Friday, July 08, 2005


I am wondering if the "intelligence" services of our country or any other's in Europe heard any "chatter" prior to; the G8 Reunion in Scotland or prior to the bombings in London.
I ask because usually, prior to a national holiday or big event here in the States, our justice department usually puts us on some colorful alert. I am quite surprised that I haven't heard anything about it, because I am sure there definitely was "chatter."
There had to be. Why?
A. London had just gotten the go ahead to host the Olympics
B. Scotland hosting the G8.

It seems to me that anyone trying to make a point, (I am not sure what the terrorists were trying to prove) had the perfect stage.
Which leads anyone with common sense to assume that it is going to happen again.
First, NY, then Madrid, now London. So, who is next?.
These bastards (Terrorists) have nothing to lose, not even much to gain by blowing themselves up, other than killing innocent people. They also are able to move from country to country rather easily. Besides, anything they need to carry out their mission, is already available anywhere they go -for the right price.
I think now, most European countries; including France and Germany, are really going to go on the defensive by adopting some of the same measure that the US did right after 9-11.
They have to jump on the bandwagon. Being as close to the areas of conflict and with radical suicide bombers as close to them, as the next country, they will need to take drastic measures before they are hit with terrorists attacks.
We here in the states can only watch empathize and support the people of any country that gets hit with these deadly attacks.
What their governments do to prevent these, if at all, from happening, is up to them.


Bellota said...

sigue italia, ya lo anunciaron...

saluditos para ti :)

(¯`¤GRECIA¤´¯) said...

Saludos Francisco!!
Ya ando actualizando el link =D

Que desagradable verdad =( todo lo que esta pasando. Lo bueno que somos más gente buena que mala aún.

Le chameau insatiable said...

one thing north americans tend to forget, is that terrorism exists in europe for quite some time (unfortunately) . it's just a big deal now because it's al qaida, but let me remind you that the IRA has blown a few bombs in England and northern Ireland, the ETA still does in north eastern Spain and Madrid, the Corsicans are known for political assassinations and blowing up tourists cars, Paris has known a few deadly attacks on its subway not that long ago. beleive me, over there it's almost business as usual, and you see more police per inhabitant than anywhere else i've been, and that in normal peaceful times...

CiscoKid said...

Yeah, I've known about the "old cadre of terrorists" Not that any of them are any degree better, since any sort of violence is just that, senseless violence.
However, most of the bombers or terrorists from the past had and they may still have political and or social goals; either against "foreign" ocupation, recognition of a socila group or other.
These new terrorists are something quite different though. their tactics and total indiscrimination and disregard for life is just baffling.
I know their supposed goal is the "withdrawal of all infidels" out of their holly lands. If that ever happens, I doubt that will be the end of their attacks.