Friday, July 29, 2005


I Gotta hand it to the British-And I mean their Domestic intelligence or Scotland Yard-
Aside from the wrong shooting of the Brazilian, which is quite a shame and unfortunately someone at the wrong place at the wrong time.(Condolences to the family and relatives), law enforcement in England have really shown that they got it together.
They moved fast, asked the right people, cordoned off those areas most likely to be used by the terrorists to escape and circled them in.
Yes, it is a small country in comparison to the U.S. However, I am still amazed at the prompt capture of these individuals, as of now only one remains at large. The Somalian community in England, where these individuals lived, supposedly were of big help by denouncing and reporting all signs of -suspicion- around their neighborhood. This is the kind of activism I was referring to in my previous post. Where common citizens take it upon themselves and watch their surroundings and communities and report everything that is not familiar or out of the ordinary. Of course for this to work, the police forces have to be in synch and not corrupt.
However, this should not be a deterrent for doing the right thing.
Again, all done with very good police work.
Many countries can learn from that, including our own.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I wonder if we are facing the end of times.

I saw a wrenching interview this morning on Mexican TV (Primero Noticias) between Carlos Loret de Mola and Talina Fernandez.
He is an anchor for a TV Organization (Televisa)
She used to be a news anchor as well back in the late 70's and 80's. (For the same organization)
The issue was; The city's mayor,Soon to be Presidential candidate,insistence that reports and adds attacking the kidnappings and crime wave in Mexico are being staged "once again" by his enemies.
So, somehow she ended up in the news this morning to tell her side of the story and how it isn't anything staged by anyone, but an actual plea for help due to the crime wave happening, not just in Mexico City, but all throughout the country.
It was personal because due to a foiled -kidnapping attempt or robbery, her daughter suffered a heart attcak due to the threat-Right there, on the street..
It was wrenching because you see a woman-forget her status as an insider for the news organization-who is in pain due to the death of her daughter. Her plea was to the people of the country-Not the government.
She figures regardless of who gets elected in the next presidential elections, not much is going to change unless people act.
This was a plea to stand up and demand security from their government.
To also take matters into their hands and report criminals, criminal activity and anything that just goes against peaceful coexistence.
She did have a point.
Unless people take personal responsibility and do something about crime, not just in Mexico, it is just going to get worse.
I feel for people in those circumstances.
A day cannot go by without hearing about drug cartels, assasinations, kidnappings, robberies, etc. Just recently the US government issued a warning-again- against traveling to the border states of Mexico.
State Department Warnings for Mexico
Despite the warnings, people will still travel out of necessity or other-I have business dealings with people in Mexico and will continue to travel there. I just have to be very observant of my sourroundings. It should not be that way.
AT some point, it has to stop, but what is it going to take.

I know and I am aware that it isn't all negative and bad in Mexico. Its people are good-The good people outnumber the bad ones.
I will also get the replies that news organizations only focus on the negative.But that is true of any country. However, everyone has to look in the mirror(including myself)and ask, "What are you going to do about it?"

Are you ready to contribute your "little grain of sand" as Mrs. Fernandez asked this morning?


Monday, July 25, 2005


Yes, beginning of the week-Again
My daughter is going to camp this week. Left this morning and will be back Thursday. Very independent girl. She knows a lot of the kids going, Is is called princess Camp-Mostly; 6, 7 and 8 year olds. She has been away before, usually traveling with her grandma to see her aunts and such. I believe it is good for kids to be able to be away from parents, at least one night if not more. It helps them to become independent, social and trustful. Of course there are always dangers lurking around, so you must be as careful as possible to know where they are going, whom with etc.
Finally a nice weekend in town-Cooled off, lots of thunder and lightning. Very humid, but better than walking around 115 degrees. Not much happening here in the States. Most of the news are coming out of the other side of the world.
Kudos to Lance for another win in France- He truly is a "Superman" You have to be in order to survive from Cancer and win 7 Tour de France in a row.
I saw one of those prototype cars today-No logos or grill that can identify its make. I will soon post a picture of it-I didn't have my dig camera, so I used my phone...

Any ideas what kind or make----let me know...
Just for fun
See ya!

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Once Again.
This time done by "luckily" some morons.
However, the serious ones are still out there.

My previous post was about the attack on a news agency in the city of Oaxaca in Mexico. A group of news people barricaded themselves in their building, because a "union" declared themselves on strike outside of the building, even though none of them worked at the paper.
SO, a couple of days ago, those same "union workers" wearing ski masks, and protected by the local cops (They barricaded the surrounding streets to halt traffic) entered violently into the building and destroyed computers, files, etc. At the same time they assaulted all the staff at the paper.
Because the paper-using freedom of speech, offended or "attacked" the local political head honcho-calls himself Governor- member of the old PRI party.
Yes, it was an attack on freedom of speech. However, my rant was also against the main local paper-El Imparcial- who did not address the issue whatsoever in their paper. You would have thought it would have been on the first page-Even the foreign press picked up the issue.
It exemplifies that not much has changed in Mexico when the press-Not all-still hides and protects the shenanigans of their local political friends. It is a shame, because in a country where news people are being executed by warlords or whoever, any attack against the freedom of speech should be reported by all newspapers-no matter their affiliation.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


como Oaxaquenio y como Mexicano, sigo al tanto de todo lo que ocurre en nuestra patria. Aunque estemos lejos, tenemos que mantener nuestras conecciones vivas adonde quedo nuestro hombligo.

Desafortunadamente, como en todos lugares, las noticias son las noticias y hay quienes las reportan y otros no-Aunque esten exactamente en sus caras. Uno de los noticiarios que leo en linea de Oaxaca es "El Imparcial"-Y me llamo hace unos dias mi hermano para checar que pasaba con los "periodistas secuestrados"...Busque en el Imparicial y nada. Despues encontre (A Travez de un search) un articulo por la AP. Y mas llegabal nas noticias, por otros lados; Processo, La Opinion, etc. Circula �Noticias de Oaxaca� a pesar de violento desalojo
Mi pregunta es esta, porque el noticiario mas grande de el estado no reporta nada en respecto a esta situacion?...
No tengo yo todos los datos mas que lo que puedo leer aqui y alla. Lo unico que puedo deducir es que El Imparcial, este al lado y o apollando al Governador de Oaxacay o tambien al (PRI).
La libertad de expresion debe mantenerse viva y si publicaciones no puede reportar algo que "los vaya a poner en situacion "pegajosa," entonces dejan de ser "independientes" y son mas que nada voceros oficiales del gobierno al que protejen.

Monday, July 18, 2005


Officially 114 Fahrenheit. Yes it is hot here in Vegas. Maybe, just maybe we will get some cloud coverage from those Hurricanes southesast from where we are. Even if it is humid, it will be a good break from our famous, "Its a dry heat" type of heat. I am quite sure that Death Valley is probably above 120-F. Can't imagine.

So now it turns out that Bush "confirms" that "anyone" who "committed" a crime in the leaking of the name of the covert CIA agent, will be fired. This leaves the door wide open to interpretation, because according to most "knowledgeable" people, for anyone to be convicted of a "crime" over the leak issue, will be almost impossible. I still think, to placate the American public, who are not very happy with Bush, Rove will "resign", "So that the President can return to governing and enact the will of the people" every President has learned to say this phrase during "sticky" situations.

Will it be Alberto Gonzalez for the Supreme court?...
Not if the conservative right wing, have their way. Too liberal they say. Despite the fact that Gonzalez is a Republican, Bush might just bump up his numbers if he nominates him to the high court. Congress will not take long to pass on this nomination (He is a representative "minority" almost democrat like).
However, as soon as this scenario is played out, Rehnquist will resign, citing health factors, and Bush will pull out the ace out of his sleeve by nominating someone more likely to repel Roe Vs. Wade. This will be someone whom the conservatives will be happy with, might be a woman, then everyone will be happy and things will get back to normal. (Aside from the Iraq debacle)

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Forget for a moment about what is happening around you, us.
Forget Karl Rove, London, NY, The hot weather here.
Forget that business isn't as great.
Just Forget OK?
Now, answer this question:

Why are we, as individuals, so quick to share our secrets, desires, and most intimate details with "strangers" when it comes to the internet?.
We spill our guts on bloggs, we open our most intimate details and affiliations with everyone or anyone who will call himself or herself a friend.
We post pictures on line about our children, pets, ourselves.
Sociologists have probably figured this out.
But Why?
In the arly chat rooms of the mid 90's, I think people were more about hiding who they were by re-inventing themselves to appear "attractive" to whoever was on the other end. Chat rooms are passe now. Bloggs have replaced the chat rooms as the
place to gather, meet, talk, and share information about anything.
You can't say that the anonimity factor has to do with the freedom to expose oursleves. No one is hidden anymore, there is practicly no more privacy anywhere. The advent of Google Earth is only the begining of the end for privacy, soon, infrared satelites-they are already up there- will be available to the masses to see what our next door neighbor is doing.
Anonimity isn't it.
Maybe we just want to be close to someone in a way that we can't do with those closest to us.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


So, Mr Rehnquist is ill. Chief Justice Rehnquist hospitalized-
Sandra Day O'Connor is retiring
The US Congress is ruled by a Republican Majority
The Executive office, currently Republican, may well stay Republican after Bush, since there are no credible challengers from the Democrats' side. That does not matter, with as much control as the Republicans and the Conservative establishment have in this country and after the last two elections, even The Governator might get elected.
This is a country that is united by one single party. You do not have a divided government here.
Newt Gingrich's Revolution has to come to a full realization.
Look around you, the majority of the states also have Republican Governors.
State Legislators are passing bills barring; same sex marriages, late term abortions, reduced or minimum benefits for "undocumented" immigrants.
Even a state. as progressive as California, is jumping on the bandwagon.
This is completely out of the "Twilight Zone"

Or was this all planned by machiavelic minds?
Ralph Reed, Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich. The likes of which we have note seen before, this is not your Ed Rollings type of electoral tactics. This goes further, it isn't just about getting someone elected into office anymore.
It is about changing the culture, the country itself.
Samuel P. Huntington warned us before Read Here about a "Cultural War" and it isn't one sided. It isn't just the Islamic Jihadists who want to take country of the world, it is also the Conservative Movement here in the states that want to control everything you say, watch, eat and do, while at the same time, "export" our own culture by "bringing Democracy, Freedom and Peace" to the oppressed nations of the world, as "W" likes to say.
Yes indeed. This is right out of the Twilight Zone, when are we going to wake up from this nightmare, or from someone else's dream?
Please, Pinch me!
Each day that goes by it gets more interesting. Keep watching.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Putting aside my previous post, I have to digress here.

"Clear and Present Danger"--- By one of my favorite writers; Tom Clancy.

At the end of the movie, you have Jack Ryan confronting the President of the US about his "knowledge" and involvement with the sending of Special Ops into a Southamerican country. One of the president's lines and request was for Jack Ryan to take the fall for the "mess", a slap in the hand and the go through the lecturing or speech tour while making thousands of dollars for each speech, etc. However, only in Hollywood do you have the ending where Jack Ryan tells the president to shove it and thus, he tells his story about the president's involvement in "illegal affairs". And everyone lives happily ever after until the next movie comes out.
Would Karl Rove take the high ground and tells his story about his actual and real involvement in the "uncovering" of the CIA agent to the Press? - Newsweek: Rove spoke to reporter before leak - Jul 3, 2005

I doubt it very much.
Integrity, which is what Jack Ryan is all about, is lacking in the current administration and of course most Americans know that the real brains behind the Bush White house is Karl Rove. Books, stories and personal stories have been written about Karl Rove as well as about "W" about their "partnership." The stories that come out have a common denominator; secrecy, negative (personal) attacks and a few other "tactics"-Mostly used in politics by both parties. So, the revelation or naming of the CIA agent should be a no brainer. Initially the WH denied that KR had any involvement and knowledge,, now the question is being "evaded" as opposed to being denied. What is next, a silent exit out of the WH?...It won't be silent one.
Does this mean that it is the end of this administration. No. They will deny it until they are blue in the face. Eventually it will come to a "slap in the hand" which the media will accept as O.K. "Now we can move on".
If Karl Rove were to resign, he would still be as involved in the machinations of the administration. Then, since he would be out of the blind eye of the press, he will have the freedom to continue their "tactics" without a watchful eye.(Is there even a watchful eye anymore?)
Remember a few years back when Clinton was at first denying any involvement with either Jones, or Lewinsky?..The press was relentless. Where is that zeal now?
Why aren't they hounding the WH and or KR about his knowledge of this leak? Is the administration that powerful that it will even quiet down the press?...
What about us bloggers with an opinion?

If this was a democratic president, would the conservatives be as quiet?
Come on! This was the "outing" of someone who is supposed to be on our side. Are CIA, FBI agents or American soldiers that easy to dispose of?
Where is Jack Ryan when you need him the most?..
Maybe he was already outed and now works somewhere in the basement of the WH.

Monday, July 11, 2005


If you've ever read Machiaveli's the Prince, you will know that to obtain absolute power over; either people or towns, you have to resort to rather uncivilized acts. However, this is the "modern times" and in order to achieve absolute power you do not have to resort to eliminate or assassinate your opposition. You simply have to have a good plan that does not "break" any laws or that at least it appears as though it doesn't.
Once the plan has been hatched, it has to be put into action and you begin by molding people and "kissing up" to those who will later do your bidding because of "tit for tat" or favors that they have rendered to your family and viceversa.
It is like a good game of chess, where you carefully make your moves with the single objective to get to your opponent's king.
All throughout this process, you take every possible advantage of your opponent's weakness. You can use anyone affiliated with you or not do your bidding, because once you are in power, they will demand a piece of the pie, once your Coup D'etat is completed. . They will be merciless with words and action (As long as no one is killed)
What about the military you may say? Or the judiciary? Or the legislative body?
There are ways to dealing with those as well. As we will see later.
Now here comes the real plot and actions of our current president or "quasi emperor"
It is not a coincidence that Sandra Day O'Connor is resigning her post in the Supreme court of the US. The recent "outcry" by Republican senators over the judicial court's-including the Supreme Court- over their role or lack of it during the Schiavo Saga was nothing more than grand standing. All throughout the country, we have a majority of conservative judges deciding on issues affecting every American and non-American living in this land. This of course is good news for about half of the country while the other half just stands on the sidelines and watches.
Watches what you may ask?
Watches as the Conservative establishment in this country slowly and effectively assumes almost absolute power over the whole country.
The take over isn' complete yet. That is why I say "almost".. There is plenty of opposition, However small or disorganized, but it is there and that is why the take over has not happened yet.
It all began with Newt's Revolution to "take back America"
More to follow........

Gourmet front page

Originally uploaded by Ciscokid1.
They should have used a bit more color for this shot. My own opinion, so I added a drawing to the bowl. I am a reader of Gourmet, since my past jobs had to deal with kitchens, retataurants, food and wine, I read the magazine, though I have hardly ever made anything of what they feature. I still like to cook and come up with my own concotions.

Friday, July 08, 2005


I am wondering if the "intelligence" services of our country or any other's in Europe heard any "chatter" prior to; the G8 Reunion in Scotland or prior to the bombings in London.
I ask because usually, prior to a national holiday or big event here in the States, our justice department usually puts us on some colorful alert. I am quite surprised that I haven't heard anything about it, because I am sure there definitely was "chatter."
There had to be. Why?
A. London had just gotten the go ahead to host the Olympics
B. Scotland hosting the G8.

It seems to me that anyone trying to make a point, (I am not sure what the terrorists were trying to prove) had the perfect stage.
Which leads anyone with common sense to assume that it is going to happen again.
First, NY, then Madrid, now London. So, who is next?.
These bastards (Terrorists) have nothing to lose, not even much to gain by blowing themselves up, other than killing innocent people. They also are able to move from country to country rather easily. Besides, anything they need to carry out their mission, is already available anywhere they go -for the right price.
I think now, most European countries; including France and Germany, are really going to go on the defensive by adopting some of the same measure that the US did right after 9-11.
They have to jump on the bandwagon. Being as close to the areas of conflict and with radical suicide bombers as close to them, as the next country, they will need to take drastic measures before they are hit with terrorists attacks.
We here in the states can only watch empathize and support the people of any country that gets hit with these deadly attacks.
What their governments do to prevent these, if at all, from happening, is up to them.