Tuesday, September 27, 2005


North of L.A. and north of Santa Barbara, there is a small town called Solvang. It is an enclave of “Danish” style houses and buildings. Solvang is known for their pastries and desserts (Apple Skivers anyone?). Basically it is a tourist town with great charm. It is off the main road which goes between Santa Barbara and Santa Maria. A recent movie, Sideways, popularized the area, (Santa Inez Valley).
Long before this movie came along, Barb and I decided to drive up there for an overnight trip. The drive from L.A. into Solvang is a good three and a half hour. From LA you take the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway), which meanders from Santa Monica north through Malibu and then closer to the Pacific Ocean as it leaves “civilization” and enters into smaller towns like Oxnard and further up the road and closer to Santa Barbara, there are some well know resorts with unique end exclusive Spas. Santa Barbara has plenty of Charms as well but our trip continued North on the PCH. After leaving Santa Barbara, the road continues on a straight path with the ocean to your left. There are plenty of State Parks at which you can stop to dip your feet in the water or for a picnic.
Back to the ride up there though, suddenly the road begins a climb between two high rising mountains, everything from Santa Barbara and up is covered in green. Even during the hotter months of the year, the area maintains its greenery due to its proximity to the ocean and night fogs.
Once you climb up the mountain, the road begins to enter into the Santa Inez Valley and further on up the road, there is a turn off that veers to your right. This is the road to Solvang. Plenty of signs will lead the way.
We checked into a hotel for the night, of course it was still daylight when we got there, so we went to walk about town. I was so in love with her and the thought of being in her presence and company made everything wonderful. We walked throughout the town hand in hand, stopped at a couple of places for a beer. She also loved to drive and knew how to ski, amongst many other things which eventually only strengthened our feelings for each other. Other things she was into; she liked sports, she liked to drink beer, what more could a guy ask for? By then I had learned that she liked to collect rabbits. So during one of our stops into one of the local gift shops, I bought a Yadro piece, which depicted two small rabbits in a purple box. That was my first valentine’s gift for her. Of course she was thrilled and happy, as much as I was just to be with her. We continued to walk about until the night and fog covered the town. It made it even more interesting with all its shining lights. It was definitely a night for romance. We spent the night in town with the required and glorious love making sessions. Our bodies were new to each other every time. There were no qualms about discovering, feeling and touching every inch of our bodies, with a total openness of our souls. We were totally infatuated and in love at the same time. This was our time, this was our chance to belong, for the next day was still unwritten.
The next day we drove through several wineries and stopped at a couple of places for breakfast and lunch before getting back on the main road. On the way down, we also stopped at one of the previously mentioned rest or scenic overlook areas to watch the sunset. Can it get any more romantic that this? a couple holding each other looking out over the ocean at the bright red sun, disappearing over the horizon, both unaware and unconcerned about what destiny had in store for them.


Moni said...

Thank you for sharing the picture and the memory. You both look so happy and in love.

Chloe said...

Cisco, thank you. You look so different and so alike. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Once again very touching prose. Knowing what we now know gives the photo a haunting but tender feel.

Thanks for sharing.

Yamell said...

It's so nice of you to share all of these wonderful memories with us.

Bellota said...

pon fotos de ahiiiiiii siiiiiiiiiiiiii


paso a saludar y a disculparme x no venir tan seguido, un saludo!