. Yo prometo ser mas buena gente con todos. A lo mejor asi dios me reserva un lugar alla arriba o de perdis-le caigo bien. Yo la verdad no voy a la iglesia regularmente como "debe ser".
De todas maneras, Voy a hacer lo posible por ser mejor-Palabra de Scout.