Tuesday, April 07, 2009


This is Spring break in Las Vegas.
Olivia is in Kansas City with her grand mother and aunt.
Anthony is in California (Disneyland) with Melissa.
Me, chilling at home with 2 dogs, a lizard and a cat(Charlie).

Of course there is always work.
Work is so interesting and crazy from day to day. One day all is calm, everything goes according to plans; everyone shows up for work, every employee minds their own business, all customers are in their best behavior.
And then there are days like yesterday.
Someone did not show up for work, another servers is minding everyone else's business but hers, I cannot get another bartender because the beverage department does "not have anyone" available.
(How many people are without a job right now?). I am sure one of them has bar tending experience.
Then you get the people who show up at the door and demand a table before going to their show and of course they do not have a reservation and they get irate when told to wait about 10 minutes for a table. Of course they are "going to take their business" somewhere else, right to another restaurant that is busy with all the same crowd going to see the same show. Next time may I recommend making reservations ahead of time (particularly when you have a group larger than 6)
All of a sudden, as if the storm has passed and the sky clears and you see nothing but sunlight and a calm breeze. Everything stops.
The concert crowd leaves, we are left with empty and dirty tables, an empty bar while everyone behaves better, including me.
Yes, I admit it, everyone was getting on my nerves and it showed, though I think sometimes they need to see that side of me. The side that says, I am not going to take your shit and just do your damn job and do it right.
The storm has passed, there will be more to come and for now I am breathing easier. I am enjoying my spring break.