Friday, September 16, 2005


My girlfriend is going on a road trip; From Vegas to Seattle. Nothing but the road ahead. I wish I could go since I love driving, as I previously mentioned before. But, someone has to stay and hold the fort down.
I also start my new job this weekend-Restaurant Manager for one of the outfits in town.
Anyways, her trip reminds me of a cross country trip I took with my best friend Mary, back before we had children and spouses (of our own).
This trip took us from Los Angeles, into Arizona-Grand Canyon first stop-, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana. More specificity, New Orleans. Fun town, lots to see and do. Of course back then Mary and I had no worries, so we just lived it up all over the place with the required visit to (O'brian's) for lots of hurricanes, walks through the French Quarter, trips into the swamps, etc.
From Louisiana we followed North to our next destination, Virginia (WIlliamsburg) where we actually camped out before heading to New York City. Back then we worked for Westin Hotels and one of the perks was that you could stay at any hotel belonging to the chain, anywhere in the world-for a fairly small fee. This allowed us the opportunity to stay at the famous Plaza Hotel, back then managed by Westin. Great experience, my first visit to NY City with the required walk all over the city, including the Twin Towers. I wish I would have gone up. Not sure why we decided against it, but we still had fun, riding the subway (once) eating in Little Italy and Chinatown.
From there we kept on our trip up into New England. Boston turned out to be one of my favorite stops. confusing to drive around but we made it. From Boston we headed north. Her dad and brother lived in Vermont, somewhere near Stowe, so we spent a few days there. Eventually we had to come back, so of course we had to follow the most direct route back to the West Coast with a stop in San Francisco then back to Los Angeles. On the way, we ran into heavy rains, thunderstorms, lightning storms, almost ran out of gas, got pulled over a couple of times...Great experience.
We learned a lot about each other as well as about ourselves on that trip. That is probably why we never got together and why we are still the best of friends.
Total trip was about 9,000 miles on her Nisan 280ZX
I'll post some pictures about the trip tomorrow after I scan them.
Happy Friday-Get in your car and go for a ride now!

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