Thursday, July 21, 2005


Once Again.
This time done by "luckily" some morons.
However, the serious ones are still out there.

My previous post was about the attack on a news agency in the city of Oaxaca in Mexico. A group of news people barricaded themselves in their building, because a "union" declared themselves on strike outside of the building, even though none of them worked at the paper.
SO, a couple of days ago, those same "union workers" wearing ski masks, and protected by the local cops (They barricaded the surrounding streets to halt traffic) entered violently into the building and destroyed computers, files, etc. At the same time they assaulted all the staff at the paper.
Because the paper-using freedom of speech, offended or "attacked" the local political head honcho-calls himself Governor- member of the old PRI party.
Yes, it was an attack on freedom of speech. However, my rant was also against the main local paper-El Imparcial- who did not address the issue whatsoever in their paper. You would have thought it would have been on the first page-Even the foreign press picked up the issue.
It exemplifies that not much has changed in Mexico when the press-Not all-still hides and protects the shenanigans of their local political friends. It is a shame, because in a country where news people are being executed by warlords or whoever, any attack against the freedom of speech should be reported by all newspapers-no matter their affiliation.


bulb said...

For me, freedom of speech is the most basic human right.
It's a damn shame it's only the ninth article in our (Dutch constitution) and not the first (Equality of race, religion, sex and sexual preference.)

Bellota said...

espantoso y pesimo lo de oaxaca y otra vez londres!

que horror

btw ya regrese :P