Sunday, October 02, 2005


October is here along with the upcoming holidays, these days just seem to go a lot faster. Although it's still a bit warm here, I feel that the cold weather is just going to arrive all of a sudden. It will be a good thing; get the fire-places going, get out the blankets, sweaters and just bundle up. My daughter is already planning on being Catwoman for Halloween. I reminded her that when she was just about 5 months old, we put her into a "kitten" outfit.
Halloween is big here in America, very different from anywhere else in the world. I have also experienced -All saints Day- (Dia de los muertos in Mexico) in very traditional ways.

How do you celebrate?


Chloe said...

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. Sadly we don't celebrate it in Greece. We have a Carnival time, but nothing like Halloween. But because i studied in an American College, we used to have celebrations there. Same thing with Thanksgiving.
The only thing i do is decorate the house with pumpkins and spooky witches and spiders because my son likes them. Other than that, it goes unnoticed in Greece. :(

Anonymous said...

Call me a cynical but I've always felt that Halloween is simply a creation for marketing departments of stores and card companies. I say the same about Valentines Day as well.

Bellota said...

chafamente, el 1 de nov es mi cumple, asi q te imaginaras jajajaja nunca festejo ni uno ni lo otro, aunq obvio la ofrenda nunca puede faltar