Monday, February 18, 2008


Chloe wrote something about a friend who she had and through time, she lost and did not see till years later.

I have a friend whom I am losing touch with. It is a matter of distance and indiference. Last time we spoke was when I was in Detroit. I gave her a call to say hello, left her a message and we have not spoken since. Ever since I left L.A. and moved to Vegas, we'd talk a few times, but it was always I who initiated the call. She never caaled me. her rule that it was always "guys" who must call the girls. friends or other. She left L.A. and moved to Vermont, so really the "distance" excuse is really mute and with LA as close to Vegas, we could have been in touch a lot more often.
I have been OK with her rule with regards to our friendship but I refuse to call anymore. There could be a lot of reasons why she has not called, illness, busy with work or what not, but I know it does not take an act of congress to pick up a phone and call your best friend. I am guilty of that as well but that is another story with regards to my own family.
But getting back to Chloe's point.
At what point do we make the concious decision/choice to not call someone?. Or does it happen gradually and we become lazy and just decide not to call. We've known each other now for about 20 years. Hopefully one of these days she'll call or I will call her.I would not want to conciously give up on our friendship, maybe that's just the nature of it.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Happy Valentine's

Melissa and I went to Sedona AZ this past weekend. It was a relaxing trip despite all the little "mishaps" with the area and people. It used to be a place where you could get a good meal and when it was not so crowded with t-shirt selling stores. It has now become another touristic spot just like any other. The allure of the red rocks is not there anymore. Most of the area is now populated and full of condos and quasi-resorts selling time shares to the innocent. The service levels are probably the worst. Most people act as though they are doing yo a favor by providing you good service, so they rather not do you the favour.
There was this front desk agent with a bad cold who had probably not blown her nose in a half hour, then there was the gum chewing bartender who could hold conversations while showing you all sides and sights of his gum. Then there was the food at a place called Oaxaca. The menu consisted of 3 items prepared in several ways. Enchiladas, Burritos and something else. I had a caesar salad with grilled shrimp. The salad was not a caesar and the shrimp was not grilled but sauteed. and there was about 2 lbs. of it in the salad.
Aside from all that, it was a relaxing weekend beacuse we did what we wanted when we wanted it. The place we stayed at was not the best, then again at an average rate of $135.00 what can you expect? The other option was to pay $250.00+ in one of the better resorts, where you could be pampered at a high cost while keeping you away from the main drag.
The high-light of the trip was a hike through the "West Fork" canyon. A good hike through snow and frozen streams. It took us close to 3 hours to go up and down.
Beautifull place with high walls around and lots of snow everywhere due to the fact that the sun hardly shines inside it.
From there, we drove up towards Flagstaff and then home.
Great Weekend for Valentine's

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I guess that's what it's turning out to be. A weekly update.
Giants of course beat the New England Patriots, it was a good day for our business, lots of crazy football fans, luckily most made reservations except for those who still showed up at half time wanting a table right by the TV or right at The Bar, as if we would be saving seats for people without reservations.... Funny.

Today of course is "Super Tuesday". My prediction is that when its all done and over, McCain and Hillary will be the contenders for their respective parties. My fear is that MacCain is very electable. I know we've had a rough 8 years with the currrent Republican presidency, but the candidacy of Hillary can be scary for a lot of people who fear another Clinton presidency. At the same time, there are those who think that a woman just cannot be president and thus lean towards McCain. Obama would be on the same boat as Hillary. Running agains people afraid of women and or a black president, though both are very well qualified for the position, they are running against fear. We must vote for change. Sadly, I do not think that McCain is the answer though. So my Vote is going to Hillary. Not because she is a woman, but because her experience in and with government goes back even further than her marriage to Bill. Her healhcare project, when she was the first lady got derailed by politics at a time when she was neither in power nor well liked. This time it will be different.
It is still a long time before the general election and a lot can happen still.