Monday, July 31, 2006


How can we as citizens of the world, as human beings, as children of God respond to the on-going crisis in the Middle East?

Aside form prayers, donations to the Red Cross or other humanitarian organizations and a simple shrug of shoulders, there isn't much that we can do from where we are. It is a conflict between two sides that just want to completely destroy each other. Unfortunately their actions are going to resonate around the rest of the world.
Not one country can make another one stop from attacking or sending their fighter jets to bomb villages.
The UN?...That should be their job and what are they doing about it?..Not much by the looks of it.
The US can't pressure Israel to stop what they are doing in Lebanon when our own country is entangled in its own quagmire; Iraq, Afghanistan.
I think the Lebanese government is showing much restraint or they just don't have the means of defending themselves and are just hoping that eventually the Israelis will stop their attacks. Although according to the news, Syria is readying its army, and that can only mean that the conflict is about to spread.That is more plausible than an actual end to hostilities. So, what do we do?..
Continue praying and hope that both sides come to some sort of sense because ultimately, the ones that are hurt the most, are innocent civilians.

Monday, July 24, 2006


Yes, it is hot and we cannot get away from it. I guess we are a lot better off than the rest of the country. We are "used to it", whereas people from the Northeast and mid america are roasting and even California is having to deal with Power "issues" (I guess they do not want to scare their people by saying, "power outages")TOO LATE!
Living in a small city has its advantages. For as hot as it gets here, we do not have issues of power outages because our AC Units use up too much energy. If that was the case, the casinos would be the first to shut down and they would not allow such thing to happen. Imagine the millions of dollars that they would loose if that was to happen.
A few storms bring a bit of cloud coverage which brings a bit of coolness. We like it that way.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mom's Home!

She is finally here. I never thought she would actually agree to come here and I am quite surprised. She is also excited and eager to spend some time with us and her grand kids here. I thank my brother for going trough all the trouble of dealing with the INS and all the hassles of applications, letters, money and so much more. The process took at least a couple of years. Well done Max!
I am truly looking forward to spending time with her as well. There is so much to say and know. I love her dearly but I just have not been too attached to her as I used to be when I was a kid--Circumstances I suppose. I always enjoyed seeing her on my trips to Mexico, but if she wasn't around, it was not a big deal.
I hope that changes...
Her 3 brothers are driving from L.A. to see her this weekend and of course at the same time, my "other mom" (Mother in Law) is also hosting her sister from Arizona and she is expecting us (including Olivia-my daughter) to be there...
I hope there aren't too many issues between the "grannies".
Well, life is still full of surprises...

Till next time..

Monday, July 17, 2006


Life is good.
I count my blessings. Yes, I've had my share of pain but, who hasn't?..
Even the fact that my girlfriend is "late" does not scare or frighten me.
A child would be welcomed with open arms and lots of love. I am sure Anthony and Olivia (our kids) would be thrilled to have a little brother or sister. I would too. Not that it would be a planned pregnancy, but how many pregnancies are carefully planned?. Hopefully lots.
On the other hand, we were just settling into our ways,(No diaper duties, or up at night with crying and late night doctor's visits)but rather, enjoying Olivia and Anthony with their school and extra activities routine. So, what to make of it?...I am not sure.
I know it's not official yet.
Then again, we are also not married. Why do we make everything so complicated?
Why do "I" make things complicated.
Then again,
I count my blessings.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


So my mom is coming to the States.
My brother is in the process currently of getting her an entrance visa through the US Consulate in Juarez, Mexico. That in itself is another story.
The fact that she is coming here, I suppose is a good thing. She will be living with my brother for a while and perhaps with me here as well. I do not think she'll be staying long. She has lived all her life in Mexico (Cuernavaca) and her roots are there. All the grand children that she has helped to raise are there and I know she will miss all of them dearly.
I am happy she is coming here. I have not "lived" with my mom since I was 12 and even before then, the times we spent together as a family were sporadic. I hope that we can get to talk and really get to know each other as mother-son and as independent people as well.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

ADOE Second Edition

Michel Bernard from France is at it again...

A day on Earth project ---a flickr thing----
Is back on...


Monday, July 10, 2006

Where the hell is Matt?

Great Video---make syou want to get up and GO!


World Cup is over----Italy beat France if you didn't know.
Mexican Presidential Elections are at a stalemate currently and Football season is stil about two months away.

So, what now?.
Well, more heat here in Las Vegas. The humidity has helped but it is still muggy. Much more else to come....Stay tuned

Saturday, July 08, 2006


That is what Mr. Calderon is.
He is not yet the President of Mexico. At least not until he is officially declared "The President Elect" around August or so. He will very likely stay in that position, despite the many challenges coming from Andres M. Lopez Obrador, the other candidate who received just as many votes, if not more according to his followers. (the difference being of only about 0.27%)
The comparison between this election and the one in 2000, here in the United States between Gore and Bush is all over the news. The similarities do not end there. There are also accusations of voter manipulation, software programs designed "by" supporters of Calderon that were used by the IFE, which again, has been dominated by PAN, the party currently in power. In the end, status quo will prevail.
Somewhere else, I read that the PAN is now the new PRI. Lets see how well they do for the next 6 years, perhaps a bit more than what the Fox Presidency accomplished.
As for AMLO, hopefully he can work with the new administration for the betterment of the country. Mexico.

Monday, July 03, 2006


Si hay algo que aprendieron de las elecciones Americanas los politicos Mexicanos, es que cuando los resultados estan a la pareja, sea por unos cuantos millares de votos, uno tiene que decir, "Yo soy el ganador" No importa que los resultados no sean finales.

SI usted recuerda, lo mismo paso hace 6 anios aqui en los Estados Unidos, cuando Al Gore y George Bush fueron frente a frente. Inicialmente, los resultados eran favorables a Gore, y de repente las cadenas informativas retractaron eso para decir que los resultados todavia eran pre-maturos (FLORIDA) y que no habia un gandor por certeza. Cuando menos aqui nadie se declaro ganador inmediatamente. Aun sin haber resultados oficiales, George Bush se declaro el ganador, aunque oficialmente no fue declarado ganador por la suprema corte hasta mas de un mes despues.

Es lo que va a pasar en Mexico?
Quiza la diferencia sea de tan solo unos 300,000 votos. y eso sera suficiente para que cualquier candidato y sus seguidores griten, "FRAUDE", aun cuando todos los candidatos declararon que respetarian los resultados finales. Pero si ese fuera el caso, entonces nadie hubiera declarado victoria. Va a haber demandas, es lo unico que le queda al perdedor, demandar y tratar de que los resultados se revisen en detalle, como fue aqui en EEUU. No le conviene al perdedor el usar marchas, mitines, movimientos o paralizar el govierno,y que acaten los resultados sean cual sean.
Ojala que el perdedor use sensatez para aceptar la voluntad de la gente. Aunque el ganador no sea elegido por una mayoria de los Mexicanos, deben ver que la democracia continua su avanze en Mexico. Va ser muy claro despues de estas elecciones que el congreso ya no va a ser completamente dominado por el PRI. Quiza esa sea la unica bendicion para el proximo Presidente.

Ya se observo que la presidencia de Fox no fue tan effectiva, y eso quiza sea porque no supo "trabajar" con el congreso anterior. Y esa es una leccion que el proximo Presidente tiene que aprender.
Ojala y que en este caso, los unicos ganadores sean los Mexicanos.