Sunday, October 23, 2005


Hello all.

Have not had a day off for about three weeks...What do you do?...Keep trucking I say. Work is busy constantly, currently looking to add staff and an assistant so I can get a day off or a couple. I still find the restaurant business exciting, of course, like anything else it has its moments where you just want to walk off, but it also has its rewards.
Daughter is good-Just waiting for Halloween. She is going to be "Catwoman". Just yesterday, she went to a kid's Halloween party that lasted "SIX HOURS" She came back cackling like a witch in a witch's outfit-hat, broom and all. I do miss some of the "close" connections you establish with those frequent readers of blogs. Every now and then I pop in to read what everyone is up to. Right now I am at work, posting before I begin to do some serious work.
Till next time.


Chloe said...

it's good to know you are well and busy!

Yamell said...

Glad you're doing well!! We missed you.