Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I wonder if we are facing the end of times.

I saw a wrenching interview this morning on Mexican TV (Primero Noticias) between Carlos Loret de Mola and Talina Fernandez.
He is an anchor for a TV Organization (Televisa)
She used to be a news anchor as well back in the late 70's and 80's. (For the same organization)
The issue was; The city's mayor,Soon to be Presidential candidate,insistence that reports and adds attacking the kidnappings and crime wave in Mexico are being staged "once again" by his enemies.
So, somehow she ended up in the news this morning to tell her side of the story and how it isn't anything staged by anyone, but an actual plea for help due to the crime wave happening, not just in Mexico City, but all throughout the country.
It was personal because due to a foiled -kidnapping attempt or robbery, her daughter suffered a heart attcak due to the threat-Right there, on the street..
It was wrenching because you see a woman-forget her status as an insider for the news organization-who is in pain due to the death of her daughter. Her plea was to the people of the country-Not the government.
She figures regardless of who gets elected in the next presidential elections, not much is going to change unless people act.
This was a plea to stand up and demand security from their government.
To also take matters into their hands and report criminals, criminal activity and anything that just goes against peaceful coexistence.
She did have a point.
Unless people take personal responsibility and do something about crime, not just in Mexico, it is just going to get worse.
I feel for people in those circumstances.
A day cannot go by without hearing about drug cartels, assasinations, kidnappings, robberies, etc. Just recently the US government issued a warning-again- against traveling to the border states of Mexico.
State Department Warnings for Mexico
Despite the warnings, people will still travel out of necessity or other-I have business dealings with people in Mexico and will continue to travel there. I just have to be very observant of my sourroundings. It should not be that way.
AT some point, it has to stop, but what is it going to take.

I know and I am aware that it isn't all negative and bad in Mexico. Its people are good-The good people outnumber the bad ones.
I will also get the replies that news organizations only focus on the negative.But that is true of any country. However, everyone has to look in the mirror(including myself)and ask, "What are you going to do about it?"

Are you ready to contribute your "little grain of sand" as Mrs. Fernandez asked this morning?


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Bellota said...

por supuesto!
no permitir q esos mentirosos malditos del prd lleguen a la presidencia

al menos no amlo