Monday, August 29, 2005

Blog Day?

So, besides the picture taking "assignment of 09-29-05 (See previous post) now I find that on August 31, it is Bloggers day... Click on the link below...
3108 This!

The way I see it, any and every day is a bloggers day. You sit down and read your "friends" bloggs---and if they come back to see your blogg, they will find out about other interesting bloggs that you read, etc.
We do not need a single day to do that....My opinion.
On the right side of my page you can find at least three links to other people's bloggs that are not necessarily from this country;
Chloe is from Greece
Bulb is from Amsterdam
Others are from Mexico;Chica Regia,Bellota etc. Of course some are in other languages different than your own so, speaking or knowing a bit of another language is good.
So, if you feel the need to participate, go ahead..Otherwise, Happy Reading any time of the day, week, month, year.

P.S. Are bloggers in other countries more proactive about the way to use blogging than we are here in the US?


Chloe said...

In Greece blogs are just starting to become known. There are one or two bloggers who are more "visible" and write in Greek, mostly about politics.
I have proposed an article on bloggers to a magazine I work for, so if that happens, we are all going to be famous!

CiscoKid said...

They are so predominant in Mexico, Chile, Brazil, etc. They have and hold frequent "Blogger conferences", get togethers and such.
Here in the States most bloggs deal with Politics or personal types...(like mine) but I don;t think American bloggers are as pro-active as in Latin America or Europe.
I have yet to hear from a community of bloggers that hold a party or conference here..

Bellota said...

orale!!! y el domingo fue el dia del compadre


(¯`¤GRECIA¤´¯) said...

Ya encontraste tus 5 blogs? para publicarlos?
Yo apenas llevo dos y son en espaƱol, voy a checar tus propuestas tambien! :D

Cassy said...

I had no idea!

bulb said...

mmmm a link...... anything for ratings I tell you ANYTHING!!