Friday, September 29, 2006


So we did go to the baptism which turned out to be a great party. Lots of food were all over the place. A bottle of Chivas and some sort of Vodka that looked like Grey Goose (it wasn't)were also on each table. The party was done by a family of Armenians who live here in Vegas but I guess most of their relatives are in LA (Glendale), so that is where the party was.

We left on Saturday night after I got out of work. We got into Pasadena a little after 10:30PM, stayed at the Sheraton, a bit old but still comfortable.
Next day we hang out with the kids in Old Town Pasadena. Still a great place to walk around, but the restaurants are a bit more snobby and slow. Take Mi Piace for instance. Used to be a great place for a quick easy breakfast, now it is a pain. We sat for close to half an hour without anyone coming to our table. The place was packed, but it also looked like they had enough servers. Some were at time just hanging out. Finally a waitress, perhaps felt sorry for us or played the old trick of, "Nobody's been with you!!???. Let my find out who's got your station and I will let them know."
I guess she never did, because she came back to take our order, which was better than anybody else. We finally got our food, still good and hot as we ordered it.
So in a nut shell. Mi Piace, good for food, but slow service.
If I was a food writer, I would give them a "C". The party on the other hand was definitely an "A+".. Too bad we had to drive back that same night. Well Melissa drove, so the credit goes to her..

And now tomorrow....... Kevin's wedding! More to come.

Friday, September 22, 2006


This was the only picture I took.
A shot of an ad for Love.

At Lunch

At Build a Bear

Having fun with the mirrors

The Lobby

A shot from the upper floors at the mall.

A self portrait

My car at the car wash.

The inside of the jetta.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


I guess when you see an airplane off the runway and into a street it's beacuse it did not measure correctly the length of the runway or because the runway is wet or icy, but to be "pushed" by the wind because "someone" forgot to apply the breaks or forgot to place those "wooden things" to keep it from taking off on its own is kind of unheard of.
That is what I happened to run into last night, well, I did not "run into the plane". I ran into this traffic snarl, luckily the "event" had just happened and I was able to drive fairly quickly through the mess, not without firsttaking a picture with my cell phone. (Picture to be posted later).
Aside from that, on Monday Olivia and I had a "Father-Daughter" day. She skipped school and we went shopping, to lunch, to the park and just had a nice relaxing day.
Pictures coming as well.

So far a good week.
This weekend the bunch and I are driving to L.A. for a quick baptism party. I promise I will take pictures ...

See you!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fall Wheather

Finally it arrived!

I left work last night and instead of being blasted by hot blowing air, I was received by a cool breeze. Just wearing a thin black t-shirt made me wish I had a sweater on but after the long summer we've had, I just opened my arms and stood there feeling the air. A stronger gust came by and almost knocked me off my feet, that's when I made the trek up to my car.
Other signs of Fall:
College Football on Saturdays
College Football on Saturdays
College Football on Saturdays
College Football on Saturdays

What else could you wish for?

Thursday, September 14, 2006


There are good people in Texas after all. Ann Richards was one of them.

But, what ever happened to good, strong minded, independent, tough, democratic candidates? I know they want to take back the House of Representatives, but who are they? Where are they?. Here in town the political machinery is dominated by Republican money and it is business as usual, including the Status Quo Democrats. The only fresh face is that of Jack Carter, son of President Jimmy Carter.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Fun Weekend

This was quite a good weekend. Aside from the business from work, I was able to have a fun outing both Friday and Saturday.
Melissa and I went to theHard Rock Hotel on Friday hoping to get into "the Joint" for a concert (Kind of a surprise for Melissa). However, when we got there, they were sold out, so we just hang out at one of their bars where we stayed late into the night. I did buy tickets for the following night though.
What a concert.
Classic Albums Live did a concert of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (SPLHCB). In a nutshell, it is a concert where you are listening live music of the Beatles performed by these guys from Toronto. They recreate the music, as they say, "note by note cut for cut". They were awesome. They are not trying to imitate The Beatles by singing like them or looking like them. It is all about the music.
Every sound was recreated, including all the animal sounds in "Good Morning" and the strange sounds in "Helter Skelter".
After doing the SPLHCB songs, they did a medley of different songs culminating with an encore of some of the original first Beatles songs; Help!, I want to Hold your Hand, etc. They do other albums from other artists, so if they come by your town, check them out.
A great weekend!

Thursday, September 07, 2006


So, a new President was declared the winner in the Mexican elections. It is Mr. Calderon. He is also a member of the party that won the lection 6 years ago and began the dismantling of the PRI, the party that ruled the country for decades since the early 1900's.
He was declared the winner by an electoral tribunal, much like Bush was elected 6 years ago too, during the big "chads" fiasco in Florida.
So this should tell and show Calderon that just because a tribunal or a bench of judges signs off on your title and job, does not necesarily mean that all the citizens or at least half of them will go along for the ride.
As for Andres MAnuel Lopez Obrador. He worte himself off with the shenanigans that he and his party got into in the last month...He's done.

More news from the wires!
Dick Armitage revealed the name of Valerie Plummer to the press?....
I think he is just a patsy. The White house wants you to believe that now that there is a declaration of "mea culpa" everyone can concentrate on the displays of patrotism coming up in light of the 5 year anniversary of 09-11-06. Purely political I say.
The tune will be, "We republicans honor those who died on September 11"
While the Democrats just want us to cut and run.
Don't forget it is an election year and anything goes.
Dont get dupped!.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Mexico Crisis

In Mexican wrestling, there is an event where a bunch of wrestlers get into the ring and go at each other until there is only one standing. Something similar is happening at the moment in Mexico. It isn't just the presidential chaos. It is citywide protests throughout the country, the drug cartels and the entrenched corruption and undefined line between politicos and criminals that threaten to turn the country into a free for all.
For the last few years and since the PAN took power in Mexico, a political storm is about to come to its end or beginning. The PRD, who so far it seems, lost the presidential race anyway you look at it, is still claiming that it won the election because of electoral fraud and to prove its point (Or that of its leader, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador)it closed down one of the main avenues and thoroughfares of the capital city. In essence shutting down this main corridor has created tensions between the business community, city commuters and the political parties themselves. Now the PRD along with Obrador, are threatening with "shutting down" the last of the State of the Union speeches of president Fox. They have amassed a large number of supporters outside of their congressional building at par with the armed guards and soldiers who normally protect the building and the President himself. It's not only the supporters oustide but also the members of the legislature who sit inside the chamber, who have also threatened to "quiet" the President during his speech. By the way. This is supposed to happen today. So keep your eyes on the news.
In the capital city of Oaxaca, what once was a protest for better wages for teachers (Asamblea Popular), has turned into a free for all as well, for all kind of organizations who demand the same-better wages and the resignation of their current governor. The protesters have also shut down the Zocalo in Oaxaca, a beautiful place when it isn't being crowded by protesters. There have been attacks to offices, newspapers, people have been shot and killed. Currently there are talks between the state government and the Asamblea Popular to "solve" their situation however, the protesters main demand is the removal of the governor and as things go, that might be the only viable solution for everything to return to the way it was before.
The recent arrest of the "Tigrillo" does not mean that drug trafficking is about to come to an end. It actually creates a power vacuum within the drug cartels who are now going to continue killing each other for more territory. The drug cartels were limited to the North of the country as of a couple of years ago. Now you hear about killings, retribution, drive by shooting happening throughout the country. It is not just in remote areas anymore. There are shooting on touristic areas, such as Cancun, Acapulco as well as in residential areas where innocent bystanders get caught in the line of fire.
Who is doing something about this?
Nobody it seems.
The current President is on his way out. The federal government so far has refused to take any action to solve demands or at least listen to them.
The City government in the capital, has blatantly supported the blocking of the main avenues by providing tents and other supplies to the protesters.
Your average everyday law abiding citizen in the meantime just goes about his business as best as he or she can. It is almost futile to complaint to your local government (delegacion) unless you know someone on the inside, your pleas will go unanswered. Of course if you have a briefcase full of dollar bills, then all the head honchos will be shining your shoes.
I know this happens everywhere and every country suffers from these maladies. What is troubling is what is coming ahead. Looking at previous events in other countries, the next and logical steps are not pleasant. Violence and more violence. Sort of like what you see in Mexican wrestling. Lots of biting, chair throwing, pulling of hair and blood everywhere with only one winner.
Who is going to be the last man standing in Mexico?