Thursday, March 30, 2006



So, while driving home today from work, I heard on the radio that there is a Bengal tiger prowling around the State of Alabama.

(No location given)
Supposedly it is a tiger with a red strap on its neck. Of course speculation is that someone had it and raised it since it was a cub and it got away from them or they actually let it loose.
Why in the world would you want a pet like that?....
I was afraid of the sharp claws that my cat “used to have”.
Each time I picked her up when she was a kitten, I’d be weary of the scratches I was going to get, now imagine a tiger cub.

What do you feed an animal like that?...
What size is their litter box?
Does it chase birds and mice?
Does is scratch at the window and howl while there are other cats outside?..

I do think every cat should have a colorful strap though…….

Do your pets have a red strap?????

Animal pets that is..

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Picture by AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez
They did it again..
Yes they are going to the Final Four. That in itself is an accomplishment, but not good enough. Now they must go for the big one; The National Championship. Just like they did 11 years ago.

Yes, time does fly.

What ever happened to; Ed O'Bannon, Cameron Dollar, Tyus Edney, Toby Bailey, etc, etc.?
If you know?.....Let me know..

Final Four Saturday and Monday, April 1 and 3, 2006

Friday, March 24, 2006


Hot weather is coming soon to Vegas. Currently Spring Break is here. This means loud, obnoxious, dirty and inconsiderate college students are all over the place. I was once a college student too. But, not a loud one so I cannot identify with these brutes. The girls tend to be nicer, unless they are a little drunk, but hey, it's time to "live it up" right?..
Since I am on the subject of College and Spring Break, March Madness is here. March Madness is all about Collegiate Basketball. A tournament with lots of teams playing for The NCAA National Championship. Four teams (The Final Four) will play for the final two spots to select the National Collegiate Champion. Last night was a very wild one. The Bruins (UCLA) came back from behind to beat a team that "had" it already won..... But, it isn't over till its over..
Read on..

Bruins Win


Sunday, March 19, 2006


Yes, It's been a year since I've been blogging. It's been fun and educational. I still manage to read some bloggs in between working and everyday living. I have seen a few bail out. Some new ones, some that grow and evolve. I think eventually the blogg world will thin out to leave mostly those who are serious about writing about a particular or specific subject and those that serve a special "need".
Just to keep a timeline about my own personal happenings. someday when I sit down to write my memoirs, this blogg will serve as a reference for this part of my life. I do have an interesting life.

Chapter 1 will be

Hijo de la Sierra.
Or A Child of the Highlands

It is a story that takes me from a small village, nestled in the highlands of the state of Oaxaca in Mexico. From there to Mexico City and 15 years later to the city of Los Angeles. In between; tragedy, love, tears, despair, sadness, loneliness and all those emotions that make us stronger and able to continue facing what is ahead each day.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Someone has been asking for recipes so here is my first one.
This is a recipe for "Green Enchiladas". Enchiladas are a very traditional Mexican dish. There are many variations, including "Enchiladas Swizas" "American Enchiladas-only found in the US-", etc.

I prefer the green ones:
I think of myself as a good cook, However, I am not much for following recipes, so I hope if you follow my instructions, you will turn out a good dish for about 4 people.


4-Chicken Breasts-with bones
A Packet of Tortillas(12 to 24)-Corn works best
A Bush of cilantro
Tomatillos( about 12)-very important part of recipe.
GourmetSleuth -� Tomatillos (Husk Tomatoes)Tomatillos provide the tart or sour flavor to the dish. Most big markets carry these nowadays.
Garlic- 1 head
Onions (4)
Some type of "Crumbly cheese"
Jalapenios (6)(Or chile Serrano)-Fresh-"Not Canned!"
Cooking oil
1 container of creme fraiche (Or mexican creme, thinner than sour cream)-not sour cream
Salt pepper and all other necessary kitchen spices.
1 Blender
2 Pots
1 Pan
1 Pyrex-glass type shallow and long

Begin by cooking the chicken breasts with quartered onions, garlic, salt and pepper.
While that is cooking, clean the cilantro, jalapenios, remove the husk from the tomatillos and wash. Gather a couple of pans for cooking (boiling) the jalapenios and tomatillos with onions.
(Clean the cilantro by removing the bottom part of the stem. Some people just use the leaves, I like to use the stems as well.)

Once the chicken is cooked, remove from pot and let cool, since you will be removing the breast meat from the bones. Save the broth. This will be used for making the sauce. The meat will be used to place inside the tortillas. More about that when we get to that part.

Preheat oven at 250.

Once the jalapenios and tomatillos are cooked, drain water and you will need to blend everything that you cooked with the tomatillos (onions, garlic, jalapenios). Instead of water, use the chicken broth to add to the Sauce in the blender. Be careful not to add too much or the sauce will be runny. While the blender is going, add handfuls of colanders. Add a bit more salt, depending on particular taste.
Set the sauce aside and begin to shred the chicken-by hand.

While you are shredding the chicken, place the salsa in a large pan and place on the stove to maintain hot and also to cook off some of the liquid in case it is too runny. No more than 10 minutes.

The chicken will be placed inside the tortillas.-Soft tortillas work the best, of course in Mexico you have the "luxury" of just walking to the corner tortilleria to get fresh tortillas. Here in the states, you have to microwavethem to make them soft and manageable. You can either roll the tortilla with the chicken inside or just fold over in half (Like and actual Mexican quesadilla)

You will need a pan with hot oil to fry the tortillas once they are folded with the chicken inside. Fry to a light brown, ,not too hard-place on paper napkins or plate to drain oil.
Place the already fried enchiladas into a long Pyrex type glass ocntainer. Lay them flat, side by side or however you want. The sauce will be spread over the enchiladas, add the cheese to the top and quickly place in the preheated oven.
While the pan is ine over for about 10 minutes, set the table, get your favorite beer out and then serve the enchiladas.
Add more cheese, add cream on top, sliced onions to tatse and maybe some shredded cilantro for garnish or whole leaves.
A dish with 4 or five enchiladas has enough nutrients and flavor tha you do not need anything else to go with them
Enchiladas can be served with refried beans (That will be my next recipe for you) IN the meantime, canned refried beans are OK. You can also serve with rice (Another Mexican dish with lots of variations)


Friday, March 03, 2006

Month Long Absence

Yes, it has been a month.

A month without writing, not that I don't have anything to write about, I have just been busy with work..and with everyday life.

At work- I cannot believe the stupidity of people over the simplest things---
"I cannot have any bread, so can you make a sandwich without bread?"
Of course the answer is yes (All for customer service).....
My questions is:

If you cannot have bread in your diet, why walk into an establishment where the specialty is Sandwiches?.... Why not try a coffe shop or buffet?, for crying outloud, it is Vegas!

Don't feel offended if you fall in this category-It is called "planning ahead"

Another one is:

"Can you make a sandwich with my own bread?----I have my own bread"
That is definitely a no- no.
It goes against health regulations, then again, if you carry your own particular kind of bread around, why not go to the store and buy the ingredients to make your own?..

At home- Just hanging out when I get the chance.
Reading books, trying to relax after the stress of work.
(Currently reading- The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova)

Just venting.......
and you.
How've you been?...