Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One Year Olds

It's been rough, challening, sometimes depressing and at times it seems hopeless. Now you look at the entire past year and it's all been worth it. Their smiles, their little sounds and cooing. Their looks of amazement at everything around them.
Their fight and struggle to grow and stay healthy from the time they were little embrios. Now a year later, its been all worth it. I would not do anything diferently. When we found out that Melissa was pregnant, there was no doubt or hesitation that we were having a baby (at the time). Once we found out that they were multiples, even then, there were no hesitations.
Now that they are turning a year old we could not be happier at the big event so we are going to celebrate in The Happiest Place on Earth. Disneyland!
the whole family is headed there with our big kids in tow. So they'll miss a couple of days of school. It will also be nice because we did not do anything with them during their summer vacation, (though they did plenty).
I got one more day at work which should be fairly quick and then off for a week. it will be good to clear my mind if at least from work related crap.
We'll be posting updates daily on Facebook.