Wednesday, September 14, 2005


What is a Chilango?
A Chilango is someone who lives in Mexico City, it does not matter whether he or she came from another state. It does matter the length of time spent in the city. A chilango is also a state of mind.
As much as a new yorker is a New Yorker and a Southerner from the South, a chilango in Mexico is a special breed.
Chilangos are not well liked by the people from other states in Mexico. They are looked down upon. People's perception of Chilangos in other states is that, "because they live in the capital city, they think they are better than everybody else". The city of Cuernavaca, a mere hour and a half from the capital city and where my mom lives, is a shining example of anti-chilango mentality. Could it be that hundreds of people crowd the city during the weekends? Could it be the traffic that chokes the small town on their way to Acapulco, aslo a few hours away by car.
There is a certain "twang" to the accent of people in Mexico city. You can notice it by listening to your average Mexican citizen, the upper class Mexican and the street vendor in Tepito or anywhere goods are sold on the streets.
The accent will give away a chilango. The word usgae wil give away a rich chilango.
Having grown up in Mexico City, I still consider myself a chilango. Though the "sing-song" tonality of voice is gone, I can still fake it when I am there.
There are blogs in spanish were the writers write as if they were actually talking with that chilango accent.
Words like, "'ta madree!" (Mother Fucker)
"Que la chinagada" (What the fuck!)
" 'chate una chela wey" (Have a beer "dude"-my best translation for wey-)
The lists are endless, so on your next trip to Mexico, for those brave enough to enter Mexico City, listen carefuly and practice your Spanish words with a sing song tonality (drag your last vowel).

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