Thursday, June 30, 2005


Here we go again.
Bush administration, Sharpton, Jackson, Ultra liberals VS Mexican government and their insistence on issuing the controversial post stamp commemorating Mexican comic writers,
problem is, the current character is something completely out of synch with the times, according to the NAACP and the Bush administration.
The character is Memin Pinguin.

No need to describe him.
However, this character has been in Mexican news stands since about the 50's. It has basically become a Mexican Institution, I used to read it as a kid, for entertainment purposes, never did an anti-racial thought crossed my head, because at that time racism was not directed at anyone being black, rather it was directed against the poor and the indigenous people.(which is still the case in Mexico)
I believe the politicians in this country are going to blabber and talk and talk(About the stamp issue) and might even come to passing a resolution declaring Bush as the next Mexican Emperor, just so Bush can invade another country before he leaves office.
The point being;
Every group in any society is going to get insulted at one point or another because of what someone may write or in this case "draw" about our own racial group-Remember Speedy Gonzalez, or the famous Mexican with his sarape and sombrero sleeping next to a cactus?...
Well, big deal...
There are a lot more serious issues to deal with here in this country and its people. (Unemployment, Healthcare, Drugs, Crime, etc.)
Memin is not hurting anyone, let him keep the Mexican populace happy while they ignore their own issues. Or better yet, let the USPS decide what to do with the letters arriving from Mexico with the stamps in question!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Francisco Salinas

Sometimes when you just have nothing else to do or you just don't want to be productive at all, you run into the most interesting situations.
I typed in the name Francisco Salinas and I got the usual results, combinations of the city of San Francisco and Salinas, CA. anyways, the other links, were about a person back in the 1500's in Salamanca, Spain -Read on:

Francisco Salinas
IES Francisco Salinas

Good to be named after someone that inspiring and creative-I doubt my parents knew this when they picked my name. A bit of vanity never hurt anyone. It may actually lead to figuring out if I have any ancestors from Spain-very unlikely because of my physical attributes. but, who knows?

Ever typed in your name and see what you come up with?

Saturday, June 25, 2005

AmoxCalli: Villa and Zapata: A History of the Mexican Revolution

AmoxCalli: Villa and Zapata: A History of the Mexican Revolution

Vi Este link y me parecio algo que debo leer algun dia de estos... Po rsi a alguien le interesa.
I saw this link and figured I should ckeck it out one of these days. In case any of you are interested in knowing a little more abou t these two characters.

Nancy @ Commerzbank-Arena

Nancy @ Commerzbank-Arena
Originally uploaded by Der Niss.
A Mexican fan (Nancy) supporting her team in Germany
"Thanks for the pciture"

Friday, June 24, 2005

Its About Time

Yes it is.

Its about time Blogger allowed to upload directly into the blogg without third party software.
Anyways. Picture above is of my Jetta- It managed to go four wheeling surprisingly well-Went to Cold Creek, which is about 45 minutes out of Vegas. Not much going on here in Vegas. This weekend air is nasty due to fires around the mountains due to lightning from a couple of days ago. Slow week overall. I guess everyone is gearing for the 4th of July weekend, always a big thing here in town.
Hopefully it won't be too hot, or just hot enough to jump into the pool.
Anyways, just for the heck of it, I am going to upload a picture and try the new set up.

FYI-Hear about the blogger in Ecuador (I think) who was sent a notice of cease and decist for using a trademarked logo as well as for using the letter M. Crazy people, of course lawyers for a telecom company issued the notice, even though the telecom got lots of publicuty due to the whole enchilada
  • Click here
  • It is in Spanish tough.

    Thursday, June 23, 2005


    Originally uploaded by Koninho.
    Great combo of colors against a faint blue green background

    Sunday, June 19, 2005

    Happy Father's Day

    Happy Fathers Day to all! (Including some moms who play the father role as well)
    Weel, the store opened yesterday finally. However due to the father's day weekend, the traffic was very minimal. There were some people that walked in and checked out the merchandise. A couple of old friends showed up (I did a lot of email invitations as well as an ad in the paper.)
    It will be interesting to see where all of this leads to.

    Tocando Otro Asunto,
    Quiero decirle a la chica regia que su pagina es un ejemplar de como un blog debe de ser.
    Ella no solo informa de lo que pasa en su vida personal, pero tambien en lo que ha pasado en su vida y sus esperanzas para el futuro.
    Eso no es todo.
    Ella esta envuelta en su comunidad de Monterrey con su "empleo de la semana" y con la comunidad blogera.
    Ejemplo de familia dedicada y con carino entre ellos.
    Es lo que se necesita para que nuestros hijos (Y cuando los tenga ella) sean tan exitosas como ella.
    En Fin.
    Me gusta mucho leer su Blog-constantemente. Nunca he estado o hido a Monterrey, pero parese como si ya conociera esa ciudad y estado a travez de ella.
    Te deseo lo mejor

    Tuesday, June 14, 2005

    De Colores

    The countdown begins.

    The store (, will open this Saturday. I am having a small reception on Friday for "friends and family" just to give thanks to people for their support and encouragement. Then it will open on Saturday. Day 1 of business.
    It has been quite exciting since I signed the lease for the place. For the last three months-Since February- I have been trying to find the right place. However, because of the real estate pricing in Las Vegas, the price per square footage can be quite astronomical depending on the area where you want to go in. For instance in the Southwest part (Summerlin), price for each square foot is $2.00 and above. Not only that, the lease terms and lengths are to the point of being ridiculous. So anyone trying to get any type of business started, already has hurdles in front of them.
    No complaints though. I did find a place I am happy with and God willing, with lots of hard work on my part, the store will be a success.

    Tuesday, June 07, 2005

    Some more "samples"

    Details of some of the merchandise

    June 7th

    Well, well, well.
    Here we go again. Its been a long time since I wrote anything. Been too busy gettingm y stoire up an drunning, althouhg it won't open officialy 'till June 17th, there is a lot going on. Finishing puting up the fixtures, deciding where things are gouing to go, etc. I guess I should have figured this out a long time ago,but without seeing the actual floor lay out witrh its new tile floor, painted walls and wall cabinets, that would have been hard.
    Not bad though. Getting more merchandise by next week to "fill up the store"
    Anyways. See you