Wednesday, September 07, 2005


$2000.00 DEBIT CARDS
So, the federal government is going to issue $2000.00 debit cards to adults affected by the Hurricane, of course only those that were affected by the hurricane, etc. A noble idea, but I think it is going to create another mess.
$2000.00 to buy, gas, food, "and other essentials."Katrina Victims to Get $2K Debit Cards - Yahoo! News
How long is this amount going to last?
Once it runs out what?...Is the federal government (FEMA) going to say, that's it, we've helped you.
Or are they going to add more $$$ into the accounts?...
$2000.00 per "adult" isn't going to get them far, particularly when they are going to need plenty of essentials, like clothing, personal hygiene products, etc.
Here in Vegas the city is bringing in about 500 families- The city is going to help them find housing, jobs and many other necessities. I think that is the way to go. ALL 50 states should be figuring out how they are going to help in taking people in until the people can either; return to Louisiana and Mississippi or decide to stay where they are.


Samurai Sam said...

This debit card give-away smacks of a PR stunt. This also seems like a great opportunity for the closet racist morons on the Right to make snide comments about what is purchased.

Bellota said...

que triste... esa gente q perdio todo con 2000 dolares dificilmente podran hacer algo

como siempre, la sociedad civil es la que saca adelante a los paises

eso es algo para enorgullecerse

Jane said...

I heard about this "debit card" thing. My state is expecting close to 5,000 displaced people soon. We've already had massive cutbacks in most all social programs. I can't imagine how we'll ever be able to help these newcomers when we can barely take care of the people we already have. I read somewhere (and this is unsubstantiated mind you) that the US government helped supply the recent evacuees from the Gaza strip with $250,000 per household. Has anyone else read or heard of this? Seems to crazy to be true, but with our government one never knows for sure. If it is true, I can't believe we have so much to give to others yet we can't find but a pawltry sum to give to ourselves.

StealthBadger said...

Not as bad as the new direct deposit plan.

"Sure, let me just go down to my small, single-branch neighborhood bank... wait, it's gone."