Friday, September 23, 2005


Work will do this to you:
1. Be away from your family.
2. Not talk to friends.
3. not write on your blogg.

The first one is the bad one.
When work or "other" extra curricular activities make you miss time with your family you're on the wrong road, so it is time to re-think the situation at hand. read here
Now if you are away for the "good" of the family, then it is not a problem, because it is all a benefit for all.
The second one is not too bad, particularly if your so called "friends" don't ever call you either, no big deal there.
The third one..Oh my God! what a sin..............
Just kidding.

Work work work, I've been busy all week long. The new, any new job entails being "busy"
You have to go through "orientations", you have to get trained, you have to go to meetings and be "introduced" to people who you'll probably never see again, or who will not recognize you if you pass each other in a hallway...Yes, I have done the same thing too, including forgeting the name of some of my own staff.
What's going on here?..
Not much in Vegas, Summer and hot weather winding down, for sure looking forward to the fall season, then christmas. Time to start your shopping procrastinators (me being the worst of all)
Friday is here, and my week is just starting.
Have a good weekend


Bellota said...

es el precio q se paga mi estiamdo


Chloe said...

have a nice weekend Cisco, don't be hard on yourself, you should only remember the names that matter to you