Friday, May 31, 2013

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Its been a long time since I've been out of Mexico - since 1984. Though I've been here in the States for 29 years, there is something special about going back to where your roots are. Its like going to a place where ghosts abound and like a time traveler, you see yourself walking along the same streets, but in another time, in another life. One that you barely can recognize or even believe that you were part of. Here are some shots of places I used to frequent.

As kids, my brother and I used to go to this theater. They played mostly Disney movies; Pete an the Dragon, Herbie, Return to Witch Mountain, etc.
I do  not remember ever seeing it as a church.

This is a shot of the basilica from one of the main avenues.  I remember seeing Pope Juan Pablo II from this corner during his first visit to Mexico. circa 1979?

Eje Central - Right where the Torre Latino intersects. Another area that I was fond of going to even on a whim.

As a boy scout, I got to spend an entire night forming a barrier between the crowd and "VIP's going to sing to The Virgin Mary on the first December 12 after the new basilica was built.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

El Metro

Like in a dream,
bubbles hover throughout the wagon while music fades in and out from some unknown direction, at times morphing from techno then to old ballads.
 A kid walks through offering candy for sale
Another kid is then followed by a mobile speaker
Carefully tucked into a backpack designed solely for the giant speaker.
The dreamlike state continues in the form of a parade of kids and people.
Everything is for sale; candy, bubbles, cd's, dvd's, poetry books, holy sand and water. Even rappers making strange sounds with their fist and mouths join the parade.
People sit like in a trance, ignoring all the commotion.
Some manage to sleep, others reach into their pockets and buy a frozen treat.
My dream soon fades and I realize I'm riding the Metro.
Esto es el DF.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday may 18, 2013

The day has come. 1 hour earlier than scheduled but I'm up on a beautiful morning in Vegas. After a busy night at work and a good 4 hour nap, I'll be getting on an airplane headed for Mexico City. It's been 8 long years. Last time I was planning on opening a store and the trips where for business purposes so they were quick. I also didn't have 5 kids roaming around the house or needing so much of my time, but I cannot blame them. It's always been my procrastination and so called "work responsibilities" but not anymore.
Thank stony wife for my early birthday present so now it's time to head into the shower, then into an airplane.

Friday, May 17, 2013

One Day to Go

It is Friday morning and one more day of work. Well, still Thursday since I haven't gone to sleep. Suitcase is packed, cameras charging and tomorrow one final list with last minute toiletry stuff and then, come Saturday morning head out to the airport.
I'm really looking forward to this trip. Away from everything.
It was a long time coming.


I am leaving for Mexico on Saturday morning.
I'm very excited since its been 8 years since I last stepped foot on the motherland. 
Turns out that Melissa bought me tickets to fly there. For the longest time I'm always talking about going there and because of procrastination or other reason- work, I've always managed not to go. This time though, she made it happen. 
Since its been so long, I've decided not to let anyone know that I'm going there. This means I'm  just going to show up at my sister's door un-announced and surprise the heck out of them. I hope it goes well.
I've already told some of my close relatives that I'm going to Mexico anyways but made it a point to tell them not to say anything on Facebook, since everyone we know happens to be on at all times.
Alex, my best-est cousin, close to being a brother knows. He lives in Oaxaca, though it may be a quick overnight trip to go see him and his mom.
The other person that knows is my niece, who lives in Minnesota  and whose mom I'm also gonna see (my oldest sister) along with my mom, they live in Cuernavaca.
I am also planning on seeing some I my cousins that I grew up with. I hope they are available since we've been estranged for the longest time.
It's time for a family reunion of sorts.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Spend 24 Hours With Me

It's 7:52 in the morning.
My daughter left about half an hour ago to go to school, not before waking me up at about 7:10AM so I could give her some cash she needed for school.
She did not walk into my bedroom to wake me rather, she tapped me on the shoulder since I slept on the couch downstairs with the triplets. They were up at 3:00AM crying because of bad dreams or just because they felt like waking up. This is a common occurrence every night though sometimes they go right back to sleep. Not last night, rather than be up trying to get them all back to bed, I chose to set up the couch as a makeshift bed and that's where we spent the night.
It's 9:51
My son left at 8:30 to catch the bus for school- his last year in middle school. i hear my wife get in the shower while I'm enjoying some morning coffee and briefly attempt to read a book I've had for a few months now.
The babies are on their second round of feeding-cereal mixed with yogurt. Luckily no mess or tipped over bowls yet.
My wife just left for work after a brief chat about the usual mundane stuff; work, sleep issues, getting on each other's case about petty shit and an ever so brief pecker on her way out the door. God, what happened to passion?
Everyday the house looks like a giant bomb full of toys exploded sending "debris" in every direction. The smallest ones are the most dangerous if you don't see them and step on one.
You know the feeling. As soon as you step on it, your toes curly as you prepare to dive rather than stab your foot.
My brother and his wife stopped by to drop off their daughter for the weekend. Thank God, cause I sure needed a nap before getting ready for work.
It's funny how the relationship with your siblings affects that of your children and your brother or sister.
My brother pops in frequently from across town, just to see the babies. The love him.
After doing some dishes, picking up some toys, feeding the dog and hanging out with my brother, it is time for my nap.
One of the babies decides that she'll nap with me. That means a good half hour of her in bed watching Yo GABA GABA
till she falls asleep.
I can faintly hear the phone ringing downstairs as I begin to wake up.
Time for a shower and the everyday ritual of getting ready for work.
TV is on for background noise- either sports or news.
Finish shower and shave. Iron a shirt, pick a tie and suit and now it's
Kiss the babies good bye - that's a whole 10 minutes with triplets and out the door at 2:45.
3:05- A Vegas cab smacked right into a palm tree on Las Vegas Boulevard with plenty of cops and ambulances blocking the lane where I turn in to get to work. As it is, I'm about 5 minutes late.
3:45 - done checking emails - about 50 since I left last night at 12:30AM.
Restaurants are open, good number of reservations and it should get busier as the night progresses. Had lunch at 4:00 with managers, pre-shit at 4:30 and 4:45 with staff and since then, I've already talked to a guest who found a hair in his salad.
Very valid complaint but of course he was not happy with his replacement salad, because the arugula was "not fresh" it was yellowing and we should not be serving it.
Much too picky. And it's not even 7:00PM.
Of all people, I am getting players club cards for the performers for tomorrow; They are having diner at one of the restaurants as I'm typing this.
It's very common in this industry to wait and tend to some people that are famous semi-famous or nobodies who think they're somebody.
In this case she's a singer that's been around for a number of years in Mexico.
Much less business than I was expecting. All restaurants and lounges are very quiet for a Friday night. On nights like this staff are sent home early, stations adjusted and those that stay over prepare for tomorrow.
Tomorrow there is a big fight next door at MGM and that affects our business in a positive way so being ready is imperative. As for tonight it's over. I must place orders for tomorrow and adjust payroll as well for all my staff.
I also have to post the schedule for next week, that should have been posted last night.
Throughout the night, I've called home and talked to my wife briefly, I've also talked to guests at tables to ensure satisfaction. I also do the rounds and check on all other Food and Beverage venues and talk to the managers at those locations.
Walk into Room Service area and a pipe has leaked into floor from ceiling.
11:30PM everyone has left both restaurants now it's time for staff to clean and put restaurants back together for tomorrow.
Last minute filing, ordering payroll, etc and there went the day at work.
Driving home
1:00 get into bed and attempt to bear hug my wife.
Up and let the dog out.
Up and put Charlie back to bed with a fresh cup of juice.
All babies up and ready for yard sale