Monday, August 15, 2005


I am finally into page 216 of Haryy Potter. I've had the book for a few weeks now but I had not picked it up to read it.
So far nothing major, though it did start with a quick pace into the story, then getting closer to chapter ten, things got a little more exciting, but very predictable. As some critics of the books and the story have pointed out, Harry seems to get out of troubles or "situation" with lots of help from unknowns or friends.
So what, any author will write their characters with qualities or flaws that anyone of us could have, so why should these critics have certains "expectations" from Harry or the writer, when it isn't their story? I think they are just a bit jealous about the attention and $$$ the storyline has generated.
I should be done in a couple of days. Then on to another book I was recomended to read.
"The World is Flat"-Freedman...
Anyone read it yet?


Bellota said...

sii soy cirujana ;P

yo ya soy la feliz poseedora de jarri pota en de jalf blod prins... PERO ...todavia no me lo mandan

y bueno, la expectacion despues del tremendo exito hace q salgan los malos comentarios, aunq la historia esta hecha desde hace mucho


pero ya se quien se muere


Chloe said...

Hey, why don't i ever get out of troubles with lots of help from unknowns? Do you?

CiscoKid said...

I only wish....Sometimes I do.