Monday, October 18, 2010

From Den to Nursery.

Different stages of the room conversion. It used to be my den/office and with the upcoming arrival of the girls, the room had to b e turned into a nursery. A big task considering that it was a room with 3 walls and a big opening into the living room down below. My father in law and brother in law offered to help out (They are contractors) so what seemed like a big task for me turned out to be a quick side job for them. Of course they did it for the girls and they will eventually know that.

What the room looked like to begin with after a first attempt at painting it (Melissa) with a fairly dark brown color. - An unfinished project since we did not care for the color once it went onto the wall.

Rick after removing the glass panels and measuring for new walls

Scaffolding up to place sheet rock and later for painting

Closet framed and in place

Walls finished, textured, painted and ready for removal of scaffolding.

Door in (needs a knob)

Contrasting colors

Wooden floor ready to go down


Hello all.

The Girls are doing wonderful according to the doctors despite the PDA -technical term for their little heart issue-.

Nothing that the doctors haven't seen, particularly with multiples. However, our babies are doing well including beginning feeding from their mom's milk.
Of course the doctor also explained that the babies will do well one day then they may have a bad day on another time, etc. But overall, they are on the right path.

Thank you for your thoughts.

Now on to finishing their nursery.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Charlie was the last baby that the doctors found at the beginning of pregnancy and once we spoke to the specialist, the suggestion was made to consider terminating 1 baby because of the inherent dangers of carrying triplets. Charlie was also the smallest of all three babies but eventually she gained up on Cecilia on weight and size.

Charlie so far is having issues outside of the womb. her heart rate is slightly higher and the pressure in her little lungs is higher than expected. According to the doctors, a couple of valves that should have closed after birth have not done so and that may require medicine and or surgery. This is worrying Melissa and me as well, though our reactions are different. She is the mom who's carried them all this time so her being upset is more natural and warranted.
We've also seen them, touched them, and spoken to them. A connection has been established so the though of loosing any of them is upsetting.

I'm just rambling here.

I am worried
i don't want our babies to suffer much less to die.
We re hopeful that she will be fine and no surgery will be needed.
We need all prayers and support for her right now.

Melissa is doing great in recovery. She's been walking around the maternity floor and throughout on her own. Hopefully she will be out of the hospital by tomorrow or Sunday the latest.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I am a father of natural triplets

Today October 13, I became a father again for the second time. Only this time to 3 little girls.
Catherine Elia, Cecilia Marie and Charlie Lucille. They were born right before 11:00pm right at the 29 week mark. We were trying to hold out a little longer but I guess they were eager to make their grand entrance. Melissa's water broke on Saturday afternoon and she checked into the hospital. At the time, the doctors told her that she may have to be on bed-rest anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. This in order to give the babies more time to develop. However it wasn't meant to be. Babies heart
Rate began to spike and Melissa was developing an infection so the doctor had to make a decision and deliver the babies.

Cecilia Marie - 2.8oz 14 inches at birth

Catherine Elia - 2.11oz 14.4 inches at birth

Charlie Lucile - 2.5oz. 15 inches at birth

I will update with more details as they progress.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


All good with the babies, though Melissa is getting more uncomfortable as she gets bigger.
Last week's visit to the doctor made things a lot more real when he said that the babies were doing so good that if there were any issues and they had to come out, they would be "OK", of course with a prolonged stay at hospital. Knowing that they could be here anytime made us realize that the house was nto ready to receive them. The following day we went to the store, got paint, looked at flooring, and began to move everything out of the den.
Pictures above are o fthe room to change and Anthony and his Papa(Grandfather) helping with remodeling.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Forget about the post below. Look at the previous one and you will see that there is a lot to talk about.
Back at the beginning of May, it was one baby, then twins. Well, the good news is that it is triplets.

Yes. Triplets. Melissa is in her sixth month and doing good so far considering the "load" she is carrying.
That is not all.
We got married on September 11 of all days. A happy day for us spent with family and friends. (Pictures to come)

Work is work.I still need to find another job. I am still happy with our staff an place but I do need a new challenge.

There. My life for the last 5 moths.
You've been updated.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


The biggest surprise in the world came in the form of a baby scan. Melissa went back to the OBGYN for an update and conformation of the pregnancy (due date). The doctor had trouble finding the embryo and after a couple of trips to the bathroom to clear her bladder, the doctor was able to "find" the embryo and to confirm that not only was there one but what appeared to be a "cyst" or the "bladder', turned out to be another embryo.
So there we have it. We are having twins.
My mouth was wide open at the finding and complete surprise. Melissa was laughing nervously, for we both knew that neither one of us had any twins in our family history.
So what were the odds and why? the doctor could only say that twins had to start "somewhere". The odd also increase when you are past 30 (due to hormonal changes) and as a side note, Melissa found that the chances are 3 in 100.
Quite an exciting time, since we are getting married in about 4 months- Wasn't it yesterday that I just proposed to her?
Didn't we just find out about 3 weeks ago that she was pregnant?
And now twins?

I still can't believe it.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


There is a new baby on the way and it is ours.
Kind of unplanned but welcomed. Crazy thing was that just a few weeks ago we had gone to a fertility clinic for an exam since Melissa was not getting pregnant even though we had not used any kind of protection at least for the last 4 years.
After the regular tests, it turned out that there wasn't anything wrong with either one. So, the doctor asked Melissa to go back when she got her period next.
Well, 45 days went by and no sign of the "evil".
She bought a couple of those over the counter tests and Voila! they all came up positive.

We are all happy, including our two grown up kids (11 and soon to be 12)

It's been a while but it was also time.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Four's Love"

As part of the new me, I have decided to join the gym. Running and biking has kept me in good shape but I think I can do better. I soon will be 45 and I know i gotta take care of myself. I do want to be around for the long haul. There are many chapters yet to be written in my life book.
A new chapter is about to begin, though Melissa and I have been together for a long time, this indeed is a new beginning.
I see life as a series of chapters, what Buddhists would refer to as Karma I think. There are also all kinds of people during different parts of our lives as well as different locations where we end up living and working. Your true friends and or family are those that no matter the circumstances or the distance, are a constant in your life. The rest are all part of the chapters in your life who will be that. Past chapters only to be remembered from time to time. Though at the time they may have influenced you in ways that perhaps still resonate with you.
I look forward to this new chapter called, "Four's Love"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Return of a Man Called Horse

I thought of this movie for the title of my post because it is one of my favorite Westerns by Richard Harris
It is time consuming and sometimes hard to try and keep up with email addresses, blogs, facebook and all this social media crap that we're getting addicted too, so I deleted the 44 year old groom blog and instead I am staying with my original -Ramblings.
I can continue posting everything about the upcoming wedding as well as any other thoughts I have as I have been doing for the last 5 years, though perhaps not as frequently. Work takes up a large amount of my living hours. It keeps me away from family, friends, loved ones. Why must it be this way? However, I still have to make a living and pay bills (Some unnecessary).
Anyways. A lot is happening at work with people leaving, moving, job interviews, some BS and more of the same. If I was at any other job, I am sure I would be dealing with the same issues.
I guess ultimately I am the one in control of my time and I have to make sure I make the best of it, particularly when it comes to family.
So, which one of my kids is looking for "Lesbian Sex" and other porno related info while doing their homework on the Internet? huummmm. I guess they haven't figured out that they have to delete their search history, particularly when searching for naughtiness. It should be an interesting conversation.

The wedding, 7 months away and approaching like a bullet train. It was only 3 months ago that I proposed to Melissa and we've made good progress (Actually mostly her effort) Things are progressing quite well and most everything is lined up. I still have to find a tux, limos and hotel rooms for the day of the event.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot. AVATAR. Add it to my list of favorite movies.
Till Next Time!