Saturday, September 10, 2005


On September 11- 2001, I had just left my job that morning at 6:00AM (I had worked the graveyard shift) I was walking on the top level of the parking lot towards my car, the place I worked at was right by the airport, so there were airplanes going by as I was walking. The morning sun was just coming over the mountains, while on the western side, you could just see the receding darkness. I saw this airplane barely iluminated by the sun and I though how nice it would be that in two days I would be in one of those on my way to Mexico City with my daughter.
The rest is history. I decide not to go to Mexico and instead drove into California with my daughter. We spent a few days with friends and family. After watching news channels around the clock for days on end, the drive was indeed a respite from all that was happening around the country.

4 Years later, not much has changed.
Although this time people are talking louder, writing bloggs and being more vocal about all that is wrong with this country and its leadership.
Aside from politics, the loss of human life is tragic-regardless of the country where it happens and why. The sad aspect about all these tragedies is the pointless death of innocent people.


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Chloe said...

That day I was at work and was supposed to cover the New York Fashion Week. I was told to keep covering it even after the planes hit the towers. I was writing like mad about clothes while people were dying. Suddenly, the first tower collapsed and we froze. At last, I stopped writing nonsense and was told to search for potential terrorist groups online and write about them.
All the while we were crying and writing. I'll never ever forget that.