Monday, December 28, 2009

Groom's Update

What a crazy month. Beginning with the proposal, Christmas, shopping, parties, work, days off. Visits to places for the wedding, etc. So much in so little time. No wonder brides go crazy. Me? just cruising. Letting Melissa take the reins. There is one more hoopla to go through. New Year's Eve, That is going to be a tough one. A 4 day weekend at work.
It is going to be crazy for both of us, but once it is over, it will be such a relief. Then we can "both" focus on the details for the wedding.
We have a photographer already. My good friend Joan , whom I've known going back about 20 years, has become a photographer and will be doing the honors. Melissa has seen the pictures though she has yet to meet Joan.
Our Resident DJ Gil Barba will be emceeing our event.
I have a good idea who is going to make the cake. I have yet to approach her about it, also a good friend (Ring bearer's mom) Is that even allowed?
We have looked at some rings for the wedding but have yet to decide on anything in particular.
Melissa has accomplished to get her bride's maids to pick their dresses as well as get measured for them.
She is doing good so far. She is getting a lot of advice from the experts. I think it has eased her mind and eagerness a little. I know that before you know it, the date will be here, so getting ahead as much as possible is a good thing.
The trickiest aspect is going to be the honeymoon plans and destination. We basically are all over the place literally. From a tour of Europe to Tahiti. From New Zealand to Moscow.
We might just end up honeymooning in Alaska!
Here we come Sarah!