Monday, July 11, 2005


If you've ever read Machiaveli's the Prince, you will know that to obtain absolute power over; either people or towns, you have to resort to rather uncivilized acts. However, this is the "modern times" and in order to achieve absolute power you do not have to resort to eliminate or assassinate your opposition. You simply have to have a good plan that does not "break" any laws or that at least it appears as though it doesn't.
Once the plan has been hatched, it has to be put into action and you begin by molding people and "kissing up" to those who will later do your bidding because of "tit for tat" or favors that they have rendered to your family and viceversa.
It is like a good game of chess, where you carefully make your moves with the single objective to get to your opponent's king.
All throughout this process, you take every possible advantage of your opponent's weakness. You can use anyone affiliated with you or not do your bidding, because once you are in power, they will demand a piece of the pie, once your Coup D'etat is completed. . They will be merciless with words and action (As long as no one is killed)
What about the military you may say? Or the judiciary? Or the legislative body?
There are ways to dealing with those as well. As we will see later.
Now here comes the real plot and actions of our current president or "quasi emperor"
It is not a coincidence that Sandra Day O'Connor is resigning her post in the Supreme court of the US. The recent "outcry" by Republican senators over the judicial court's-including the Supreme Court- over their role or lack of it during the Schiavo Saga was nothing more than grand standing. All throughout the country, we have a majority of conservative judges deciding on issues affecting every American and non-American living in this land. This of course is good news for about half of the country while the other half just stands on the sidelines and watches.
Watches what you may ask?
Watches as the Conservative establishment in this country slowly and effectively assumes almost absolute power over the whole country.
The take over isn' complete yet. That is why I say "almost".. There is plenty of opposition, However small or disorganized, but it is there and that is why the take over has not happened yet.
It all began with Newt's Revolution to "take back America"
More to follow........


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