Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I love Thanksgiving.

It is a time to share not just food but also some getting together with family and friends. My Thanksgiving tradition.actually began with my Best Friend Mary, going back to late 80's.
She cooked a great meal then and probably still does. Back then it was a diner for our friends and sometimes for her sister and her family whom would come to our tiny apartment in Silverlake
I remember one time she had to go to Vermont, I believe to spend it with family, so I spent Thanksgiving with her friends Tony and Cassy at a Black Angus. A bit weird but nonetheless a celebration.
After that, the tradition was on. After I got married to Barb, the Thanksgivings were always spent with her family, whether that was in Arizona, San Francisco or Las Vegas. Once Melissa and I got together, the tradition stayed the same, it's been in the last few years that we've stayed in Vegas with her family as well as at Sandy's for a couple of times. The first and only time we ever had thanksgiving at this house was during the first Thanksgiving we owned the house and also because Barb could not travel. After her death Thanksgiving was always somewhere else. It was only during the last year that we all spent it at home as a family. Both kids were home, I was not at work and we planned a great feast. Only two years ago, Olivia and Anthony went to San Francisco while Melissa and I stayed at home with Catherine (Cecilia and Charlie were still in the NICU). My brother and his family along with Melissa's parents and brother were also here. A real Thanksgiving.
I am thankful for having such a great family and to Mary for showing me what Thanksgiving was all about.
Happy Thanksging! We'll be thinking of all of you!

Potty Training

Potty training triplets is not easy. They will seat and play, particularly if there is someone next to them. Cecilia has so far managed to do it a couple of times but that's only after I see or hear her pushing. It works on mornings when it's obvious that after a good nights sleep, if they haven't pooped overnight, the chances that they will during the morning time are good.
I'm realizing that if we practice with one at a time, might be easier, that way they don't get distracted.
I can't wait till all 3 are doing it. It will be such a milestone and such a reduction in expenses.

Friday, November 16, 2012


I wanna apple juice, scary, i need, it, i love you, night night, Dora, Family Guy, Yo Gabba Gabba, pee, pee, puppy, doggie, remote, Aya, Anthony, Gramma, Papa, Agua,

The words are streaming endlessly an most of them from Catherine. Cecilia and Charlie are not far behind with their words. They are now two years old and according to their therapist (Charlie and Cecilia) they are right on track with their development, so no issues there.

They love to hang out with their aunts an uncles particularly with my brother since he is the one that is around more often. They call and ask for him by name (Max) and he loves it. He has a baby at home, not his. Agustin, my nephew and his girlfriend recently had a baby and in the meantime, they are leaving at home.  But of course like most grand parents, he enjoys having babies around, though not the triplets all at once.
I don't blame him. They even get to me once in a while and I am just at home for brief periods of time throughout the week. Except for my days off, then its triplets every minute of the day.

Cecilia is the baby who doesn't like clothes. No matter the time of day, she takes her pants or shorts off and walks around in diapers. She also love to wear too toos at all times.

Monday, November 05, 2012


When your kids are getting roudt and on your nerves, take them outside, give them a bucket and an old spatula and they will be at peace in another world.
Initially I just wanted them to run around in the yard. They like to chase balls and mess with the dog. If the hose is on, they want to get wet. Right now it's early in the fall season so it isn't warm enough to play with water. They started picking up dirt and flinging it so as usual the first reaction was to yell, "no". My wife however was more open to them having fun with the dirt.
It's been about an hour now and it's all peaceful, even the dog gave up and laid down for a nap.
They've been dumping the dirt on themselves, chewing on sticks plucking at their mom's flowers and all of it without a cry, except for the occasional cry because they're stealing each other's buckets.
Maybe we adults should get down and play with dirt.