Wednesday, September 07, 2005


As if Katrina wasn't enough, the following news out to get the blogg world, particularly those with a right leaning edge, really worked up. First it was Fox and his comment about blacks and mexican workers, then it was the memin-stamp. Now, the Mexican president (Who will be leaving office next year) has sent help to the Southeast U.S in the form of military convoys with equipment and supplies to assist the people affected by the Katrina.
Very nice move. It was about time that some help came came this way as opposed to flowing all out of the US.
Hopefully our rightleaning friends will not see this as "proof" that the invasion from the south has escalated to a military now.
Have fun!

Mexico Sends First Aid Convoy Ever to U.S - Yahoo! News

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Bellota said...

se les va a enseƱar como se trabaja en desastres naturales

verguenza le deberia dar a bushin