Wednesday, December 28, 2005


So what will 2006 bring us in the field of American politics?

One thing for sure is, the Bush White House will continue to "surprise" us with more and more revelations about the on-goings behind the much secretive administration.

Consider the latest "leak" about the NSA spying on American citizens...All this without a court order.
Frankly, I don't care about the spying or surveillance. I for one have nothing to hide, as I am sure most of the citizens of this country feel. If I am pulled over because I fit a certain description in their APB's, so be it. I have not committed a crime.
The only problem as I see it, is that eventually, someone will get carried away. A "right" minded law enforcement agent with his own agenda. At that point, who does he respond to?...Where are the guidelines for him or her to follow when they begin to trample on innocent people?
Right now the administration has a carte blanche in regards to law enforcement and by default, any and all other law enforcement agencies. This is something that you would find in any third world country. All you have to do is go back to any Latin American country in the 70's where most governments were of an authoritarian nature, thus they sequestered, jailed and executed any who would oppose them, without the smallest appearance of a justice system. (Of course, the tables have turned and many of these ex-leaders are now under "investigation" or in jail for the alleged atrocities committed agains their own people)
Another interesting aspect of these governments was the fact that most were supported by American administrations; whether Republicans or Democrats There were no doubts that millions of dollars were going to these countries to support these governments.
This is the risk that the US runs if it allows the "Patriot Act" and or other acts which undermine the freedom that citizens have enjoyed and still enjoy here in the States. It is a dangerous slope that our government could easily go down into.
It is taking the easy way out. By allowing Law enforcement the right to do as they please in regards to "law enforcement", they are being told that regardless of the way that they obtain information on any person, they will not be subject to prosecution.
Isn't that why the FBI was instituted to begin with?...
To investigate and prosecute any "domestic" crimes?...So what if the crime has not been committed (As they have explained-after the September 11 attack).
You suspect someone of planning an attack?...Spy on them listen to their phone conversations, follow them and prosecute them. However, only after all proper procedures have been followed (Obtain a warrant, or court order).
I want to be as safe as everyone else. I want to be protected against any attacks from anyone, including our own government.
Any law that pretends to protect us as Americans or other, needs to be tailored after our constitution. The FBI's procedures need to be revised to allow certain freedoms in regards to law enforcement, without breaking any laws.
The current actions by the current administration are an example of a government ready to turn the leadership to shady characters who feel above and outside the law. This is already a big revelation in 2005. What else can we expect in 2006?...
We have yet to see.

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