Thursday, August 09, 2012


It's been a great summer. A time spent with family in different settings. A time enjoying work and feeling productive and as a contributor to something worthwhile.
Summer began with a new job after being at MGM for 5 years+; from there it continued with a great week at Lake Tahoe with family. We stayed at a great mountain home shared by my two sisters in law with husbands, Mother in law Sandy, Olivia, Anthony and the Triplets.
This was made possible by the generosity of Debbie and Bill who rented the home and invited everyone to spend the time there. Fully furnished with all amenities, about the only thing we all had to provide was the food and everyday supplies.
Bill stocked up with lots of great wine and we had some great dinners.
The babies had a blast exploring all parts of the house as well as some of the outside. The entire area turned out to be around a skiing area where during winter you can just ski down into the lodge to catch the lifts. Further up the mountain there is a Ritz Carlton where Melissa and I had a chance to visit.
The trip home was a bit of a hassle because the babies had gotten sick while up there but eventually we made it home.
We returned and immediately Anthony and Olivia were gone again. A. To Southern Cal with his grandparents to go camping and O. To church summer camp.
They are off again to San Francisco to hang out with Debbie right before they go back to school.
Summer is not over though.
Melissa and Anthony get to go to Disneyland in a couple of weeks while I stay behind with the babies. Melissa's mom will be here to help out with the triplets.
There is already talk that Olivia might go back to S.F. With one of the babies while Melissa is gone. We'll see.
Meanwhile, work is continuing for me. Everyday I am more challenged with responsibilities. I had forgotten the stress of having to answer not just to your bosses but to the actual owners of the establishment with all of their own personal quirks and demands. (I first experienced this at The Palms with The Maloofs)
The triplets are growing and developing quickly. Catherine is already forming sentences and picking up words like a sponge.
Very soon their second birthday will be here and Melissa is already planning the celebration. This is of course right after our second anniversary.