Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The Linq

One of the things we "locals" dislike the most, is having to go to The Strip for entertainment. Traffic, long walks, tourists, and the list goes on, don't make for a good experience. If you're not from Vegas, it's OK. At some point I been a tourist in your town and behaved as such.
Yesterday was one of those occasions. I decided to take the babies out for a ride and I wanted to check out the new attraction in town. Of course it's not easy preparing and packing for the girls, there's finding outfits, shoes, getting them to stand still while I get them dressed and then getting them into the van. That's another saga.
By the time we got on the road it was just over 10:00am. So off we go on our adventure. They love adventures.
We quickly got down to the strip and along Flamingo, even before you get to Las Vegas boulevard, you can see a big sign indicating where The Linq is, so I followed the sign in the direction indicated. As I turn into the street, I can see a lot to traffic in addition to construction traffic. No worries, I slowly make it towards the entrance to The Linq. 

There is no entrance or parking dedicated to this place. Your only luck is going to be to park in one of the adjacent casinos (Flamingo or The Quad).
So I pull into the parking entrance for The Quad and lo and behold, it is only for registered guests or for those who have a "player's card" for their casino. Sorry, not me. 
On the way back out I ask the security guy where else I can park. He tells me that the back parking lots behind Flamingo are an option. As I exit, I see some lots full of cars and I'm not sure if this is what he was talking about. I figure I try the parking structure at Flamingo but before I got there, I had to get back onto LV blvd. and deal with traffic all the way down to Spring Mountain, basically from The Flamingo all the way to The Venetian. 

I end up again along the same street I turned into originally, only now I am looking for the entrance to The Flamingo, which I quickly find. No luck here either, same deal as The Quad for patrons or guests only. Now I'm rethinking my "adventure", go home or find another solution. 
I decide to park at Caesars. 

Caesars is such a huge place and their parking lot is behind what used to be the original Caesars. ( the building you see in Rainman). Now parking is surrounded by so many other towers.
after driving through one of the lower parking levels with no success, I end up on the roof. Finally I find a parking spot and begin to gather everyone. I have a stroller with one seat in front and one on the back. Two babies end up in back seat and one in front and off we go. I can see our destination from the roof of parking lot. Now we just have to walk a good half a mile through the casino, onto the street and across the strip to get to The Linq.
Eventually success!
We get to the big observation wheel and after asking around for directions, there is no signage anywhere. I line up behind some people purchasing tickets to the observation wheel. Finally my turn to get tickets and I have to wait till 1:00pm. It is now 11:30 and I know the triplets will not wait that long.
I say thank you and instead opt for lunch. 

We make our way to Brooklin Bowl and find out we can bowl free for an hour. This deal was worth all the driving around hassle. Babies had a great time bowling, enjoyed their pizza and followed by some very expensive cup cakes at "sprinkles" $12.00 for 3 cupcakes. While we are there, we run into a local celebrity journalist. Norm Clark, who proceeds to interview us and take lots of pictures in the process.
It was a great day on The Strip.

Monday, February 17, 2014

But we've been through a lot

I was going to post this on FB but i figured it was a good story that needed its own page. 

True story at work.

Employee: Hey Cisco, you're married so can I ask you a question?

Me: sure

Employee: how do I tell my mom that I just got engaged?

Me: perplexed look on my face, "just tell her"

Employee: yes, but what do I say.

Me: now I'm intrigued so I begin to ask questions as if she was my daughter. "Where's your engagement ring?

Employee: we just picked it out on line, we'll get it soon.

Me: How long have you guys been together?

Employee: four months.

She must have seen the look on my face, because she followed with.

"But in those four months, we've been through a lot"

 I'm still standing there trying to comprehend what she is saying and she sees this.

Employee: I'm just afraid of how she's going to react.

Me: she's going to react just like I am. Surprised. 

Employee: well, I don't care what she says, "we've been through a lot and from the moment I met him, I knew he was the one"

I am saddened by the thought process of someone I thought was smart, intelligent, etc. 

What is the hurry in trying to grow up so quickly? I'm not saying people have to be together for years before tying the knot but four months? 

Am I being too judgemental?

Maybe I'm just afraid that my daughter(s) would come up to me with the same nonsense.

I don't get it.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Starving and Whining Guy at Door with No Reservation

Dear Whiny guy with no reservation.
next time you show up at a restaurant without a reservation, be nice, patient, and a bit flexible if you "really" want a table.
I am sorry my hostess was slightly busy at door with another guest who had many questions, perhaps - as you suggested- she could have excused herself with the person she was busy with to let you know that she would be right with you.
I doubt you would have just said, "OK"
I doubt it because of your interaction and conversation with me.
Whiny: Are you the manager?
Me: Yes, sir, how may I help you?
Whiny: Me and my companion would like a table but I overheard that you don't have any unless you have a reservation.
Me: That is correct sir, I'll be glad to write your name down and we should have a table in no longer than half hour.
Whiny: You mean to tell me you have reservations for all these empty tables?, as he pans the entire restaurant with his right arm outstretched.
If you've ever been in this position, (As a restaurant manager, supervisor or other), That is the first sign that the person in front in front of you is not going to be very cooperative about getting themselves a table.
After panning the room, Mr. Whiny continues with his "pleasant ways" despite the fact that he stopped me at door with dishes in my hand. Luckily another staff member came by and quickly took the dishes I had and proceeded to prepare the table I was initially headed to.
Whiny: Well, your hostess should have told me that the wait was going to be a long time before she left me standing there for over 20 minutes!
Second mistake Mr. Whiny - exaggeration.
I know you were there perhaps 5 minutes waiting behind the Lady with many questions. I know it was not over 20 minutes. Since I was walking from table to table, cleaning, helping to clear tables, retrieving wines (no pun intended there) for other guests, all while scanning the entire room to make sure everyone is taken care of.
I did notice the distressed look on your face when you got caught behind Lady with many questions and perhaps I should have approached you then, however, I figured my hostess would be able to help you.
Getting back to the exaggeration.
After your comment about such a long wait at door, the only thing I could do was apologize.
Me: I am very sorry that you waited so long and you are absolutely right that my hostess should have taken the time to let you know of the wait.
Whiny: I drove from the other end of town just to come here since you've provided such great service in the past and usually you're never this busy and I never need a reservation.
Me: Again, I can put your name down and as soon as I can get a table for you, well be glad to take care of you.
Whiny: That woman that's waiting was offered garlic bread and I am diabetic and she offered me none.
Third mistake - Using sickness as a way of getting a table.
By this time, I've had it. For a third time, I apologize to you and AGAIN, offer to write your name down. But your obvious intention is to be sat right there immediately.
Me: If you'd like some bread while you wait, I can make that happen.
Whiny: I just cant believe its going to be so long for a table.
As he walks back to his companion, he's obviously upset and not happy. His friend asks me about a "service card" I know what he means by his request but I sort of give him a look that means, where have you been for the last twenty years? This is not IHOP's.
Me: After you check out you will be sent a survey where you can include your comments and experience.
Friend: No, we're not staying here.
and then they walk away.
This is how it should have been:
Whiny: I understand there is a wait and I would appreciate if you could find us a table as soon as you can, I am not feeling very well.
Me/Hostess: I'm sorry about that, let me write your name down and I will seat you as soon as a table becomes available. We do have some reservations in place but I will do what I can.

End of story.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Disneyland Birthday

Even though their actual birthday was about two weeks ago, this is their actual celebration. 
The original plan was to go to San Diego but with hotels all booked up and fairly pricey, the idea was nixed.
Disneyland became a better option with my work schedule and the prospect
Of seeing the park at its fall setting.
It's going to be fun because the babies are so into anything Disney right now. Movies, princesses, Mikey and castles.
My next post should have plenty of pictures though in the meantime you can catch us on FB.
See you soon!
I'm on Vacation and I have yet to have my traditional Bloody Mary.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Triplets Are 3 - Sofia the 3rd Birthday.

The day was full of magical numbers.  There were 3 babies on the 13 all turning 3. It was a great day that was planned mostly by mom, actually all of it. The original idea was to have a Birthday BBQ at a local park but the day, though beautiful seemed a bit windy. We checked out the park at about 10:40
 and we made he decision to move the party back to the house. This meant we had two hours to clean up as fast as we could and get the house ready for the party.
It turned out great. Best decision since later in the day it got windy with some sprinkling. I think we also had a few more people than we expected, even though it was supposed to be all family. 
Now comes the trip to Disneyland.

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Intensity of My Dreams

I believe I've posted before about the intensity of my dreams. Recently the topic of being confined to an asylum came back.
This time it happened while I was a kid in an environment similar to a school, or institutional setting. As dreams happen, I just found myself there with many more kids, as dream progressed, there were some scenes with very violent tones, which I happened to be a spectator and not a participant. (much too gross and explicit for my audience) There was an instance when I encouraged and let another kid escape through an open door. Why I did not try to escape or run away was beyond me. I was not afraid or fearful of my situation, that is perhaps why I did not try to run away.
My punishment for letting someone go was to receive another 1000 plus more days in this place. I calculated in my dreams that it was about 4 years.
Remember this is still a dream and the weight of such a length of time in this same place made me realize that I was not in a happy place.
You would have thought I would wake up at this time or that the dog would whine about being let out. Maybe even have all three babies cry at the same time for a fresh bottle of milk.
Instead the dream continued. Now I was an adult, about 18 perhaps.
In this sequence a girl and I were moved to a different building within the same complex with a huge courtyard where many couples were holding on to each other in many poses while naked. Being here made me hopeful of my future since this was the place everyone went to before being released. There was an open door off to the side which I closed as fast as I could since I did not want to be blamed for it being open. I sure did not want another 1000 plus days for nothing. At this point I finally woke up.
Am I going to end up in a mental hospital?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall Has Arrived in Vegas

Even though today might be a balmy 95 degrees, the mornings and evenings are gorgeous. This is the time when people will come out of their summer hideouts and enjoy the brief fall weather before it gets really cold. (Around late November )

Today was perfect for an outing to the park with the triplets.

On our way to the park

It does get challenging when you are herding multiples onto a tiny sidewalk. I try and have them hold their hands while they walk to avoid them walking into the middle of the street.

I promised them next time I will bring a basketball since they wanted to reach up to the basket.

They had just finished chasing a flock of pigeons and headed to the baseball field - a favorite.

Taking a break on the steps.




Getting dirty

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I am

I am a father of 5 kids - 2 teenagers and 3 - 3 year olds.
I am 48 years old. (don't feel like it but there's no denying it)
I am married to Melissa and we've been together for the last 13 years.
I am
I have loved and lived many times it seems.
Overall I am a very happy person, except when I'm sad, which doesn't happen to often.
I still have dreams, despite the fact that I hardly sleep.

I've worn many hats and in the process my hair has grayed slightly
My hair has thinned out but still can manage to sport a hair style or two.
I try I try and I try.
Can't give up - too much at stake.

At times my alter ego takes over and I don't like him. I don't recognize him.
Definitely someone I would not be friends with.
He is not shy or quiet.
he is rather boisterous and unimaginative.
Not much to look at.

This is me. Este soy yo.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Childhood memories

Somehow a childhood friend (Juan Fernandez) found me through Facebook. I had already tried to find them before with no success, so I was quite surprised when I got his invite.
His brother was one of my dearest childhood friends, also named Francisco. Him and 3 others formed a clique of inseparable friends through our teens. As we got older, everyone's paths took them in different directions but we always remained very close.
My brother Max, Juan and another friend, Martin Hernandez had their own little clique as well.

At my request, Juan found this picture of us as kids. We circled around a famous boxer (back in the day). Mantequilla Napoles, who had been invited to diner by Francisco's dad. It was such a sensation to have someone of that caliber around, that all kids from the neighborhood, came by to get their picture taken. I left the neighborhhod and a few years after, Francisco died. I found this out through my dad, who did not have many details other than hearing about a freaky accident and Juan confirmed it recently. It is good to re-connect with aspects of your past that you thought were long gone. Who says, you can never go home again?