Thursday, October 13, 2005


George Bush supposedly does not read or pay attention to poll numbers.
Maybe he should. He is at a low 39% approval rating, while at the same time, only 2% of African Americans think he is doing a good job as president. On top of that, the looming resolution of the case which will find that in more ways than one, Rove and or the VP's office was involved in releasing the name of the covert CIA agent to the media. This undoubtedly, will lead to perhaps lower numbers in the polls for Bush. His only resolution is to fire whoever was involved in the leak, sooner than later. It wil be to his advantage.
I wonder if he's ever heard of Watergate.


Chloe said...

hey missed you! come back!

Monique said...

miss you too! hope all is good with you and Olivia :)