Monday, July 25, 2005


Yes, beginning of the week-Again
My daughter is going to camp this week. Left this morning and will be back Thursday. Very independent girl. She knows a lot of the kids going, Is is called princess Camp-Mostly; 6, 7 and 8 year olds. She has been away before, usually traveling with her grandma to see her aunts and such. I believe it is good for kids to be able to be away from parents, at least one night if not more. It helps them to become independent, social and trustful. Of course there are always dangers lurking around, so you must be as careful as possible to know where they are going, whom with etc.
Finally a nice weekend in town-Cooled off, lots of thunder and lightning. Very humid, but better than walking around 115 degrees. Not much happening here in the States. Most of the news are coming out of the other side of the world.
Kudos to Lance for another win in France- He truly is a "Superman" You have to be in order to survive from Cancer and win 7 Tour de France in a row.
I saw one of those prototype cars today-No logos or grill that can identify its make. I will soon post a picture of it-I didn't have my dig camera, so I used my phone...

Any ideas what kind or make----let me know...
Just for fun
See ya!


Bellota said...

wow!!! yo ni siquiera sabia q existieran esos coches

jajajaja q mensa

:P bueno, es q me gustan mas las carreras y las volcaduras y los pilotos ;)

q tengas bonita semana, gracias!

Bellota said...


CiscoKid said...

Hay ciertas revistas dedicadas a autos y pagan un buen dinero por fotos de autos "prototypo" que la gente vea en la calle-
Son autos que las companias fabricantes "prueban" para ver como jalan en la calle-Pero no tienen logos o marcas ni por dentro ni por fuera. A los lados les ponen coverturas negras para no distinguirse tanto. En fin, la verdad no se por que lo hacen.