Monday, February 06, 2006


Yes, now what!

Football season is over, Texas beat USC in college football. March madness is coming up (College Basketball) but still, NBA, don't follow it enough, at least not until the playoffs.
SO, the US Government "pressures" the Starwood chain of hotels (Westin, Sheraton, W, etc.) to kick out a Cuban delegation out of the hotel where they were staying to conduct meetings with US Businessmen.
Yes, I know there is an embargo against Cuba, However, this happened in Mexico City!. Of course the Federal Government there (Currently PAN) decided to stay out of this sticky situation by claiming that it was an issue between "private individuals." The hotel even kept all monies previously paid by the Cubans for their reservation.
I doubt that the embargo was the reason behind the removal of the Cubans out of their hotel. Simply because if the embargo was to be applied constantly and frequently, we would have plenty of people all over the world getting kicked out of their rooms, since most hotel companies or chains, tend to be American.
American businessmen, even Senators have gone to Cuba for one reason or another, why have they not been stopped?
Maybe it had to do with an American company trying to do business with a Cuban company which would have a negative effect on one of George Bush's interests or a friend's?...
Just pure speculation here.