Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today is the first performance of High School Musical at my daughter's school. It is for students and teachers and open to everyone in general. The next 3 shows require tickets, etc. I will be posting some footage on you tube later on.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


AIG is getting bailed out and their top people still got their bonuses. Maybe when the company I work for declares bankruptcy, I'll get my bonus which I did not get this year and perhaps even a fat raise. I consider myself a "key" employee and thus should receive a few thousands dollars of tax payer money. I am not asking for 1 million or more, just a few thousand.
Yeah Right!
The company I work for, though private like AIG, will not affect the national economy if it goes bankrupt. It will also not receive a bail out from the Fed or even our state government. Imagine the uproar if we were to receive money from Uncle Sam so we can continue to build and run our gambling palaces like before. That might not be such a good idea, imagine the return on the government's investment (last year one of the big companies in town racked up 1.B in profit, just in the third quarter, though this year it was not as lucky.
I think it's wrong to bail out all these companies out of the troubles they placed themselves in. This did not happen overnight and someone should have seen this coming. Obama is not the reason this country is delving into socialism. You can't even call it socialism because we have yet to see medical care socialized. Should it be called selected socialism?
I can understand that many people may suffer if one of these "biggies" go down. the big question is, how many are already suffering because of the economic instability, myself included. Should I sell the house and save for what may come? or stay in it and wait for what may come without any savings to account for?.
Right now we just are sitting ducks waiting for the guns to fire.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Some happenings

Olivia got the lead part(Gabrielle?) for High School Musical at her school. Not bad for a 5th grader. She is quite excited and she says that if the play was tomorrow, she's ready. Performances (3) are at the end of March.

This is Olivia singing El Shadai at church.

Anthony seems to be doing better at school. There have not been calls from her teacher wigging out! We both were sick last week, so we kind of paled around going out to breakfast, getting haircuts and such. Oh yeah!. watching lots of movies- All 3 of the Lord of the Rings -one per day. best movies when you are bed ridden. You start watching, then you take a long nap, wake up and movie is still on.

Melissa started on the South Beach diet again, that is very good, because it changes her whole personality and attitude. I remember the last time she tried it, it worked for her.

I have not been on the Wii for a while. Aside from sickness last week, I've just been tired from work, but I think things are getting back to "normal" which in this case is "slow" at work. I have not even been to take pictures or biking. Tonight Melissa and I are going out to a nice dinner to celebrate Valentines.

I have now been in Las Vegas for 10 years.
We moved here back in January of '99. Olivia was not even a year old, not even walking yet. We lived at the Durango apartments on Peace way. This was while we were looking to buy a house. I already had the job at Mandalay Bay, which I got without even an interview with the Room Service manager, my future boss at the time. I was just there for my initial interview with him and went to the trailers where they were doing all the processing. When I got there, of course he was not there, but rather inside the hotel doing a walk through of the Room Service area. When they called him to remind him about the appointment, the message relayed was, "Just go ahead and get him processed." So I went through processing and by the time I walked out of there, I had a job and an ID without even a face to face interview. I though to myself, Wow! am I that good that I didn't even know it?"
Of course this nagged at me so when I got home, I called him back to find out what that was all about.
Of course he was freaked out about it, then he remembered that he also had another appointment with another "Francisco" and since he had already interviewed him, etc. He was ready to hire him. Of course he hired the wrong Francisco for the wrong position.
I think to save face, he decided to hire me anyways so he took me to his VP's office for a follow up interview, not before instructing me to not say anything about being already processed and hired. The VP asked me a few standard questions, getting the standard answers and then he asked my future boss in front of me. "Are you happy with him" to which he answered in the affirmative.
That is how I got my first job in Vegas. Actually my first job was with the Four Seasons in the same building at the "Veranda Cafe". I had also been already hired - after the proper interviews, including one with the then General Manager of the hotel, and was ready to start. However, MB came up with a better offer ($$$) and so my career began at Mandalay Bay.

It was also during this time that Barb was diagnosed with A.L.L.