Friday, July 29, 2005


I Gotta hand it to the British-And I mean their Domestic intelligence or Scotland Yard-
Aside from the wrong shooting of the Brazilian, which is quite a shame and unfortunately someone at the wrong place at the wrong time.(Condolences to the family and relatives), law enforcement in England have really shown that they got it together.
They moved fast, asked the right people, cordoned off those areas most likely to be used by the terrorists to escape and circled them in.
Yes, it is a small country in comparison to the U.S. However, I am still amazed at the prompt capture of these individuals, as of now only one remains at large. The Somalian community in England, where these individuals lived, supposedly were of big help by denouncing and reporting all signs of -suspicion- around their neighborhood. This is the kind of activism I was referring to in my previous post. Where common citizens take it upon themselves and watch their surroundings and communities and report everything that is not familiar or out of the ordinary. Of course for this to work, the police forces have to be in synch and not corrupt.
However, this should not be a deterrent for doing the right thing.
Again, all done with very good police work.
Many countries can learn from that, including our own.

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Bellota said...

cierto!!! un excelente trabajo para la policia inglesa e italiana

y un excelente post como siempre

q tengas bonito fin de semana

saludos :)