Saturday, January 20, 2018


Government ran out of money. No budget or funds to pay for services. Republicans control both houses of Congress as well as presidency and yet they can't seem to get their act together. With Trump as their leader and after he's antagonized all Democrat lawmakers, he cannot expect that they will tag along with any of his proposals.
All the while, 2017 ended with a bang. 
Melissa and I welcomed the new year on the Strip. Olivia came home from school and spent Christmas at home. Typical American home. 
So much is happening all over the world that it would probably take me pages and pages on this blog to go though them. Better that you read your news feed. I do everyday and at times I feel like I'm living in a story that repeats itself day after day (Groundhog Day). 
Super Bowl is coming up fast, then valentine's and then Christmas. It seems that way, time flies....
It's gonna be a year since my mom died. I think of her often, more so because of the relationship that we didn't have. There was closure, I spent time with her as often as I could, sporadically we talked on the phone and that was it. It was the nature of our relationship.
When she left us with my dad, I was 10, I did all my crying and missing her for years. Once she was back in my life nothing was the same.
Life is good overall. The triplets are getting bigger with each passing day and very smart. Scary they way they express themselves sometimes.

Love them to pieces. They brought me hope, they bring me hope each day that things will get better despite our current political situation.
Stay with me.