Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kennedy Endorsement

So the Kennedys have endorsed Obama as their candidate. Is this an indicator that we should all rush to vote for Obama just because the "princes'" of Camelot have shown their predilection?. What if they had selected Hillary instead of Obama?.
Frankly who they support or wish they had as president is irrelevant. Voters who support and admire the Kennedy's have already made up their minds since last year. Actually, they still will be voting probably for the second Clinton because they are closer to the Clinton generation than to the Kennedy generation.
The undecideds are still wavering between candidates considering all and no one at the same time. Their minds change based on whatever a candidate might be saying at any given time. Hillary coming second in South Carolina isn't a surprise. If Hillary had won South Carolina, that would not have been the end of Obama.
Also, lurking in the background and waiting for the right opportunity, Edwards will sprint back into the action to really put the Democratic ticket into a spin like we have not seen in years. That will definitely give us the time an opportunity to support the best candidate- Not the best of 3 evils.
The republicans on the other hand are deciding between McCain and Romney. Huckabee is slowing down and Guliani's friends have been a "No call-No show." The question after that will be, can the Democratic candidate defeat either one of the Republicans?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In Between work, caucuses and reduction of interest rates, Melissa has been cooking up some really good meals. I am not talking meat and potatoes or chicken over pasta with tomato sauce. I mean real "gourmet" type of food and she makes it seem so easy and quick to make.
Beginning with last Christmas/NY Eve, she made tamales that were so good you would have thought she's made them a hundred times before.
Last night she made this wonderful soup with turnips, apples, yams and watercress. Last week she made this delicious chicken with onions, plums and a red balsamic sauce. To top it off, there was a side of Brussel sprouts (YES!_ Brussel sprouts) they were tender, full of flavor and the kids ate them and wanted more.
The point here is that Melissa has surpassed my cooking abilities. I used to think that I was good in the kitchen but now... forget it. There is a new chef, correction, there has been a new chef in the kitchen for a long time now.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Obama, Hillary, Edwards.

The lesser of 3 evils

MaCain, Romney, Huckabee

The lesser of 3 evils.

But they are not evil.
They are just like you and me. Only they get influenced by people with deep pockets and even deeper influences to the point that regardless of what they promise during their campaigns, they are "forced" to go into war even against public opinion.
For the last 3 weeks we get calls at home every night from their campaigns. I am sure some of you have heard Hillary leaving a message on your answering system as well.
As the horse race heats up, we'll see how they all deal with the mounting pressure of the campaign, perhaps there are still a few skeletons buried deep in closets that have yet to surface and all it takes is for one meaningless skeleton to pop out and derail someone's train. Sometimes at the expense of the American electorate.
Do we really care if they did drugs in their youth?, do we really care if they had 2 wives and then switched to a younger girlfriend?

Does that dictate the kind of president they are going to be?.
Or does that decide how you are going to vote?...
I have not made up my mind yet.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

CES in Las Vegas

CES- A giant "toy convention" for adults-
IT is all about the latest computer/electronics gadgets that will go on sale in the next few months. There are people from all over the world attending this convention. They all look happy and giddy at the fact that it is an "invitation" only type of thing. You must have registered through your company prior to attending. I am sure at a pricey entrance fee that only computer, electronic companies can afford.
This post is not about CES or the convention itself. It is about the morons who "knowing" that they are in a town with thousands and thousands of people, forget to make a reservation at a restaurant and end up showing up at your door, "demanding" a table for 2, for 6, for 10.
"Oh, is there anything you can do?" "we will eat quick", "We will tip good". On and on they come. They will even point out to you that, "Look at all those empty tables over there, can't you just seat us?". Maybe in your world buddy. Those are reserved for people that bothered to make reservations.
Sometimes you are able to accommodate them (Of course we need the revenue) Some other times they just are pathetic. It is not just this group, there have been others in the past, particularly for concerts.
You know the drill.
You got a show to go to, you want to eat and drink before the show and just have a good time.
DOOM!!!! You forgot to make reservations and like Mary and Joseph, you go from restaurant to restaurant begging for a table only to be turned away or told that you have to wait 59 minutes for a table, of course by then it is 7:00PM and the show starts at 8:00PM, so you settle for standing in line to get a "Happy Meal" at MacDonald's or other fast food joint. All this aggravation just because you did not make reservations.
Next time, no matter where you go, make reservations even if it is in a couple of places. That way you will guarantee yourself a table.
We hate people that make reservations at 2, 3 or 4 places. That is why we also overbook our reservations, because we know there are some that will not show up. Thank goodness for those who call and cancel their reservation, it allows for those who don't have one to get a table.

Friday, January 04, 2008


I have been sleeping through the last couple of days. Normally I am up by 7:00 in the morning and these days I cannot even get out of bed. Only thing that gets me up is I have to go to the bathroom by then no sense in getting back into bed. Work was busy with concerts, nightclub business, me staying out late with friends (though not drinking). It's been a while since I felt a kinship or friendship with co-workers. This is true with a couple of the managers that I work with. It has to be because we all (3) speak Spanish and also because we are in the same business. So there is a lot to talk about, though not necessarily about work but about where we've been, where we're going, etc. I would not necessarily call them friends at this point but I guess that is how friendships begin.
So the horse race begins with Obama and Huckabee leading the pack. Next comes New Hampshire and after, the stragglers will begin to drop. Not like tired old horse but like flies, dead and no wings left. Despite all their money, popularity and bull shit, even the likes of Gulliani and Romney will drop as well soon after if they do not do well in the next primaries and caucuses. Would Obama ask Hillary to be a VP?... That might me an interesting ticket.