Thursday, June 30, 2005


Here we go again.
Bush administration, Sharpton, Jackson, Ultra liberals VS Mexican government and their insistence on issuing the controversial post stamp commemorating Mexican comic writers,
problem is, the current character is something completely out of synch with the times, according to the NAACP and the Bush administration.
The character is Memin Pinguin.

No need to describe him.
However, this character has been in Mexican news stands since about the 50's. It has basically become a Mexican Institution, I used to read it as a kid, for entertainment purposes, never did an anti-racial thought crossed my head, because at that time racism was not directed at anyone being black, rather it was directed against the poor and the indigenous people.(which is still the case in Mexico)
I believe the politicians in this country are going to blabber and talk and talk(About the stamp issue) and might even come to passing a resolution declaring Bush as the next Mexican Emperor, just so Bush can invade another country before he leaves office.
The point being;
Every group in any society is going to get insulted at one point or another because of what someone may write or in this case "draw" about our own racial group-Remember Speedy Gonzalez, or the famous Mexican with his sarape and sombrero sleeping next to a cactus?...
Well, big deal...
There are a lot more serious issues to deal with here in this country and its people. (Unemployment, Healthcare, Drugs, Crime, etc.)
Memin is not hurting anyone, let him keep the Mexican populace happy while they ignore their own issues. Or better yet, let the USPS decide what to do with the letters arriving from Mexico with the stamps in question!


Tere said...

Directo y al punto.

Felicidades. Un abrazo.

crossfader72 said...

here's the problem Cisco. In America we are evolving to the point where it is become increasingly unacceptable to make derisive comments or art about a group to which you do not belong. If you want to caricature your group fine but why extend that to a group of which you are not a part.

Why do Mexicans as a society need to make fun of a Black boy in this way. Why can't he be drawn in such a way that doesn't make him look like a monkey?

Why can't Black who are offend by this drawing complain when people who look like them are lampooned in such a way?

Bellota said...

excelente post!!! tienen cosas mejores de q ocuparse y dejar de pensar q america son solo ellos...

ja! q podemos esperar de ellos?

Le chameau insatiable said...

I honestly don't know what the deal is. However, I do know that I'm a comics fan, that comics have greatly evolve since the 50s in the stories as well as the designs. The sole purpose of comics are fun and entertainment, for kids and adults alike. To find controversy in them is having nothing better to do than nit-picking and people offended by comics have serious problems such as feeling persecuted for no reason...
also, me gusta la ceverza negra tambien, i was so proud of myself for understanding your introduction !!!