Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Have you checked out PostSecret?
If not, check it out. Warning-Lots of serious and maybe disturbing comments.
Aside from all the obvious postings that are just really sad, and hopefully people are getting rid of their baggage by posting there, there are some that are quite interesting to read, particularly those who say in essence that they are not happy in or with their marriage.
Having also worked in the hospitality industry where I had a lot of people under my supervision, both men and women (married), I also noticed and learned from some that about half were either cheating on their spouses and or just plain miserable with their marriages.
This begs the question...
What keeps them in that position?
I can understand that the majority of those unhappy, are staying together "for the kids"
But there seem to be a lot who are just in relationships where they know it isn't going anywhere, and yet.
Why stick around?
Any idea?


Bellota said...

la terrible soledad?
por eso no quiero casarme, es muy probable que me canse y no voy a estar como la d'alessio

(¯`¤GRECIA¤´¯) said...

Que feo eso, de vivir infelices y quedarse juntos por los niños.

¿Por qué no podrán ser novios eternos?

A ver como me va a mi...