Friday, May 13, 2011


Life is coming on fast. Big Kids are 12 and soon 13. Babies are 7 months today and growing quickly. Their personalities are beginning to show and it is quite interesting to see how they are each displaying a little bit of our own personalities while they develop their own.
It's been a crazy 5 months since they've been home. Malissa has had a rough time dealing with all three when there is no one home and I am at work. Unfortunately my job keeps me out of the house on average 12 hours each day, so by the time I come home, Melissa is exhausted from dealing with all babies. I try and help out by getting up in the middle of the night when one or two wake up to get fed.
We've also been busy with doctor's appointments which thank goodness have stopped in frequency. We have yet to purchase a minivan- looking for a specific kind at a price we can deal with (Remember - 1 income household now)So it is quite the trek when we are going somewhere with all 3 of them, being to church or appointments. Currently we have to take both cars with two babies in one and the third one in another car.
Melissa's mom comes to the house from time to time to help out. The kids also help out a lot. I think that combination has helped Melissa to maintain her sanity. On my days off, it is my turn to do most of the baby duties, though of course as long as Melissa is in the house, she helps.
Never for one moment in my life did I think I was going to be raising multiple babies. Sometimes when they are asleep or just sitting in their swings playing, I stare and stare in disbelief. What happened? How did it happen? Was this all planned by the all mighty God? because I didn't plan for this and neither did Melissa. I am not regretting it, I am just amazed at all the twists and turns that life takes. One day you are driving along PCH making plans to travel to exotic places now that the "kids are older" Next thing you know, you are installing car seats in your cars, setting up play pens, remaking a den into a nursery.
Life comes at you fast. You better be ready.