Monday, September 12, 2005


Just a nice mellow weekend here at home. This weekend I went bike riding and took some pictures of the neighborhood.

This is a shot of Las Vegas-Southwest. Looking towards the road thatleads out to L.A. 2 Years ago, there was no sign of population looking in the same direction.

This is a shot looking at new develoment along the foothills-conveniently called The Ridges (Million dollar homes)
Another shot of the same area, although this is mainly a shot of the gas station and a rock.

As you can tell, a mellow weekend.


Chloe said...

so that's where you live. that looks like a wild place to be. Beautiful too. Nice to know where you are!

fb said...

what bike? push bike? motorbike?

CiscoKid said...

Mountain bicycle..