Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Here is why I love being a father:

For those who cannot read the writing, it says;
"Dear Dad
I am so sory for acting like a littel brat.
I only want to spend time with you.
So I am waiting for you'r anser.
Wall I'm growing up so fast.
to help you with your Dreams Wall they go Past."

She is a 7 year old, going into second grade this September. For those who are expecting kids, or if you have toddlers, this is what you have to look forward to.

Then again, sometimes you get these kind.


Bellota said...

super padre!!!


Chloe said...

You must be so proud! That was one of the best things I've seen online!

(¯`¤GRECIA¤´¯) said...

Que bonito =D
Digamos que eso es lo que reconforta al saber que tienes una gran responsabilidad de padre.