Tuesday, August 16, 2005


OK- Done with the book.
Interesting ending, now all the pieces are in place for the grand finale-
I predict-
The last battle between good and evil will be fought at Hogwarts Castle.
The place considered by both;Voldemort and Harry to be their "only home"
I could give you more ideas about what the next book from Rowling's will be like. But, I'd like to read your "own takes on the last book"


fb said...

It sounds like the last book is going to get all Indiana Jones as the search is on...and then we get the 'I am your father' at the end!

The death was not as shocking as it could have been...in fact the more I think about it, a certian filmakers films come to mind...hmmm

_di! said...

oh my! when i finished it (took me 2 days to read the whole thing) i was like..."where on earth is book 7 when you need it!" i think the ending was worth the whole book, wich, in my opinion, was kinda slow up til the final what, 7 chapters?..and don't get me wrong, i was glad to read the book anyways, being probably the biggest potter head around here...and i'm proud to say it..but when i read the final page and a half i was like Whoa! blown away by harry's will...he said what he was going to do and he seemed like he was backing it up no matter what...even if we all know that by the end, he will be going back home after all... ;)