Friday, September 09, 2005


Brownie got pulled back to DC today, claiming that "the "press" is making him a scapegoat, not the president."
I think it's public opinion that he did not do his job and that is why he's being "Scapegoated". He's just the first one though and the Bush administration is looking at poll numbers dipping downward still. By removing Brown, they think, their #'s will increase, However, they still fail to see the forest for the trees. They think that by continuing to do;press announcements, passing quick aids through congress and sending his mom to Houston and Cheney to LA, it will somehow put them in a better light.
Frankly I think Bush's luck has finally run out.
"Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job!"
George Bush -09-02-05
Brown-Gets "relieved of his command of rescue efforts" out of Baton Rouge and sent back to D.C. Michael Chertoff-Today September 9, 2005

I wonder who is next...
Taking bets here in Vegas..



Bellota said...

era de esperarse, bush nunca va a admitir su pendejez

besos y q tengas un bonito fin!

StealthBadger said...

Nope. Bush will slit a random intern's wrists (never his own, of course) before even indirectly admitting any more weakness.

At least until his poll numbers hit 30%.

Then I think you're right, Chertoff.