Tuesday, December 20, 2005

SHE READ THE BLOGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, she did. and if you are reading it right now, (Melissa). You made me realize that I have nothing to hide.
I was afraid that you might read it but then again..
It is posted online for the world to see. The world includes you.

Aside from making me look like a fool because of some of my writings, what can I say. I am a guy and every now and then I behave like one.
Nonetheless, if she needs to hear it or read it.
here it is.

I Love her.

I love you.
You are a wonderfull mom.
You are a great girlfriend.
You have been through so much with me that I cannot find the words to thank you other than to say , "I Love you".
I hope you know it.
We have had our issues, but they are meaningless and small.
Everyone has them. (Just read all the bloggs around)
I still have a lot of issues. You still your own.
Such is life and we just have to balance them out and make the best of it.

Yes, just last week you were asking me about reading my blogg.
and you've done it.


Chloe said...

hey Melissa and Cisco, merry christmas to both of you.
You are so lucky to have each other.

Jane said...

How brave of you to just put it out there! Good for you!

bulb said...

My blog only gets read by ugly chicks. (Wonder why)