Monday, August 08, 2005


Aren't there better questions that an interviewer can ask a prospective worker?.
The standard questions by now have been memorized by (I am assuming) 90% of the American working population.

A> "Tell me about a time when you had an issue with a guest and how did you solve it?"
B> "What do you think is the most important part of a job?"?
C> "Why do you want to work here?"

The answers are very obvious and I really do not want to give them out here. If you don't know them, good luck!

They need to ask more appropriate questions like;

A> Do you have a blogg?
B> What is the blogg about?--careful here if your posts are about the jobs you've had or are applying for--
B> How often do you post?
C> How many clicks do you get in a day?..

This will give employers an insight into what their future "employee" is all about. It would lead to hiring the right people for the right job and minimize turnover ratio.

Of course the famous HR Staff can come up with a proper "training program" for those who do not "own" computers or are bloggiterates (A Bushiism), or computer savvy for that matter.
This would ensure that no-one has to answer the dreaded question of "Why should I hire you?" ever again.
Follow this link for a funny look at "interviews"

Media: Sonnyboo's "Interview"


Chloe said...

I've got one of the best in job interview experiences. The interviewer is telling me what the salary is (second interview) and it is ridiculous. Being very young and foolish at the time, I say that this is not enough for professionals, maybe it's ok for part time student work. And in all seriousness he replies:
"Why don't you take the job, and ask your parents for some help with the money?"

CiscoKid said...

That one takes the cake!

Bellota said...

jajaja q risa!!!
imaginate :P
perdon x abandonar tanto tiempo tu blog pero estuve ocupada
ya regresare